Money Tree Plant, Pachira Aquatica: How To Take Care

Are you hoping for some good fortune financially? If so, Money Tree Plant is the right choice for you. At times, you may have heard the phrase “Money does not grow on trees” but these money plants prove you wrong!

A money tree plant is going to be a perfect add-on to your house. This plant is quite popular due to its financial benefits. On the other hand, it is really beautiful. Most of the people braid its stalks to give this plant a unique and attractive look.

Being a homemaker, I like money tree plants a lot. They add a pleasant look to homes and offices. I love how these plants turn out after being braided. If you are interested in growing a money tree plant, this article is right for you.


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What is a Money Tree Plant?

Money Tree Plant is also known as Pachira Aquatica. One can easily find these money tree plants in offices and homes. People who follow fengshui highly idolize this plant. This is so because these plants usually sprout only five leaves on a single stem. The number five holds significance in fengshui. These people believe that everything that exists within the universe comprises five elements. These five elements include metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Hence, the five leaves of a money tree plant symbolize these five elements of fengshui.

Money Tree Plant

In addition to that, these people believe that a money tree plant brings good fortune. It is a belief that a money tree plant will bring the person good fortune and luck if placed in areas concerned with money. Most of the people adore these money plants with symbols and ribbons. This makes them a perfect present to give someone.

The best part about a money tree plant is that it grows with minimal care and watering. It can even grow in low light. That’s why people grow it in their offices and homes so as to decorate the area. Additionally, it brings money and good fortune. We could not think of any reason for why one should not opt for this indoor tree!

Benefits of a Money Tree Plant

Here, we have outlined the top benefits of growing a money tree plant. A money tree plant is a perfect indoor plant due to the various reasons. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Beautiful braids

Many homemakers go for a money tree plant due to its beautiful braids. One can buy a money tree with already woven braids. However, you can learn how to braid a money tree and braid them yourself as well. For this, you need to buy a money plant with at least three stalks and wait for them to sprout.

Once the stalks are flexible and green, you can begin to braid from the bottom to the top. On reaching the top, you have to tie the strings’ ends together loosely. Repeat the braiding process after every two or three months while the plant keeps on flourishing.

Make sure you do not braid them too tightly otherwise the stalks may snap. Meanwhile, your money tree plant breaks while braiding, you can join the broken parts with duct tape or grafting tape. After a while, the tree will heal itself and get ready for braiding soon.

  • Associated with good fortune

As everyone knows, a money tree plant is a significant part of fengshui. It helps to improve the financial prosperity if positioned in a correct direction and place. As per traditional practices of fengshui, the southeast direction of any office or house is the correct position to place it. This direction is associated with abundance and wealth. If you place a money tree at this position of your office or home, it could prosper your monetary future.

  • No overwatering

A money tree plant grows in swamps or wetlands as it likes damp soil. This tree is perfect for those who find it difficult to grow indoor plants. Commonly, indoor plants die because of overwatering. It is not going to be a problem with money trees. You need to water them just two or three times a week.

The water pot needs to have drainage holes so that water will entirely drain out. While watering a money plant, make sure to water the soil adequately. Keep a close eye on the plant health and water the plant accordingly.

  • Perfect for homes or offices

This plant is undoubtedly the best for offices or homes as it does not require direct light. It can easily thrive in indirect light or fluorescent light. This property of a money tree plant makes it great against other plants. You can grow this tree in limited spaces or even keep it on your desk or side table.

  • Safe for animals

A money tree plant is completely safe for animals as per the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). A money plant is a non-toxic plant for pets like cats or dogs. However, animals can suffer from stomach-related problems on eating too many leaves of this plant. It is best to keep it on a safe spot where it would not receive much attention from animals. On the other hand, your pets can even ruin the stalks of the plant.

  • Low maintenance

What makes this plant a great gift is its low maintenance. A money tree plant needs no pruning, whereas you can trim it if you like to. You can clip the leaves of this tree occasionally to keep it tidy and small. However, do not prune it altogether at one as it may damage your plant.

  • Perfect size

A money tree plant goes up to a height of 60 feet in an open area. Mostly, people plant this tree as a bonsai. On the other hand, the height of this plant depends on the pot in which you plant it in. So, a money tree plant will grow tall if you opt for a larger pot. Generally, plants bought from a store grow about two feet tall over a time period of five years. Meanwhile, you need to repot the plant so as to keep it in great health.

Where to Grow Money Tree Plant? 

money tree plant

Money tree plants like indirect and bright light along with moderate humidity. In low lights, plants thrive really well while direct sunlight can cause leaf scorching. Exposure to numerous drafts can lead to leaf loss. Dry or hot air and heater vents are a big NO.

If you cannot keep the money plant in a steamy and bright bathroom, keep it in a shallow tray with pebbles and water. These plants can survive in USDA 10 and 12 zones outdoors. Otherwise, keep them indoors.

How to Grow a Money Plant Tree? 

In cold places, it is best to grow a money plant tree indoors. Pachira Aquatica is a perfect money tree to add to the interiors. It offers a tropical feel. It is really fun to grow this money plant through stem cuttings or seeds.

A money tree plant thrives best when exposed to partial shade. The finest temperatures for this plant are between 60 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. You can grow this plant in peat moss along with gritty sand.

3 Common Types of a Money Tree

People find it really confusing to grow exactly which money tree plant. There is lots of confusion regarding the fengshui money plant. Here, we are going to clear all of your doubts. One can call any lush, vibrant, or healthy plant a fengshui money plant. A money plant is known so because of its vibrant energy. Meanwhile, there are three kinds of money plants, which are associated with the fengshui tradition and culture.

1. Crassula Ovata

Crassula Ovata

Crassula Ovata is one of the money tree plants. This money plant tree is also known as a jade tree. It is a very tender and moist plant to easily taken care of. Crassula Ovata reflects a happy and abundant feel and looks great in various offices or homes. You can easily look after this plant as long as you offer it enough water. Also, it does not require much light so as to prosper. Hence, you can place it accordingly on any spot.

2. Pachira Aquatica

Pachira Aquatica is one of the most commonly found money tree plants. It is a kind of bonsai tree. This money plant usually grows up to a significant height. The main characteristic of this money tree plant is its multi-foliage leaves and several braids. Pachira Aquatica requires consistent watering with the right amount of water.

Pachira Aquatica

3. FengShui-Money Tree

FengShui-Money Tree

This money tree plant is not exactly a plant but a money cure. This money cure is generally used in various classic applications of fengshui. Here, coins literally grow on this tree. It is really difficult to get hands on this product. One can find it in areas of Chinatown in various big cities.

So, all these money tree plants are fengshui money trees. You can opt for a money tree plant as per your preferences. Look for a perfect money tree plant that goes well with your home décor and you love the most.

How To Take Care Of A Money Tree Plant?

So how to care for money tree! In order to take good care of these plants, you need to follow some instructions as listed follows:


The temperature for money plants needs to be above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on this temperature, you can keep the plants indoors or outdoors. During winters, a money tree plant requires low temperature for hibernating.


Plants need water but do not overwater them as it will ruin their roots. During seasons like autumn and spring, try to water them just once per week. Do not wet stems of the plant. On excess water in the saucer, remove it immediately. If you notice slowdown in the plant growth during winters, you need to reduce the amount of water that you give in that period. Do not worry for the drying out of the plant as it stores water in the bottom thicker stem for drier days.

money tree plant care


A money tree plant can endure direct sunlight but an excess of it can burn the leaves. So, look for a place with indirect sunlight or half-shade. In offices, you can make use of fluorescent light. Try not to relocate it as it will start to shed its leaves then.


In order to grow a money tree plant, try to use peat moss-based soil. You can even opt for the regular soil or cactus soil to grow a money plant. Adding up bits of gravel or sand can ensure good drainage. Try to use a pot with drainage holes. Do not overpot this plant as it may die because of it. Also, you can place your money tree plant in hydroculture if you want.


For the bonsai kind of money plants, you need to fertilize them only 2-3 times a year. If you like to grow a full tree, make use of diluted liquid fertilizer once in two weeks in summers and springs. You can go with fertilizer sticks if you want so as to put them in the soil.

Keep in mind not to put too much of it as it could easily harm your plant. It can even make the plant to go up without completely developing its crown. In winters, keep the amount lower than the usual.


This plant grows in lower humidity but it thrives fully in higher humidity by 50% or more. In winters, the air usually becomes dry in the house. If that’s the case with you, you can increase the level of humidity by placing water and gravel in the bowl. Also, you can even mist leaves regularly so as to achieve that humidity level.


Propagation of money plants comprises stem cuttings and seeds.

  • Stem Cuttings

One of the best ways to breed this plant is by stem cuttings. Summers are the best time to perform this task. For this, cut 10-15 cm stems and keep them in soil or water at once. In the case of water, you need to dip at least 2 cm of the stems until roots emerge. Keep it in a sunny or warm spot.

Once the roots developed, you need to dip its ends in a hormone rooting powder. Now, you can place your plant in soil. You need to be extra careful while performing this task as roots are quite sensitive at this time. You can directly grow roots in soil but the water method is quite effective.

  • Seeds

This method is simpler than the previous one. However, people do not usually go with this propagation method. For this, soak seeds overnight in water. You need to prepare a substrate for plants in a pot and place the seeds in the soil. Cover them at least 1 cm in the soil.

Water the seeds and keep it in a warm and bright location. Once the seedlings grew, you can place them in individual pots.


You need to repot the money tree plant as you usually get them in small pots. Small pots stop this plant from emerging into a big tree. After that, it is recommended to perform money tree repotting only when its roots outgrow the pot. This usually happens after few years.

Do not go for large pots while re-potting as they will retain more water. It is best to re-pot a money plant during springs. While re-potting, you should get rid of dead or dry roots. However, do not shake the roots greatly. It is normal for plants to shed some leaves. So, do not worry over that.


This is important when you grow money plants indoors in order to keep the plant small. The plant can easily lose its shape after cutting but pruning helps to re-sprout it. It is best to cut the plant in the springtime.

Common Problems and Solutions

Usually, people do not face issues like pests and diseases with a money tree plant. In rare cases, you need to deal with some of the common problems. Look for the issues below.

money tree plant diseases


  • Leaf spots

Leaf spots appear due to the deficiency of potassium in plants. To resolve this problem, use a special fertilizer. This problem can even happen due to overwatering. Firstly, remove all dead leaves and then, adjust the habits of watering.

  • Yellow leaves

This problem arises because of the incorrect amount of fertilizer and low humidity. To resolve this problem, boost the humidity level.

  • Rot roots

This problem also arises due to overwatering. If you face this issue, repot the money tree plant in well-draining and fresh soil at once. Meanwhile, get rid of the dead roots.


  • Spider mites

If you spot spider mites on your money plant, it is time to increase the humidity. To get rid of them, wash the plants.

  • Aphids

In summers, you can face the problem of aphids if you keep plants outside. You can get rid of the infestation easily by showering the money tree. If did not work out, make use of neem oil.

  • Scale insects

In winters, you can spot scale insects on your money plant. These are small brown bumps that can be spotted on leaves as a sticky film. To get rid of it, spray plants with a mixture of soap, alcohol, and water.

  • Falling of leaves
In case, your plant starts to drop leaves or dry, keep a check on the water level. This usually happens when you water the plant too often. In order to resolve this, you need to water your plant moderately. Also, you should avoid relocating your plant on a frequent basis.

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A money tree plant is the best indoor plant because of numerous reasons. Most people opt for this money plant as it may bring great financial fortune and luck. We think that this plant is great for indoors due to its low maintenance. It is one of the best reasons for giving this plant as a present to someone. In addition to it, you do not need major gardening experience to take care of it.

The other best thing about a money plant is that it flourishes in low light. It offers you great flexibility to position it anywhere you like including desks or tables. So, tell us why you like a money tree plant if you own one. We would love to hear your gardening experience and other tips you may have learned while growing a money tree plant.

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