Top 5 Best Commercial Lawn Mower Reviews of 2020

People who own large lawns know the significance of a lawn mower. It is quite necessary for you to own the best commercial lawn mower if you are in some lawn business. Commercial lawn mowers are designed to perform hard work again and again. On comparing a commercial lawn mower to a residential model, you will notice that there are some major differences.

For instance, commercial lawn mowers will handle mowing every day without break. On the other hand, residential lawn mowers are designed to operate only for a few hours a week. The cutting decks of commercial lawn mowers are highly durable for working with higher blade speeds. These lawn mowers can handle tougher grass and weeds more easily as compared to a residential mower. Here, we have found some of the best commercial lawn mowers available on the market. All of these mowers come from a well-known brand and constitute incredible features. So, have a look at the five best commercial lawn mower models.


How to buy the best commercial lawn mower for your needs

A lawn mower is more than just a device, it is an investment. Thus, you need to consider some things before setting an eye on a lawn mower. Being a professional landscaper, you might have heard about different brands for a mower. Meanwhile, there is no point in buying a lawn mower that does not function for your business. Before you invest in a lawn mower, you have to take care of certain points. The factors that you need to consider include:

  • Current mowing contracts
  • Future mowing contracts
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Experience

Now, let’s discuss these points one by one.

1. Think about current clients

While purchasing a mower, it is advisable to consider how many clients you have and the areas you cut on a regular basis. It is not going to be any help if you choose a mower that does not meet your clients’ requirements. If you mostly work on private residences, then stand-on lawn mowers are the best. Landscapers who work on public areas or rural properties need zero-turn mowers. These mowers come with a wider deck featuring 60-72 inches. If you work on sloped or hilly areas, then hydro walk-behind lawn mowers are something you need. These mowers provide incredible maneuverability on hilly or uneven terrains.

2. Think about future clients

Best Commercial Lawn Mowers

While buying a lawn mower, you have to think about your business future and then plan your purchase accordingly. If you have had success with a specific piece of equipment, then you tempt to double up your purchase. You can combine various multiple types. For example, you can go with a walk-behind or a zero-turn mower or own a zero-turn mower or stand-on mower. Thus, you enjoy the flexibility to take on massive clients.

3. Experience

If you work with a team, then you have to consider the skill and competency of other team members. While buying a lawn mower, you need to think about your current employees. So, consider factors like precision, visibility, and ease of use. A lawn mower should have controls that must be simple to operate even for novices. Precision is important because professional mowing demands higher levels of precision.

4. Personal Satisfaction

The profession of landscaping is usually defined by the dedication and hard work. However, do not miss out on your own enjoyment. Firstly, you have to consider the ease of use and comfort level. Ergonomics is significant as it affects the comfort level. Also, do not underestimate the appearance of your mower. Your lawn mower should have a professional, sleek look. Thus, you should be excited about working with your commercial lawn mower.

Thus, do not chase mowers that you see in fancy advertisements while looking for a commercial lawn mower. You have to consider your contracts, whether they are current clients or future ones. Plus, you need to consider the skill-set of your crew members as well as job satisfaction. So, make the right choice that will benefit you ultimately.

Top 5 Best Commercial Lawn Mower

If you like to have the best lawn mower, then you have to invest in a commercial lawn mower. The commercial mower will outperform and outlast a residential mower and potentially save your money in the long run. So, let’s have a look at the best commercial lawn mower models available out there.

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best commercial lawn mower


Ariens Zero Turn Mower is the best commercial lawn mower present on the market. Jungle Jim’s is the seller of this machine. The weight of this lawn mower is around 871 pounds. The towing capacity of this mower is around 300 pounds. This lawn mower comes with a 23HP Kawasaki 726cc OHV engine. The cutting deck of this device is about 52 inches, where it has three blades.

Ariens 9152223 Lawn Mower works with twin Hydro-Gear EZT drive transmissions. The mower features fully adjustable control arms. The best thing about this lawn mower is that it comes with two lever controllers, meaning you can use this commercial lawn mower for small gardens too. It even features a superior cut height dial selection. The power source of this lawn mower is gasoline.

This commercial lawn mower features high stability and quality. It is manufactured with premium-quality material, where it has a tabular 3-inch frame. Ariens lawn mower has a solid, thick body, which offers reusability and long-time operation. Plus, it takes no effort to clean this machine. The lawn mower assists in cutting weeds and trimming due to its blades. It does not take long to cut weed eaters with this device.


  • No requirement of high maintenance
  • Feature 52-inch cutting width
  • Come with twin cylinders and sharp blades
  • Manufactured with 10-gauge steel
  • Feature a comfortable, adjustable driver seat and padded armrests


  • Expensive model
best commercial lawn mower


It is the best commercial lawn mower from Swisher. This mower is popularly known for its high performance and productive features. The lawn mower comes with a Swisher Pro Rough Cut tralcutter, which makes it easier to use. This lawn mower handles all the yard requirements with the utmost efficiency.

It is recommended to professionals who encounter overgrown pastures, which need too much energy and time. Swisher lawn mower dramatically decreases the time and effort. It comes with an attachable model, which you can use with ATVs, lawn mowers, and other lawn vehicles having a hitch system.

Swisher commercial lawn mower is a great option as there is little manual labor on the user’s part. The mower works on a 603cc/14.5 HP engine, which gives the power to work through tougher grass or weed with pretty ease. Most people admire this lawn mower due to its powerful and tough engine. Its strong-built can help you to cut even through small trees easily. Plus, its durable blades and body keep on working for a longer period of time.

The lawn mower features two swinging blades, which provide its higher coverage or cutting range. Thus, you finish your task in less time.


  • Offer a 2.5-gallon fuel tank
  • Feature a reverse mode
  • Come with a remote control
  • Time saver and easy maneuvering


  • Complex to fit the hitch system
best commercial lawn mower


It is another great lawn mower from Ariens. Ariens 915213 Zero Turn Mower works on a 19HP Kohler 660c V-Twin Engine having four cycles. The cutting deck of this lawn mower is about 42 inches, which is a 3-blade Blade Xlerator deck. This Ariens lawn mower has a fully welded steel frame that measures about 1.5” x 1.5”. It comes with two lever controllers and thus, this model can also be used for small gardens. As this lawn mower from Ariens is a zero-turn mower, it is easier to take zero turns with this device. The maximum speed of this mower is 6mph when you move in the forward direction.

Ariens commercial lawn mower weighs about 440 pounds. This lawn mower is a gasoline-powered one. The capacity of the lawn mower is 2 gallons. The solid body of this commercial device, which assists in long-time operation. Ariens lawn mower features twin blades. It has a comfortable, affordable seat for the driver. Thus, this lawn mower will save energy and time. Plus, you do not have to spend much time on the mower for cleaning purposes.


  • Offer 6mph maximum speed
  • Feature a 2-gallon fuel tank
  • Has an adjustable, comfortable seat
  • Features sharp blades and twin cylinders
  • Come with a 42-inch cutting width


  • Do not turn in zero direction
best commercial lawn mower


It is an amazing commercial lawn mower from Husqvarna. This mower comes with a Kawasaki 766cc V-Twin engine. It features a three-blade cutting deck, which is about 61 inches. The machine also features two lever controllers. This means that you can use this lawn mower even for small gardens. The machine weight is somewhere around 770 pounds.

Husqvarna MZ61 Lawn Mower works with the Hydro-Gear ZT3100 Hydrostatic transmission. The mower has a large steel frame and a quality high-back driver seat. This commercial lawn mower features ROPS, i.e. Rollover Protection Structure. Husqvarna lawn mower offers high maneuverability as the machine features independent motors on all its wheels. One can control the device movements by using control levers.

The device cuts grass in less time if users know how to operate this machine properly. Plus, it assists in providing dual output in one attempt. The machine comes with sharp blades, which assist in cutting the equal surface level. It offers a neat and clean output. It is the best commercial lawn mower for businessmen who like to offer the best output to their customers.


  • Feature sharp blades
  • Offer 24hp engine speed
  • Come with a roll-over protection mechanism
  • Require no high maintenance
  • Come with an 11-gauge steel deck


  • Expensive product
  • Do not feature a lock
best commercial lawn mower


The ZTR2454BS-CA ZTR is another great installment in the premium line of Swisher’s lawn mowers. This amazing lawn mower mows grass like some of the best commercial models out there. It holds enough fuel for tackling even bigger yards in a single go. With the help of hydrostatic transmission and wider cutting deck, this Swisher lawn mower is a convenient device and turns mowing as a pleasure.

Swisher ZTR2454BS-CA zero turn mower cuts grass quickly due to its maximum speed of 8 MPH and wider cutting deck. The machine offers power smoothly and responds to the control levers precisely. Hence, turning, acceleration, and deceleration feel neutral. The lawn mower performs well up hills due to great traction on the wheels and powerful engine.

Its frame is designed to last longer and sounds even when you tow moderately heavier objects. The mower features a comfortable seat, which offers the driver a wider view from the top. Swisher lawn mower features various automatic features like an electrically involved blade and variable speeds along with the hydrostatic engine. Another great thing about this device is its maneuverability, where you get a proper distribution of the weight and a low gravity center.


  • Feature a 24HP Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Offer an 8-gallon fuel tank
  • Come with comfortable seating
  • Balanced weight distribution, which offers great maneuverability


  • Expensive model
  • Requires regular maintenance

Buying Guide for Buying Commercial Lawn Mowers

People who are in the lawn mowing industry know that commercial lawn mowers are the crop’s cream. Not just they are easier to maneuver, but these lawn mowers work faster as compared to other kinds of lawn mower. Usually, lawn mowers come with sitting decks, where your job becomes pretty comfortable. Thus, you enjoy the work while sitting on the deck of your lawn mower.

Even if users narrow down their choice to zero-turn mowers, they still need to select from hundreds of models present on the market. Therefore, you have to consider certain features while choosing a commercial lawn mower. Such features include the mower’s power, it’s mileage, width, and others.

Best Commercial Lawn Mowers

Just figure out what features are the most crucial to you:

1. Power

The lawn mower offers a better performance depending on the engine power. The only problem is that lawn mowers with powerful engines are much more expensive than other models. For example, a lawn mower having an engine with 30HP or more will cost more than the model having a 16HP engine.

Another problem that you face with purchasing a high-power is that it needs lots of fuel. People who are professional mowers look for saving up some money. But, there a few cases when you cannot do much without a powerful motor. Also, if you mow big athletic courts regularly or your task involves dealing with tiny bushes or yards having overgrown weeds, then commercial lawn mowers are what you need.

2. Blade Width

It is kind of obvious that larger blades will be better for mowing. Using a large blade, people are able to mow their bigger areas faster. However, it is true only if you carry out the mowing task on flat surfaces with no obstacles. People who want to mow a golf court having hills and all kinds of obstacles, then a larger mower blade reduces the maneuverability.

3. Comfort Level

The comfort level that your mower offers is not specifically important for amateurs. This is so because they perform mowing once in a while. If this is what you do on a regular basis, then you need to consider the comfort level. If you end up wasting lots of nerves and energy while maneuvering your land, then you will start hating this task.

Thus, consider this feature while buying a lawn mower. Some features are designed for boosting the comfort of the driver, such as the design and size of the deck, and other gadgets like headlights, cup holders, etc.

4. Durability & Quality

The other factor that you need to consider is the build quality of your lawn mower. Being a professional, you definitely do not like your mower to stop functioning in the middle of some important task. That’s why pay attention to the mower’s manufacturer and quality of the product.

5. Warranty

While purchasing a commercial lawn mower, it is necessary to read everything that is written about its warranty. Warranty is not even about how long it will last, although it is better if it is longer, but you need to check what all the warranty covers.

6. Mowing Deck

When it comes to the mowing deck, the size is not the only factor that matters. If the deck is about 61 inches, then it must be more than 5 feet of the cutting girth. However, the cutting decks of commercial lawn mowers are manufactured with such performance features, which you would not find anywhere else.

You can go for decks having sloped fronts. This type of deck pushes the grass up, which results in a more consistent cut. There are some lawn mowers having decks that include revolutionary cutting systems, which allow for amazing airflow discharge and improved cut quality.

7. Full Suspension

When you mow all day, you definitely need a ride as comfortable as possible. That’s why you need a commercial zero turn mower featuring full-suspension if you want the smoothest ride. It is not only great for the operator but full suspension enables the mower to function better. Using full-suspension, the mower follows the lawn contour for consistent cut. Thus, you do not require repairs due to the reduced shock.

8. Fuel Consumption

Professional mowers have to consider all aspects that maximize their profits. In case, you are going to employ your mower every day, then you have to go for a lawn mower having a great fuel economy. Surely, you are not going to spend every earned penny to full the fuel tank.

9. Additional Features

 When buying a lawn mower, additional features are something that you can look for. For instance, there are mowers with a grass catcher that assists you in gathering the cut grass. Some mowers even have an adjustable cutting space, where you can change blades immediately. Also, one can mow various kinds of surfaces without any requirement of leaving the deck. Furthermore, there are various other features designed to enhance comfort, such as tablet holders, phone chargers, cup holders, etc.

10. Price 

Lastly, you have to take into consideration the price of the lawn mower. Professionals know that expensive models will also pay off. However, you are not going to waste money on what you actually do not need. As you know, there are incredible mowers that come in a decent price range. Here, we have already mentioned some of them.


If you own a bigger lawn or perform mowing frequently, then it is worth that you invest in the best commercial lawn mower. The commercial lawn mowers do the job in a faster way. Surprisingly, these devices are easier to operate considering their powerful engines. If you are in search of the best model of a commercial lawn mower, then Ariens 9152223 zero turn mower is what you need. Another incredible model from Ariens is Ariens 915213 Zero Turn Mower.

In case, the Ariens models seem a bit expensive to you, then you can go with Swisher RC14544CPKA commercial tralcutter mower. There is another model from Swisher, which is Swisher ZTR2454BS-CA zero turn mower. So, also check this another model. Another great commercial lawn mower comes from Husqvarna.  

So, these are some of the best commercial lawn mowers available on the market. If you want to get your hands on the best commercial lawn mower, then go with the editor’s pick that is Ariens 915223 zero turn mower.

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