Types of Sneeze Guard That Can Best Serve As COVID-19 Protection

The emergence of Covid-19 in December 2019 motivated some changes that no one would ever have thought would take place years to come. Many businesses were seen halting their operations in a bid to protect their employees from the spread of the disease. Time has since passed, and some developments have been made. People are slowly going back to business, and things are slowly going back to normal. While that is the case, businesses and companies have to meet Covid-19 back to work guidelines relevant to the prevention of the spread of the disease.

Plexi and acrylic glass sneeze guards are widely used by businesses to protect their employees, products, and customers from the virus.


types of sneeze guard

There is the option of choosing frameless and framed sneeze guards for your shop. Both are very functional, but the framed option is particularly suited for shops and cashier countertops where there is a lot of contacts. The frame provides strength making this type of sneeze guard a durable option for this area.

A frameless sneeze guard would be ideal for low traffic areas such as an office desk. Departmental stores where there is food display will also need this kind of a guard as it allows for visual clarity of the food products beyond the screen.

The benefits of using frameless sneeze guards are that they give a clear view of objects or persons beyond the screen. They are also less bulky and will make the space look airy. The only downside is that they are generally less strong than the framed ones. However, if made with durable material, they can be made thicker.

Framed sneeze guards have extra strength due to the framing material and can therefore be considered more durable. The main drawback is that they are bulky and can be less appealing compared to the frameless option, which brings out a modern look.

2. Tempered Glass vs. Plexiglass Sneeze Guards

types of sneeze guard

Understanding the pros and cons of tempered glass and plexiglass sneeze guards will help you point out which among them is the most ideal.


types of sneeze guard

Glass is four times stronger than regular glass. In contrast, polycarbonate glass is 17 times stronger, making it a more durable option, and ideal for cashier’s counter or areas with high traffic and a likelihood of impact on the guard.


types of sneeze guard

Tempered glass is scratch-resistant. Plexiglass, on the other hand, scratches easily, and therefore you need to be careful when choosing cleaning products. Harsh abrasives and solutions with ammonia should be avoided, as they scratch and eat into the material, easily affecting visual clarity through it.

Light transmission

types of sneeze guard

Regardless of how thick it is, plexiglass will allow 90% of light, whereas tempered glass can be limiting. Plexiglass also protects against harmful UV rays, which makes it ideal for stays located in areas with strong sunshine.

3. Cashier counter Sneeze Guards vs. Food Sneeze Guards

types of sneeze guard

Cashier sneeze guards are designed for the point-of-sale counters. These maintain the social distancing guidelines by creating physical space between individuals and the staff while preventing the spread of airborne illnesses. These are best used in point-of-sale countertops, reception desks, coffee shops, and other high traffic areas.

Food sneeze guards are designed to prevent food contamination in restaurants, food take-out areas, and buffets.

The cashier counter and food sneeze guards are easy to clean and install. They are also very functional in preventing the spread of illnesses and avoiding contamination of food while allowing people's visibility and items beyond the screen.

4. Plastic sheet Sneeze guards vs. Acrylic Sneeze Guards for Vehicles

types of sneeze guard


types of sneeze guard

Acrylic sneeze guards are more durable than the plastic sheet sneeze guards. They are stronger and less susceptible to tear compared to the plastic sheet ones.


Types of Sneeze Guard For COVID-19 Protection

They are both pretty easy to clean. However, acrylic sheets are much easier to handle. They can be cleaned with a disinfectant and a clean cloth through wiping down. Plastic sheets will take more time to clean and even dry get blured quickly.

Where to buy readymade sneeze guards?

types of sneeze guard

To get functional and effective sneeze guards, you need to look at the quality. Fab Glass and Mirrors is a recommended source of Plexi and acrylic sneeze guards for countertops, cars, offices, and other high traffic areas. They offer customizable solutions that will adequately cater to your needs. Order placement is easy as you can do it online and have the products delivered at your doorstep in perfect shape.

All businesses are tasked with ensuring that they prevent the spread of Covid-19 on their premises. Protect your staff and customers from the virus by installing polycarbonate glass. They are durable, blend well with your premises' interior design, and are also very easy to install. They are also very easy to maintain as they can be cleaned easily with a mild detergent, water, and a disinfectant.

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