5 Tips For Killing Weeds In Your Yard

Weeds are inevitable in every yard. No matter how tidy you keep it, you’ll find they grow very quickly and frustrate you all the time! Weeds is, of course, a general term for plants that grow in the wild that we don’t want in our yards. They take many forms, and some are very hardy and can be difficult to get rid of. What is the best way to deal with weeds? We’ve got five great tips for killing weeds in your yard, so let’s not hang about!


5 Tips For Killing Weeds In Your Yard

1. Use Weed Killer

This is the obvious choice if you have a serious weed problem, but it’s one that many people shy away from. Weed killers do contain chemicals and the most effective ones won’t just kill the weeds but probably other plants that are affected. Among the most popular of all is the week killer called Roundup. This is effective, but it contains a chemical known as glyphosate. If you do go down this route, make sure you keep pets and children away from the affected area, do your best not to get it on your skin by wearing protected clothing, and use it exactly as instructed. Also, make sure you read this about how to dispose of Roundup safely as it really is important.

2. Use a Weed Burner

There are some countries, many in Europe for example, where using weed killers such as the above is against the law. The alternative method used by commercial operators is to burn weeds away. This can be effective if you get to the very root of the weeds, but it can be difficult to do so. Intense heat – provided by a flame from a long stick with a burner on the end and powered by a propane gas canister – will kill many weeds, but not all. This method is worth using in conjunction with weed killer or other methods so check out weed burners now.

3. Weed Suppressant

One method that is safe and that is proven to work is to lay weed suppressant, preferably before you put down a pathway or patio. This is thick black polythene that effectively stops anything from growing beneath it by blocking out the light. It’s cheap, easy to lay and does the job, but it is really a preventative measure as opposed to a way of killing weeds. However, if you have an area where weeds thrive, you can kill them using either of the methods above then lay the suppressant and cover it in pots and planters for added decoration.

4. Regular Weeding

We hate to say it, but one of the best ways on killing weeds is to get out there and either pull them or dig them up! You need to do this regularly, and you need to make sure you get the roots out or they’ll simply come back. Many common weeds are surprisingly fast growing, but they are also very easy to pull – especially when young. Next time you go out in your garden, spend some time walking around and look for weeds. When you see any, simply get them out, and do this every time you go out there. Get the rest of the family into the habit too, and you’ll find it easier to keep those flower beds weed-free.

5. Plant More Ground Cover

Our final tip is one many people don’t think about. In order to grow, weeds need a space to grow in, so the more you plant, the less opportunity for weeds to take hold! When you begin to think about it, it makes a lot of sense. However, you need to choose your plants carefully as some are good ground cover and others not so. There are some genus of geraniums that make excellent ground cover as they grow outwards, and they are also very attractive. Run a search online asking for ground cover recommendations and you’ll soon find affordable options that will keep the weeds at bay.

That’s it from us for now, so please remember if you do use a chemical weed killer to follow the instructions, and that goes for disposing of it correctly too!

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