Top 8 Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills In 2020

There are varieties of lawn mower options to mow hills. Riding lawn mowers are very easy and convenient to mow hills. They help in making cutting grass an enjoyable experience. If you have never used a riding lawn mower or if you’re looking forward to buy the best riding lawn mower for hills, then you need to remember a lot of things. Buying a riding lawn mower is not a difficult task if you’re aware of their functions and specifications.

Other than the reviews of the best riding lawn mowers, we have also offered information about different kinds of riding lawn mowers and how to safely use a lawn mower. Buying a lawn mower is not a big issue but maintaining it can be a task. We have tried our best to cover every aspect of safety precautions regarding land mowers. We are here to guide you on your hunt to choose the best commercial lawn mower for hills.


Before buying a riding lawn mower, it is essential to know everything about riding lawn mowers. A riding lawn mower is a mower in which a person sits so as to operate the lawn mower. It is different from other mowers that are towed or pushed.

What Is A Riding Lawn Mower

Riding mowers show a similar resemblance to small tractors. However, they are bigger than push mowers. Riding mowers are used for mowing large hills or big lawns.

8 Best Riding Lawn Mower for Hills

It is time to know about the best riding lawn mowers for hills available in the market. It is quite a difficult task to choose one out of so many options available. That’s why we have come to your rescue. Now, read about some of the great riding lawn mowers just right below.

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Yard Machines 420cc 42-Inch Riding Lawn Tractor


Yard Machine Lawn Tractor is quite budget-friendly among all the other mowers. It is 42-inche wide that delivers smooth performance. The main feature and build quality of Yard Machines can be compared to other mowers who cost way more than this one.

Yard Machines Riding Lawn Tractor is suitable for about 2 acres of land with a cutting deck of 42inches, which is more than enough to perform the task. It comes with front and rear wheels for smooth maneuverability. Yard Machines Riding Lawn Tractor has a comfortable seat to make the mowing process relaxing.

It is pretty surprising to see how Yard Machines Lawn Tractor operates on rugged terrain. You should not choose this machine if you have to mow a difficult hill. But if you have to mow small hills, then you will be surprised with the performance of this mower. This is the reason why people choose this mower.

Yard Machines Lawn Tractor has a side discharge as well as the bagger and mulching kit are included in the mower.


  • Large deck length
  • Smooth and easy ride
  • Reasonably priced


  • It's a bit difficult to take it out of shipping crate.
Troy-Bilt Briggs & Stratton Intek Automatic Riding Lawnmower


The Troy-Bilt 540cc is a huge name in the equipment manufacturing market. It is a well-known product among mowers because of its amazing features. Troy-Bilt is efficient and powerful for mowing grass in huge areas. It has a firm grip steering and a comfy seat; so you can mow the hills in a relaxed manner. Troy-Bilt has a 46-inch deck for mowing, which can cut big areas of grass at once.

This mower’s main aim is to provide comfort to people who love to maintain their yard properly. The seat is quite comfortable to mow the hills for hours without being exhausted. The Troy-Bilt allows the adjustment of deck height up to 5 unique positions.


  • Inexpensive
  • The engine is strong and good quality
  • Anti-scalping design
  • 5 unique positions for deck height
  • Suitable for mowing huge areas


  • Most people don’t like the turn radius as it is wider
  • Customers have reviewed a decrease in performance of Troy-Bilt after a few uses
Troy-Bilt 382cc Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower


This riding lawn mower is the standard neighborhood riding lawn mower. Troy-Bilt is the classic choice of people with yards of medium to small size. The cutting deck of Troy-Bilt Premium Neighborhood mower is 30 inches.

For easy usage, Troy-Bilt has created 382cc with a seat that can be adjusted to mid-back and a big 13-inch firm grip wheel. This model was created with a cutting deck of 14gauges to increase the durability. In addition to this feature, they have also designed an 18-inch turning radius to allow easy maneuvering. The Troy-Bilt 382cc is suitable for those who wish for an affordable riding lawn mower. It also takes up less space to store so you can easily place it in a garage. Troy-Bilt delivers smooth performance for its size; therefore, it is a good purchase.


  • Proper height range
  • Smooth steers
  • Even cutting most of the times
  • Maneuverable and light
  • Starts rapidly


  • A little bit noisy
Husqvarna Z254 Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower


The most essential feature about this mower is that it has a zero-turn radius. It means if a person has completed a narrow area of mowing, they can take a turn on a pin and head right back.

The Husqvarna Z254 is a fine machine that is used for cutting flower beds. The other attractive feature of this mower is the 26 Horse Power (HP) engine. The engine is durable and fast. Husqvarna can operate on around 2.8 acres of land per hour. The speed to 2.8 acres of land is around 6.5 miles an hour. So, if you want a mower that can cover a huge area in less time, then this is a great option.

The deck of the mower is 54 inches. The three blades are made up of 12-gauge pressed steel that has a wash-out port to assist in cleaning the blades.Husqvarna Z254 also offers a cup holder to keep you hydrated while mowing the hills.


  • Not expensive
  • Long span of life
  • The blade can be adjusted
  • Smooth handling


  • Unkempt yards might be scalped by blades
  • Customer support is average
  • Not easy to eliminate from the crate
Ariens Zoom Kohler 6000 Series V-Twin Zero Turn Lawn Mower


Ariens Zoom mower is well-known for its quality and reliability. This zero-turn mower is a tough machine that will maintain your lawn in the fastest and easiest way possible. Ariens Zoom has a 21 Horse Power (HP) Kohler engine. It also has EZT hydrostatic transaxles to make your work smooth and efficient.

The strong engine and hydrostatic axles make this mower a powerful beast to mow the hills. Ariens Zoom has 50-inch cutting width and seven diverse cutting heights that make it the best zero-turn mower for hilly areas. This mower has a fuel tank of 2 gallons that can operate at 3 miles per hour for reverse directions. Ariens Zoom Mower features a high-back seat that can be adjusted according to the operator’s wish. With such specifications, one can take full advantage of this machine. If you want a cheap machine with extraordinary features, then Ariens Zoom is a good option.


  • Extremely light
  • Inexpensive mower
  • The engine is powerful and good
  • Extremely fast-forward speed
  • Excellent zero-turn maneuverability
  • Suitable for hilly areas
  • Easy and comfortable to operate


  • Reverse speed is slow
Husqvarna Z246 Kohler Confidant Engine Z-Turn Mower


This mower is a good-quality mower to make your experience really comfortable. There are multiple reasons to buy this excellent mower. The most essential feature of Husqvarna Z246 is its versatility and power. Husqvarna Z246 can handle large areas as small areas. It is one solution to all the mowing issues.

The performance of Husqvarna is amazing and fine. It is pretty fast and powerful. If we talk about the comfortable aspect of this mower, it is fantastic as the seat comes with padding. So, sitting on the mower for long hours won’t be a problem.

Husqvarna Z246 is durable. Its durability depends on how you take care of the mower. If you check it frequently as well as use it at proper intervals, then the mower will remain in a good condition. Overall, it is considered as the best zero-turn mower.


  • Zero-turn lawn mower
  • Cutting deck of 46 inches
  • The engine is of 23 Horse Power (HP)
  • The cutting deck is durable
  • High-rate cutting machine


  • Parts are not completely assembled at the time of delivery
Cub Cadet XT1 Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Front-Engine Riding Mower


Cub Cadet is not only affordable but also delivers great performance. It has an 18 Horse Power (HP) Kohler engine along with a 42-inch cutting deck. Cub Cadet XTI is an excellent mower that cuts grass smoothly with precise and clean results.

The rear wheel of Cub Cadet provides a great grip. It has a fender-mounted lever to lower or raise the cutting deck. Cub Cadet XT1 has push-button cruise control that permits the person to focus on the steering wheel rather than maintaining the speed of the mower. This mower is extremely comfortable for seating for long hours and has a firm grip steering wheel. The in-built headlights in this mower lets you mow anytime whether day time or night hassle-free.


  • Inexpensive
  • Control of cruise
  • Handling of tough terrains
  • Mulches really well
  • Deck is rest-proof
  • Engine is strong
  • 18 Horse Power (HP) Kohler OHV engine
  • 42-inch cutting deck


  • Front axle might start squeaking if you do not grease frequently
Husqvarna MZ61 Briggs & Stratton Zero Turn Riding Mower


Husqvarna MZ61 has a powerful engine with 27 Horse Power (HP). It mows the land at a speed of around 8.5 miles an hour. With these great features, you can get an idea that these types of machines don’t come for a cheap price. Since these machines are expensive, their lifespan is larger compared to other riding land mowers for hills.

The spindle assemblies are easy to obtain access to. Since the deck is wide; there is a requirement of extra protection. Therefore, the protection comes with 3-deck rollers that prevent it from being ground on an unequal land. Husqvarna has a comfy seat with extra cushions, armrests, and a tall back. With these amazing specifications, this riding lawn mower is an excellent purchase. It covers a large area at a good speed.


  • Seat is comfortable
  • The engine is powerful and tough
  • Fine maneuverability
  • Mulches quite well
  • The mowing deck is 61 inches
  • Maintenance is easy


  • Expensive
  • A forklift truck is needed to move the lawn mower after being delivered.

All these 8 riding lawn mowers for hills are the best among all. That’s why they have made a place on this list. You can invest in any of these mowers without worrying about the performance. Go through all the information and look for a mower according to your needs.

What Are The Different Kinds of Riding Lawn Mowers For Hills?

There are different kinds of riding lawn mowers. People often get confused among all kinds of lawn mowers and often create a wrong perception about different varieties of lawn mowers. However, we have found different types of riding lawn mowers.

What Are The Different Kinds of Riding Lawn Mowers For Hills

1. Garden Tractors

Garden Tractors are also called ‘Compact Utility Tractor.’ These are considered as the boss of back garden work business. Garden tractors have strong engines and they can manage many kinds of work.

Garden tractors have big rear wheels, which is an indication that they can pull implements or trailers. They are very versatile machines. Garden tractors can perform tasks, such as hauling firewood, grading, snow removal, preparing the soil, and renovating lawns.

2. Lawn Tractors

These tractors are very useful in maintaining lawns. Lawn tractors take less time in cutting the grass from the lawn. Maximum riding lawn mowers have front engines while a few of them have rear engines. Lawn tractors have light axles and frames so the main purpose of their existence is to cut the grass.

These types of tractors can manage around half an acre to two acres of yards. Garden tractors are simple to operate and their performance is splendid.

3. Zero-Turn-Radius Mowers 

This kind of mower is created for cutting grass with ease. Zero-turn-radius mowers come with a rear engine and broad cutting decks.

The only drawback is that they are not as versatile as garden tractors. Zero-turn-radius mowers cannot perform multiple tasks. They are managed by bars and levers instead of a steering wheel. Expert landscaping companies like zero-turn-radius mowers because of their large forward speeds and fine maneuverability. The sole purpose of zero-turn-radius mowers is to cut the grass and these mowers excel in this task.

How To Choose The Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills

Mowing a hill can be a fun task if you possess a good mower. It is quite obvious that you might get confused about which mower is the best. Therefore, we have prepared a list of factors to see before choosing a lawn mower.

How to choose the best riding lawn mower for hills

Below is the list of factors to consider for a riding lawn mower for hills:

1. Condition of the Lawn Mower’s Engine

A powerful engine is an absolute requirement in every lawn mower. However, there are other things to remember, such as good oil filtering mechanism along with a cooling system. These two factors tell us about the durability of an engine. So, next time when you are about to buy a lawn mower, just make sure you remember to check everything about the engine.

2. User-friendly

A perfect mower is identified by its user friendliness. The functions and feature of mowers make the process of mowing easier. Nobody wishes to operate a complicated mower. For instance, a hydrostatic transmission mower is far better than a manual mower.

3. Maintenance

Generally, you should opt for a mower that has an efficient engine, which eliminates the waste products rapidly and efficiently. Moreover, the safety features present in the engine should be good to keep the engines in proper condition. Many mowers are available with ‘low maintenance’ as their USP (Unique Selling Point).

4. Deck Size

The breadth of the deck is known by the area size. If the area is huge, then a wide deck will be needed. If you have to mow a huge area, the narrow mowers will be of no help as they will consume a lot of time.

5. Fuel

Usually, landscapers prefer diesel engine mowers. These types of mowers have enhanced torque plus maintaining diesel machines is not a huge task. Those who are tight on their pockets pick petrol mowers. However, the petrol engines are a bit more expensive in the long race.

You will definitely not like if the mower stops in the middle of the mowing process because it ran out of fuel. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a mower with a good amount of fuel capacity if you plan to mow a large area. Otherwise, you will have to refuel it again and again.

6. Transmission 

Mower transmission transmits the power from engine to the mower wheels, permitting the mower to move forward or backward. The 3 options available include automatic, hydrostatic, and manual transmissions. The manual transmission has a variety of set speeds, which you can choose. However, the older models might need you to move between the speeds with the help of clutch or stopping too. This is not quite practical. Therefore, if you plan to pick a manual model, ensure that it permits you to smoothly move without the help of clutch while the mower is in motion.

7. Size

The lawn mowers are available in multiple sizes. You should purchase a lawn mower according to the size of the area. If the area is small, then buy small mowers to suit the area. However, if the area is quite large then a big mower will be accurate to mow the grass efficiently.

Similar to a car transmission, the automatic transmission lets you manage the speed of the tool using a gas pedal. It is good if you wish to have an easier control while you are riding or a requirement to slow down the speed frequently to ride around hurdles.

So, these are some points that you should know before buying a lawn mower for hills. Now that you are aware of these points, we will move on to the next part to find out about the 8 best riding lawn mower for hills.

How To Use A Riding Lawn Mower On Hills?

How To Use A Riding Lawn Mower On Hills

A man is mowing on hills with a riding lawn mower

Before planning to mow on hills with a riding lawn mower, you need to inspect the oil levels and gas of the mower. It is safer to check both these things before commencing the operation of mowing otherwise you will be stuck in the middle of the hills if your fuel tank goes empty.

After checking everything, sit on the mower and turn on the riding lawn mower. If your mower is manually operated, hold the brakes and then clutch the pedal downwards. There are various models who exercise a double purpose pedal, which supports both the actions. Anyway, after this, turn your key and press the switch button.

If you have an automatic model, you just have to push the start switch and turn it on. In manual mowers, you will be needed to adjust gears, but in automatic mowers, you have to manage the gas pedal and drive the mower at a required speed. Then, use the steering that works similar to the functioning of a car. As soon as you get to the part of the hill that you have to mow, make adjustments in the height of the cutting lever and involve the cutting blades through changing the blade engagement switch.

As soon as you make all the adjustments, begin mowing the hills by moving the steering wheel according to the area that you wish to mow. Mow in a straight line from one point to another. Then, take a turn and begin mowing in the opposite direction, partly covering the previous line.

Safety While Riding Lawn Mowers

Like other people, you must be using lawn mowers to keep your lawn clean. Riding lawn mowers are very helpful tools but they can be risky too. Almost every year, thousands of human beings get injuries, such as losing toes and fingers, deep cuts, broken or crushed bones, or other injuries due to careless operation of riding lawn mowers.

Getting injured by the blades of a lawn mower can be very dangerous as the bacteria and dirt from blades can sink into the wound. You can prevent getting injured by riding lawn mowers if you completely focus on your work and use some brain. Remember the following tips while using riding lawn mowers on hills.

Maintaining riding lawn mowers

  • If you are using the mower for the first time in a particular season, make sure to get it serviced.
  • Ensure that the motor is not ON before repairing or inspecting equipment of lawn mowers.
  • Don’t use your feet or hands for removing dirt from lawn mowers instead use a broom handle or stick.

Operating riding lawn mowers correctly

  • Firstly, read the instructions before operating the mower.
  • Avoid removing any guards, shields, or switches.
  • Fill the tanker with fuel before turning the engine on.
  • If you are done with using a lawn mower, turn it off and then leave.
  • It is recommended to keep away from the cowling of the engine because it is extremely hot.


  • Avoid drinking alcohol before using a land mower.
  • Wear necessary clothes, such as sturdy shoes, goggles, and long pants. Never ever mow hills barefoot or in flip flops.
  • It is risky to listen to music or talk while mowing so it is recommended to avoid doing so.
  • Never use your feet or hands to touch the blade of the mower. The blade is really sharp to cause serious injuries.

Precautions for children

  • Inform the children to stay far off from riding lawn mowers.
  • Children should be strictly told to not play near lawn mowers.
  • Don’t let the child sit on a land mower even under the guidance of parents.
  • To handle a push lawn mower, children should be minimum twelve years and for a riding lawn mower, they should be minimum sixteen years.

Think about the land

  • Clean the hill area and make sure it is devoid of debris and stones.
  • Mow the hill up and down while using a riding lawn mower and avoid cutting wet grass.

Remember these safety points to increase the durability of your mower. In addition to increasing durability to the mower, you can also prevent injuries from it. As mentioned above, many people get injured while operating mowers; therefore, it is advisable to keep all the points in mind to save yourself from any possible injuries.

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So, these are the 8 best riding lawn mowers available in the market. Each mower has different specifications and features that make them unique. We hope that you liked the reviews of the best commercial mower for hills. These reviews will help you in selecting the best mower according to your budget and needs.

If you are looking for the best riding lawn mower for hills, we suggest you should go with Troy-Bilt 382cc Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower. Its incredible features make it a great product. If you could not go for it due to any reason, then definitely you can opt for Husqvarna Z254 Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower. Other options are also good. Check them out before you settle on a riding lawn mower.

In addition to the information written in the article, if you still have some questions or doubts, you can write them in the comment box. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Feel free to share your experience on this review regarding the best riding lawn mower for hills.

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