Heat Pump Troubleshooting And Repair

The problems related to heat pumps are quite common these days and the articles and videos related to it do not seem to be of great help. Understanding the severity of the problems faced by the homeowners, Crossway Mechanical offers a few tips for heat pump troubleshooting and repair, to help the owners understand their heat pump better.


Heat Pump Troubleshooting And Repair

Heat Pump Does Not Run Properly

If your heat pump does not run properly, then the problem may mostly lie with the unit or the thermostat. Before calling the professionals for heat pump Spring, TX, try the following troubleshooting tips.

Check your thermostat to whether it is set rightly. Is it set to Heat mode? Check the temperature settings? If you are facing an issue with the new thermostat, check whether it is of the right type? The new equipment must be specific to the heat pump thermostat model. If everything seems to be fine, then the problem can be because of improper wirings. 

Is your heat pump receiving enough power? At times, tripping causes failure of power, which leads to malfunctioning of the heat pump. Check the electrical panel and also the subpanels. If there is tripping, reset it to On. But if it trips again, then it can be because of a short circuit. Get in touch with the electrical contractor, and get the issue solved at the earliest.

Never attempt to work with the electrical parts if you do not have enough knowledge and experience, as it can take to dangerous situations. Hence, leave the job to the experts for better and safe work.

Incorrect Cycles of Heat Pump

If the heat pump frequently turns on and off, then there is a high chance that the unit is overheated. Overheating is not necessarily because of too much usage, but also can be because of a malfunctioning blower or clogged filter. Make sure to clean or replace the filter at least once in three months for better and efficient operation, or contact professionals for heat pump services in Spring, TX, for a better job.

Incorrect cycles can also because of wrong thermostat settings. Check the thermostat and reset the settings. If nothing works, call the technicians for help.

Noisy Heat Pump

Sounds like grinding and squeaking are not common and never good. If you hear any unusual noise, the first thing you must do is to shut off the unit and call the technicians at the earliest.

Most of the time, rattling noise is the common reason for loose screws and parts. Either it is coming from the air handler or through the ductwork. If you find the loose connections and is easily accessible, tighten it, or leave the job to the experts.

If you are hearing a popping or pinging sound, making its way from the ductwork, then it is because of the thermal expansion. In some cases, when the air blows past through the metal’s loose flap, as a result, it makes this sound. Track the sound and make a tiny dent in the metal sheets for a more rigid surface that moves less when it cools and heats.

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Heat Pump Does Not Heat or Cool Properly

Heating and cooling is the basic function of the heat pump, but one cannot expect it to perform like a furnace. Also, to prevent icing, the heat pump goes into defrost mode. During this stage, it temporary outputs cold air. So know your heat pump better and read the manuals, before you call the technicians.

But if it fails to produce heat as the desired temperature, then try resetting the thermostat. Raise it to 5 degrees F, and wait patiently for 15-20 minutes. If the result is the same, then check the heat pump filter and coils. If it is dirty, clean, or replace it and start again. Even after cleaning, if you find no difference, then check the elements of auxiliary heating and be sure whether it is working properly. Be sure that the registers of the room heating are open and clean the area from all kinds of obstructions.

If these simple steps do no good to your heat pump, then the only option you are left with is to contact the technicians of heat pump repair. They will do the job better and in a more efficient way. Therefore, trust and get help only from professionals.

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