How To Get Rid Of Mockingbirds: Just 3 Simple Steps

Mockingbirds are lovely and nice creatures that look really entertaining especially when collecting food. Most of the people find them annoying if they live around their homes. If you are struggling with the same, know here about how to get rid of mockingbirds.

People find these birds annoying as they mimic the sound of other animals and birds. Not just that, but they produce these sounds in succession and very loudly. That’s the reason mockingbirds drive some people crazy. If you have gone through this, you may need to know how to get rid of mockingbirds. So, prepare the necessary materials and start reading this article.


Interesting Facts to Know About the Northern Mockingbird

Some people like the antics and varied songs of mockingbirds, whereas others see them as territorial and too loud. If you belong to the latter category, you will definitely encourage these birds to move on. Before that, know some interesting facts about the northern mockingbirds below.

Northern Mockingbird

1. Protected Under Law

Among other bird species, mockingbirds are secured under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Hence, it is quite illegal to meddle with nesting and wild birds. That’s why it is imprudent to prune or remove trees during the mating season. To avoid attacks by these aggressive mockingbirds, make a significant landscaping alteration from September to February.

2. Look for food

Mockingbirds find parks, forest edges, freshly-cut yards, small trees. These birds often nest in low and dense shrubs. In case, a mockingbird is attracted to your place, it may be because of the food source it offers. So, you should cover berry bushes with a net. Also, keep an extra bird feeder on different areas to enable other species to get into.

3. Behave Aggressively

These birds behave aggressively towards several species like hawks and crows. However, songbirds that are tolerated by mockingbirds within their region can help you to protect it from potential threats.

These predators even include snakes and squirrels. The common threat to nesting and wild birds is ordinary cats. It is advised to pet owners to keep their cats indoors all the time. It helps to protect both birds and cats alike.

4. Recognize Threats

As per some studies, mockingbirds have capabilities to identify individuals. These birds are skilled at distinguishing between pets and people they see as threats and others who do not. Generally, mockingbirds attack during the mating season. It is better to keep a distance from these birds at that time. Dive-bomb attacks by mockingbirds usually happen around the nesting season. This season starts around March and extends till August. Also, do not try to approach the young ones or disturb the nesting site.

5. Use Earplugs

When mockingbirds are in search of mates, they sing day and night. If lonely mockingbirds make your nights sleepless, then consider using earplugs and white-noise generators. If they could not find a mate, they will leave that place.

Till then, it is better to use earplugs as these birds will make your nights sleepless. Bear with them for some time and enjoy some peaceful sleep at nights using earplugs.

6. Resist Harsh Winters

Mockingbirds do not reside in harsh weathers. If they live in a place where winters are really harsh, these birds will migrate towards the South. In case, you live in cold regions, where the temperature is going to drop soon, there is nothing to worry.

These birds will fly away on their own when they could not bear the harsh weather of winters. So, make adjustments for a while and wait for them to leave on their own.

7. No Agricultural Threat

These birds consume garden pests and grasshoppers. However, they are usually not considered as a major agricultural threat. However, these birds are considered to be omnivores. They can even eat fruits like berries. So, it is better to cover fruits like berries with the help of a net.

8. No Flocking

Mockingbirds do not live in a flock. A mated pair or single individual can occupy a territory of about 1-2 acres. They keep on shifting that territory in summer/spring and winter/fall. So, these birds will drive away as soon as the weather changes.

Some Characteristics of Mockingbirds That You Need to Know

  • Mockingbirds are usually found in North America. These are medium-sized creatures that measure around nine inches and weigh about an average of two ounces. Usually, female mockingbirds are smaller than males.
  • These birds have gray and black feathers on their back. Also, they have white smudges on their tail and wings.
  • Mockingbirds are called so due to their capacity to mimic the sounds of other animals. Additionally, they can even mimic and learn non-animal sounds like sirens and squeaky doors.
  • These birds are omnivores and hence, can eat both animals and plants. Dietary items include berries, figs, and grapes and insects like spiders, beetles, and ants.
  • At early stages, young mockingbirds become independent. The eggs of these birds require to be incubated for about 12 days prior to hatching.
  • Since mockingbirds cannot feed their young ones well, they learn to fly and locate their food early on. After hatching, they are all prepared to take a flight in around 12 days.
  • While mothers prepare a nest for the next offspring, fathers look after the young ones.
  • Female mockingbirds are quieter than males. Males sing various songs during the spring and fall season.
  • Male birds can learn about 200 different songs. They sing tirelessly all day and night long during the mating season.
  • Mockingbirds remain loyal to their significant others. Plus, they choose to stay together as couples for all their life. On an annual basis, these birds have two or three broods. Usually, they wander along with their partners or alone.
  • The lifespan of mockingbirds extend up to 20 years if they remain in captivity.

Things You Require

Definitely, it is a tedious task to get rid of mockingbirds from one’s property. If you do not scare them away, you have to bear with sleepless nights as well as their shriek and loud noise. So, take note of a few things that can help you in getting rid of these birds. The things you require for scaring away these mockingbirds include:

Things You Require To Get Rid Of Mockingbirds

1. Super soakers

In order to drive away mockingbirds, you will require a big water gun. If there is no water gun, you can even scare off these birds with a Nerf gun and foam bullets. Also, you can take help of a hose along with a head, which can shoot a few meters high. However, do not go with a pellet or BB gun here to scare away a mockingbird in your yard.

2. Water

To power-up a super soaker, you will require water. In case, you own an exterior faucet, locate the one that is closest to the tree owned by mockingbirds. People who are using Nerf guns need to let them loose a bit and also, lose some of the bullets. Here, make use of the foam bullets that come with soft tips to scare away mockingbirds.

3. Flashlights

A flashlight will help you in checking where mockingbirds are hiding. It even assists you to ensure that you would not hit any power line or other dangerous obstacles when you use a water gun or a hose. So, before you attack on a mockingbird, keep a flashlight or torch handy to ensure your own safety and target the bird accurately and precisely.

4. Binoculars

Binoculars will help you to have a better and clear look at the mockingbirds from below. In case, you do not own a binocular, go with a telescope or try to create your very own spyglass. People who have night vision goggles can use them whenever they require making a move during nights. So, grab binoculars for finding the precise location of the bird.

5. Pruners

It is always better to go for prevention instead of cure. If the mockingbirds’ mating season is close enough, it is time for you to perform some preventive measures. These measures will discourage mockingbirds from coming near to your property.

With the help of pruners, you can get rid of foliage or branches where mockingbirds reside. You can even use a saw in place of a pruning shear. Use these tools to prune or trim your trees. Birds do not reside there where there are no branches.

6. Earplugs

If you cannot get rid of mockingbirds, you can use earplugs. These earplugs will help you in getting a good night sleep at night. As you know, these birds are secured by the Migration Act and it is illegal to harm these birds in any way. It is best to let them be and make some adjustments yourself. So, go with these earplugs and enjoy some quietness and peace during nights.

7. Owl or hawk cardboard cutout

Cardboard cutouts are quite effective at scaring away mockingbirds. Here, you can even use strong magnets or ultrasonic animal deterrents. All of these options help in scaring these birds away from their territory. However, these options do not work effectively for all as mockingbirds are ready to fight for their territory.

8. Use visual deterrents

One can even use visual deterrents to get rid of mockingbirds. Keep the bird statues of prey around the nesting ground or throughout your lawn. At night, you have to illuminate these statues. However, move these statues during the day. In this way, mockingbirds do not get used to these bird statues. Plus, they would not get the idea that they are actually fake.

9. Record an offending mockingbird’s song

Another thing that one can do is to record the singing of an offending mockingbird. Now, playback this recording of the mockingbird back on them. Sometimes, it helps to drive away mockingbirds from the existing territory to the other one.

How To Get Rid Of Mockingbirds In Just 3 Simple Steps

As a matter of fact, mockingbirds fall under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act’s shield. So, it is illegal to kill or hurt these birds. If you are looking for a legal way, then keep on reading. In order to get rid of mockingbirds, you can follow the instructions listed below.

How To Get Rid Of Mockingbirds

Just follow 3 simple steps below:

Step 1: Prepare for an attack

When it comes to how to get rid of mockingbirds, does not let anger linger on you. Make use of water to scare away these birds instead of killing or shooting them. Take help of a hose or a super soaker. If you are using a hose, take a powerful hose head to shoot water up onto the tree.

Before shooting these birds with water, use a flashlight or binoculars to know exactly where these birds are perching. Also, check if there is any power line nearby or other obstacles. Once you are all set, load your super soaker and switch on the water faucet. If you are using a Nerf gun, load it.

Step 2: Make use of scare tactics

The other amazing way for getting rid of mockingbirds is by setting up the predator’s cardboard cutouts like hawks or owls. However, you should know that these birds are territorial and they won’t shy away from fights if necessary. Still, you can opt for this method by taping or nailing the cutouts to the tree.

If cutouts do not prove enough, take help of outdoor ultrasonic bird repellents. These devices produce noise that keeps off birds. If not that, you can use strong magnets so as to upset their flying capabilities as they depend upon magnetism for directions.

Step 3: Avoid mockingbirds

If you think of the previous methods too harsh for mockingbirds, give up on them and make use of earplugs instead. These plugs will assist you in sleeping peacefully and quietly at night. It even helps these birds to prosper without any risk. Always bear in mind that mockingbirds are protected and secured by laws for a genuine reason.

In case, you do not like mockingbirds to target your trees on the property, prune them. It is even better to eliminate tall trees having perches. Along with that, you should get rid of overgrown or thick hedges as well as shrubs. Also, cover fruit-bearing plants and cover berries around February or September prior to the mating season. Certainly, this act will make your garden look less attractive to birds and hence, force them to shift to other sustainable regions.


In case, mockingbirds are looking for mates, they can sing all day and night long tirelessly. As stated above, these birds are territorial and show aggression towards other birds. Unfortunately, some people end up having restless nights if these birds keep on creating noise during nights.

However, do not think of killing them as it is an illegal and cruel act. You can scare away these birds by opting the above-mentioned ways. Choosing to make your property less attractive is the best thing you can do. It helps especially when these birds are on a lookout for imminent nesting areas. Now, you know what different ways are there on how to get rid of mockingbirds.

If you still have queries regarding ‘how to get rid of mockingbirds’, you can mention the same in the comment section below. If you find the article helpful, do not just keep it yourself but share it with your friends or family members who would like to have this interesting information. Now, use these effective methods to scare away the mockingbird that is hanging in your garden for some time.

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