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How To Clone Plants: 5 Different Types of Plant Cloning Methods

Have you heard the term “plant cloning”? Not yet then, it is time to learn the concept of plant cloning as well as how to clone plants. Plant cloning is actually really fun. People are using this method for many years to create more plants. There are various seasoned and new gardeners out there who use this method to grow new plants.

Plant cloning is not a difficult task as it sounds. It is quite a simple task that everyone should at least try once in a lifetime who loves gardening. Being a plant lover, I use this method to grow more plants in my garden. Once mastered the art, you will love to clone plants. So, read further to know how to clone a plant!

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How To Build A Simple DIY Hydroponics System – 23 Easy DIY Hydroponic Plans

DIY Hydroponics is a perfect way to grow fresh vegetables at your own place. It is not essential to have an experience of years to construct your own indoor grow system. This is all possible with the help of hydroponics.

The whole idea of hydroponics is based on inventiveness and flexibility. Nowadays, you can find numerous diy hydroponics systems floating all over the internet. Here, I have accumulated the best homemade hydroponic systems. All of these plans include step-ups for experts, beginners, and intermediate.

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5 Simple Steps For A Perfect Indoor Grow Tent Setup

If you love indoor gardening, setting up a grow tent setup will prove as a very important and valuable success for your plants. At first, I was very skeptical about this idea. But then when I tried the whole process with my own hands, the success I saw with my very own eyes was magical.

I learned that a grow tent will allow me to replicate all the environmental conditions that plants need. From ambient humidity to temperature and lighting, you will be able to recreate the environment that is critical and needed to have a healthy plant growth and harvest. Setting up a grow tent is quite a simple process. It allowed me to control the sustaining conditions of all plants including the weather. It is more fun than it sounds. Learn all you need to know about a grow tent here!

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What Is Peat Moss? Should I Use It For Gardening?

If you have not heard the term “Peat moss” before, you are not all alone. There are various people out there who do not know what peat moss is. In this blog, we are going to tell you everything related to peat moss along with its benefits and drawbacks.

Peat moss is used as a common additive to soils. Many growers use peat moss all around the world. It is a spongy kind of material that producers sell in bales or bags. Growers use peat moss in place of compost. Its air and dry texture absorbs water magnificently. So, let’s know more about this material right below!

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