About Us

I have decided to launch this website some time ago for born-curious people like plant lovers and gardeners. My name is Peony and I am the owner of Alovegarden.com. Other than that, I am also a writer and photographer.

The main reason I started Alovegarden.com is that I could not find the gardening media I needed to reflect my experiences as an urban gardener that is working under a definitive budget. On the outside, I seem to be everything a gardener represented, but my garden definitely did not look picture-worthy.

On top of that, my background was not that of an obsessive gardener, let alone a professional gardener. Growing up, we did not have an exact ‘gardens’. Our town is covered by a lot of urban brownfields, derelict spaces and parking lots.

But, it was my inner desire to control and cultivate. A fondness for gardening remains in my heart for an uncultivated and unintentional mess. I can still remember my first gardening experience. Since that day, I have planted countless plants and much more that are yet to be explored and discovered. While my strengths lie in techniques like hydroponic gardening and growing food plants, I am equally opportunistic for my obsession with a wide assortment of plant families.

Overall, my garden has seen a lot of different transformations. This site has become an account of my personal experiences with gardens, plants, and nature. In some cases, my garden also presents a record of urban gardens that I have built and taken care of throughout the many years.

In my first few years, I needed to learn a lot about gardening jargons like soil temperature, seed depth, etc. I followed the history of life sciences and gained a general idea about how modified crops work, about gas-guzzling mechanization, land-gobbling, agricultural pollution, and factory farming.  While this kind of knowledge will help you, it did not exactly stick in my mind.

So, I decided it was time to open up a tiny garden in my backyard. I had a clear idea about what plants I wanted to cultivate and had simple gardening ideas. I was not even blogging in the first place; I used to note down everything as my personal field journal. However, things soon started working around and my journal was soon transformed into a blog where I could share my personal experiences with budding gardeners around the world.

Later, I changed my blog into a website and decided to create another garden on the terrace of my house. Growing plants on the terrace is a different experience altogether. I had to ‘create’ soil here. Also, there was no natural flow of water here, so you can say it was kind of hard work. But yes, thanks to my website, I did have help from professional gardeners. With their advice, the terrace garden was as successful as my first one.

Today, I have about five different gardens (three at my home, two at my sister’s), all thriving in the best way possible. For the best advice on DIY gardening, make sure that you check my work out. I do hope that the content is able to help you with your gardening journey.

This website is an expression of my free speech and represents my opinions. Alovegarden.com is a site that offers useful information and not professional advice.