Get Rid of Possums: Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

Possums are not so widespread as other pests, but they can be dangerous if nesting near your yard. They are searching for a food source or a warm place. You can get rid of them by either using repellents or setting a trap. The first method has some cons, so trapping a possum is a preferable way of keeping them away. Read more about possums and how to fight them in this article.


Why Are Possums Dangerous?

You don’t usually see these pests in your garden during the day. They sleep when the sun shines and get out of their nest at night to find something to eat. Possums can eat any food they find. They can easily make a mess in your garden and catch a chicken if you have one. Sometimes, when it’s too cold, they can live in attics or garages and damage something inside.

If you face a possum, it usually pretends to be dead rather than bites you. Nevertheless, like any other animal, it can become aggressive. It’s dangerous because they carry diverse diseases like tuberculosis, leptospirosis, tularemia, etc. These reasons are enough to keep possums away from your yard.

How to Keep Them Away?

The most popular and effective methods to keep possums away are by using repellents or by trapping them. It’s not dangerous for the animals or harmful to the environment. Let’s see what you should do in both cases.


Various natural chemicals scare possums away fast. The only disadvantage is that you should renew them frequently.

1. Find the place for repellents

Firstly, you should go through your garden and house and check the holes where possums can get inside the yard. They will be the best places to put repellent. The most common chemical type is a spray. It’s easy to use, and most of the options aren’t harmful to pets and the environment. However, if you have a dog or cat, it’s better to spread the repellent outside the yard or just in places where an animal can’t reach it.

2. Put the repellent

Besides diverse sprays, you can also try granules. They both emit an unpleasant smell for possums to keep them away. Among more expensive variants are ultrasonic repellents. They produce a sound that people can’t hear, but it scares the pests away. An advantage of this option is that it’s long-lasting.

3. Check and renew

During the first few days, it’s significant to use spray or granules once or twice a day. They lose their smell in some time, so you should renew them. When you notice that possums don’t appear anymore, you can put a repellent more rarely. It’s better not to stop doing this at least for a month because possums can return, especially during cold seasons. Ultrasonic repellents can work as long as you need.


Trapping is the most effective way to get rid of possums because you just catch them and leave them far away from your garden. Here is what you should do to catch a possum:

1. Look for property damage

You should find a place where to set a trap as you do with repellents. You should look for the damages in the garden or house. Also, you can find the possum path, where it goes, and where it appears more often. If you place a trap here, you will increase the chances of catching a possum.

2. Find the nest

You can find a nest to make trapping more effective. It shouldn’t be far away from the residential area. Possums like open areas near streams, but they can also nest in tree crevices and brush piles. Possums make nests from bark and sticks that can be covered with leaves or moss.

3. Set a trap

Many different traps close automatically when an animal gets inside. You should choose larger ones that have about 30x10x10 inches dimensions. They will last for a longer time if they’re made of steel or other solid metal. Each product has instructions on placing it on your own, but you can also ask for expert help.

4. Put a bait inside

You can use fruits, vegetables, fish, or meat as bait. If a trap has two doors, you can place food in the middle. In case there is only one door, you can put bait on the other side of the trap. You should check bait at least once a day. Other small pests may steal it, or the trapping mechanism may break down. You don’t have to renew bait every day because possums eat rotten food too.

5. Relocate a possum

When a possum is trapped, you can move it to the natural environment far away from the residential area. If you don’t want to do it alone, you can call an expert group for this. The important thing is to check whether you didn’t catch a mother possum. Possums are marsupials, so a female will have a pouch for babies. The male possum has yellow fur on its chest, and it’s bigger than the female. When you catch a mother, it’s better to leave her near the nest and use repellents to keep possums away. In most cases, it won’t appear in your area because it knows there is a danger.

Keep Your Yard Free of Possums

Possums look harmless at first sight, especially when they pretend dead if someone notices them. Now you know that they can damage your house and garden and spread diverse diseases. They rarely bite people and pets, but it’s still better to keep them away from the yard. Luckily, there are various ways to do this. Sprays, granules, and ultrasonic repellents are effective and work quickly. However, if you want to get rid of possums for sure, you better use a trap. This way you will know that a possum is caught and can’t cause any other damage in the future. Follow the guide above, and you will make your yard free of possums as fast as possible.

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