8 Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Reviews of 2020

Owning well-maintained lawns is very significant for proud homeowners and also, a lawn mower of your choice is very important. Push mowers can be tough to maneuver and that’s the reason self-propelled mowers are easier to operate. One does not have to push these machines. However, which one is the best self propelled lawn mower?

Most self-propelled lawn mowers are driven by gas instead of electric. The gas-powered engine allows the mower to be powerful. However, the only drawback of this self-propelled lawn mower is the noise they generate. Moreover, the speed control on most self-propelled models enables you to enjoy the flexibility and freedom for choosing the speed as per your lawn needs.

So, if you are in the search of the best self propelled lawn mower, do not look here and there. In this article, you will come across the right best self-propelled machines available on the market. Plus, you will learn about all the facts and features related to the mower. All these things will assist you in deciding the perfect lawn depending on your needs and requirements. So, let’s begin with our list of the top eight self-propelled lawn mowers.


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best self propelled lawn mower

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It is the best self propelled lawn mower available on the market. This stunning lawn mower has a sturdy and large body design that is coated with white, black, and green coats all over the body. It is equipped with a powerful motor engine, which performs on excellent conditions amidst trimming in diverse types of land, grass, and terrain. It features a 21-inch steel deck and a 6.5 Gross Torque Kohler XTX OHV engine. It is a 3-in-1 machine that works as discharge,

This self-propelled lawn mower from Lawn Boy delivers incredible results due to the 149xx Kohler OHV engine. The drive having four wheels assists in maintaining smoothness, accuracy, and balance as users trim their lawn. The lawn mower comes with great wheels that are great for a durable, long-lasting, and resilient experience, which is not going to fade or decline over time and even after frequent use.

In fact, there are no challenges that can stop the lawn mower from performing stunning results. Its two rear wheels help in keeping the mower on the top state while you change area during mowing. Plus, there are two options available for adjusting the cutting height. So, you can set the height as per your needs and preferences. Thus, this lawn mower surely offers you what you need and that too, with a 3-year commitment.


  • 3-in-1 dischargeable ability
  • Comes with a 21-inch cutting deck
  • Features two adjustable cutting heights
  • Works with an electric start
  • Powerful Kohler engine and tri-cut system


  • Quality and design can be improved
best self propelled lawn mower

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Another best self propelled lawn mower comes from PowerSmart. This lawn mower is incredibly great as it features eight height adjustments. One can adjust the cutting height up to 3.15 inches from 1.8 inches as per the grass conditions. Thus, you can cut the thickest grass with this PowerSmart lawn mower quite easily. It even features an in-built mulcher that makes your cutting work short. The mower comes with a side-discharge option so that you do not slow down due to the heavy collection bag.

However, this lawn mower is not a great option for large yards. It works on a 196cc gas-powered engine and features a 20-inch cutting swath. For smaller yards, it is an ideal choice for reaching out to crannies and nooks. Its swivel wheel makes it perfect for tracking borders and avoiding ornaments. The 83-pound slim design of this mower moves on uneven terrains swiftly.

PowerSmart 20-inch self-propelled mower features a deep-dome deck that combines with a durable, sharp blade. This blade produces finely-chopped mulch that works perfectly with natural fertilizers. Using some gas and oil, this PowerSmart lawn mower is all set to go. So, just pull the cord and begin working on your lawn.


  • Great price for a rear-wheel drive mowerGreat price for a rear-wheel drive mower
  • Offers easy navigating and steering due to its single swivel wheel
  • Features eight height adjustments
  • Comes with a rear collection bag
  • Provides a side-discharge option


  • Complex to assemble the machine
  • Not good for larger lawns or yardsNon-adjustable speed
  • Non-adjustable speed
best self propelled lawn mower

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The walk-behind lawn mower from Honda is a remarkable lawn mower. Its self-propulsion enables you in choosing the speed with a dial present on the handle as per your control and comfort. Also, the lawn mower features twin blades that offer an even cut every time. It features a 21-inch cutting deck, which is manufactured from NeXite, which is a long-lasting, rust-free material.

Honda lawn mower works on a reliable, powerful GCV200 engine. Additionally, the rear-wheel drive offers you all the maneuverability and traction you can desire. It features a 4-in-1 Versamow System that enables users to enjoy the grass height as per your requirement while bagging, discharging, or mulching. On the other hand, this lawn mower even comes with leaf shredding capabilities.

Overall, Honda 662300 21-inch walk-behind lawn mower is the best self propelled lawn mower, which will last for years. Everything about this self-propelled lawn mower is great right from the versatility to the lightweight. Its intuitive speed control enables you to move the mower with you as well as at the same pace as yours through detection. The only drawback that we found in this mower is that this lawn mower is a corded electric mower instead of the gas-powered one. However, most people even like this feature.


  • Incredible maneuvering capabilities
  • Provides a good even cut on the first pass
  • Features mulching, bagging, and side-discharging abilities
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • Lags while going up on hills
  • Tough to maneuver about tight corners or yard decorations
best self propelled lawn mower

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If you admire fancy gas-propelled lawnmower, then this Craftsman M310 self-propelled lawn mower is what you need. Craftsman lawn mower bangs out 3192 RPM while the blade tip moves at 199.3 MPH. This speed is faster as compared to other models out there. It performs the job of mowing very silently and smoothly without leaving behind any issue.

The lawn mower features a 40-ounce fuel tank, which enables the mower to run for 94 minutes. It runs on the powerful 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine. Its ready-to-start pull start allows you to start this mower in a few minutes without any choking. The lawn mower comes with a variable speed while offers an easy-to-use functionality.

In this self-propelled lawn mower, users get two height adjustments at the back and front of the lawn mower. The machine feels sturdy, where it is convenient to adjust two wheels than four. It features six diverse height settings while ranging from an inch to 3.5 inches. There are three handle positions for accommodating ample heights ranging from short to tall sizes. Here, you can side discharge, bag up, and mulch the clippings. Also, it includes a 2.3-bushel bag for reducing debris and dust. When we talk about the cutting deck, you get a steel one in this best self propelled lawn mower.


  • Features a variable speed
  • Comes with a pull-to-start technology
  • Incredible 3-in-1 RWD technology
  • No requirement of the oil change
  • Simple adjustments on handle and cutting height positions


  • Poor customer support
  • Fragile self-propel controls
best self propelled lawn mower

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The lawn mower from Troy-Bilt features variable speeds and a self-propulsion system. The size of its cutting deck is around 21 inches, which is perfect for medium-sized yards. One can adjust the mower’s blades in a range between 1.25 inches and 3.75 inches. Using this sharp blade, you can trim down uneven lawns. After finishing off, you can even clear debris and dirt using a hose and a wash adapter that comes with this self-propelled lawn mower.

The engine of this mower has been designed specifically with a system, where you do not have to change the oil but just top it off. The engine of this lawn mower is front-wheel drive. Plus, the mower is less powerful as compared to other lawn mowers. It would not be an issue for people who do not have to pull any wheelies while they mow their lawns.

Troy-Bilt self-propelled lawn mower comes with sturdy wheels having an 8-inch width. These wheels are integrated with a self-propulsion front-wheel drive system. It features a remarkable hand control that enables you to vary the speed for meeting the terrain you like to cut. The deck of this machine is highly versatile. The most amazing thing about this lawn mower is the tri-action cutting system. It comes with an in-built deck wash port, where you just have to attach a garden hose for washing away debris from the machine.


  • No requirement of the oil change
  • Features a deck wash adapter
  • Comes with six diverse height adjustments
  • Striking variable speed
  • Comes with a rake bumper


  • A bit heavy than other models
  • Underpowered machine
best self propelled lawn mower

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Honda HRX217K5VKA Lawn Mower can be modified to move as slow or as fast as users walk. This is so because of the Select Drive control, which offers the speed ranging from 0 mph to 4 mph. You can easily adjust the speed simply by rotating the adjust dial. The lawn mower works on a twin-blade MicroCut system.

The mower features two blades that offer four cutting surfaces for superb efficiency. Moreover, the lawn mower has a high-quality, corrosion-resistant cutting deck. It weighs around 96 pounds and its rear-wheel drive powers the four-stroke GCV 190 engine.

The lawn mower features a five-setting automatic transmission as well as a quick easy start. It even comes with adjustable deck heights that can be done using a simple lever. Here, you have seven height options ranging from ¾ inch to 4 inches. This mower comes with a clipping disposable system, which assists you in bagging and mulching. Its blades cut the remnants to ultra-fine, minute silvers. Honda lawn mower does not have a deck-washout port. Meanwhile, this mower comes with a lifetime warranty on the no-dent, rust-free NeXite deck.


  • Features a Select drive control
  • Manufactured with impact-resistant material
  • Features wide bagging system and incredible mulching
  • Comes with a power, quick easy start
  • Exceptionally reliable and user-friendly
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • Slow to start
  • Small tank for gas
best self propelled lawn mower

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Husqvarna walk-behind mower is gas-powered and self-propelled. This mower has been specially designed for giving impressive results when you mow your garden or yard. It offers a sturdy rear-wheel drive design, which is powered by a robust gasoline engine. The entire body mounts on two-wheel sets that help in aiding smooth turning and movement. This lawn mower is able to deal with sudden slopes in all directions and uneven terrains.

The lawn mower comes with an in-built system for adjusting the speed settings. It features premium cutting blades that provide a professional, clean feeling to the garden or lawn. One can replace these blades very easily.  It weighs about 80 pounds, which is comparatively lightweight than other models. Hence, it is not difficult to shift this mower when the engine is switched off without struggling much.

Husqvarna self-propelled lawn mower is pretty reliable and quiet. This makes it a perfect lawn mower for all the time on both smooth and rough grounds. It is incredibly simple to turn this lawn mower off and on.


  • Premium-quality blades provide a superb cutting quality
  • Simple-to-use design
  • Versatile wheels that work on all kinds of terrain at all angles
  • Easy to store due to its folding handle
  • Very lightweight


  • It requires fueling up before every use
  • A side discharge option is missing
best self propelled lawn mower

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Ryobi RY40190 lawn mower features a functional design and comes with a brushless motor. The lawn mower features a self-propelled drive. There is a slider using which you can control the cutting speed. It comes with foldable telescoping handles and thus, takes minimal storage space. The amazing thing about this lawn mower is that it comes with multiple sensors at various places.

Ryobi lawn mower comes with seven height positions up to 3¾ inches from 1½ inches on one adjustment lever. It is very easy to use this lever, which even assists in maintaining an even cut. Plus, the lever ensures that every wheel keeps the cutting deck at a similar height. As per the grass condition or the size of your yard, you might require a spare battery. It takes just five seconds to change the battery if you need to as the battery storage is just next to the battery connection.

However, you would not get an option of a side discharge with this lawn mower. Hence, you have to go with bagging or mulching with the lawn mower from Ryobi. Meanwhile, it is a great self-propelled lawn mower for 1/4 -acre lands. Another great thing about this machine is its attractive price. It even features a push-start button for hassle-free power on. The lawn mower even comes with high-intensity LED headlights.


  • Quiet and lightweight mower
  • Comes with an adjustable speed
  • Amazing cutting width
  • Comes with chute and bag


  • No side discharge option
  • Not good for mulching wet grass
  • Features a plastic deck

Buying Guide for Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

Having a well-maintained lawn is pretty necessary for proud homeowners. Hence, it is very significant to have a lawn mower of their choice. Push mowers could be really difficult for maneuvering and hence, self-propelled mowers can be simpler to handle as you do not need to push this machine yourself.

Most self-propelled lawn mowers are usually driven by gas, which enables these machines to remain strong. However, these machines are very noisy. Moreover, the feature of speed control in many models enables you the flexibility and freedom for choosing a speed as per your lawn needs.

best self propelled lawn mower

Just figure out what features are the most crucial to you:


Self-propelled lawn mowers emit a bit of noise when you operate this machine. It happens particularly when the model is the gas-powered one. If the noise level holds significance to you, then make sure to look out for a quieter lawn mower that is powered by lithium-ion batteries.


 If self-propelled lawn mowers power themselves, the weight of these machines may be no or less significance to you. On the other hand, average self-propelled mowers weigh around 40 pounds. These mowers come in a diverse variety with all sizes available. Go with lightweight options as they are easier to carry around. If you are comfortable with tough models, then opt for them.

Start Mechanism

There are two options for starting a lawn mower, which are electric start and recoil start. The recoil start mechanism is a pull-rope, traditional style. Here, you have to pull a cord that turns over the engine for starting the lawn mower. Meanwhile, electric start lawn mowers need no sort of pulling. Here, you just have to turn the key and push a tab for running your mower. It is best to go with a push-start mechanism if you want to work hassle-free.


Several self-propelled lawn mowers feature a single-speed but there are other models, where users can adjust speed up to 4 mph. Larger lawns require varied, faster speed settings. Adjustable speed feature allows you to move slower or faster depending on your lawn condition. Also, adjustable speed settings deliver an even cut. For smaller lawns, gardeners can opt for a mower having one-speed capability.


All machinery requires some maintenance if you do not want to part with them soon. If users do not opt for accurate maintenance, they may start to look for a decrease in the power performance of their self-propelled lawn mowers. The self-propelled lawn mowers require regular oil change for ensuring a long life for their machines. While your engine is warm, fuel valve and engine are switched off, you can drain the oil. Also, remove any debris and visible dirt. After that, refill with suitable and fresh oil.

One should consistently examine the blade health because sharp blades are important for great performance. Thus, you should inspect these blades for corrosion, blunt areas, or crack. If appropriate, you need to replace them with fresh ones.

Front-Wheel Vs. Rear-Wheel Drive

Front-wheel drive mowers are less expensive as compared to the rear-wheel drive ones. For driving the lawn mower forward, the wheels should be planted on the surface firmly. The front-wheel drive is useless while lifting the mower’s front for turning.

On the other hand, the rear wheels remain grounded all the time and thus, provides exceptional maneuverability and traction control. For climbing up the steep hills, it is better to go with the real-wheel drive mechanism for enjoying extra power.

So, these points are something that you have to consider while stepping out to buy a lawn mower for your garden. Once you have decided on which qualities you need the most, then it becomes easy to select the best one out of so many choices available to you.

FAQs Regarding the Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower

If you are still confused with some concepts, check out this FAQ section on the self-propelled lawn mowers. So, let’s have a look at some of the important questions that people ask about these lawn mowers.

Q1: What are self-propelled lawn mowers?

A: Self-propelled lawn mowers are different from push mowers that rely on your strength and body for pushing the machine over the lawn. On the other hand, self-propelled lawn mowers push themselves so that you do not have to strain much. However, you just have to direct the path of your self-propelled lawn mower.

Q2: How to fix the cable of a self-propelled lawn mower?

A: If you like to replace your lawn mower’s cable, then you have to remember that the cable adjoins the drive control lever to the transmission. Hence, the cable plays a vital role here. After the engine cools off, wear gloves and disconnect the wire from the plug. Next, pivot the clip and release the same from the handle. After that, you have to release the zone control wire from the control bar and then, the drive cable from the lever. Once done, you have to release tabs and pull off the zone cable from the cable clip. Next, cut all the cable ties for securing the wires to the handle.

Now, you have to take off the cap of the fuel tank and read the instructions of the manufacturer before pulling off the drive cable from the anchor post. Now, connect a new drive cable to the transmission and next, reinstall the cover. Lastly, you have to install the drive cable on the handle of your self-propelled lawn mower and reconnect the plug wire.

Q3: How to adjust speed on self-propelled lawn mowers?

A: For adjusting the speed on your self-propelled lawn mower, you have to first examine that the model you possess feature variable speeds as several lawn mowers feature just one speed. Also, you have to read the instructions of the mower’s manufacturer for finding out how you can adjust the speed settings on your model. However, it is usually performed through the level present on the handle.


Before you purchase the best self propelled lawn mower, you need to be sure what exactly you want in your lawn mower. Using great models, you can cut small to medium-sized lawns regularly. On the other hand, expensive models work perfectly well on larger gardens that come with variable speed settings, feature tough wheels for tough terrains, and adjustable cutting length.

All the models that we have listed here are the best ones present out there. If you are in search of the best self propelled lawn mower, then go with Lawn-Boy 17732 3-in-1 self-propelled lawn mower. If that’s not something you want, then choose our alternative pick, which is PowerSmart DB8620 3-in-1 gas self-propelled mower. Other options are also incredible such as Honda 662300 Versamow System Mower, Craftsman M310 lawn mower, and others.

If you found this information helpful, do not hesitate to share this impressive piece of information with your loved and dear ones. To ask a query related to this topic, post your query in the comment section given below. Now, wait no more and shop for these exciting lawn mowers for your lovely gardens and lawns.

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