Top 6 Best Commercial Weed Eater Types Of Machinery In 2020

Choosing the best commercial weed eater is quite a tough task since there are a lot of models in the market; additionally, you also need to consider a lot of things to make the right choice. When you are buying one for commercial use, you need to search for the best commercial weed eater that can handle the gigantic task that lies ahead.

The lack of information while looking for the best commercial weed eater is another problem that might prove to be a hindrance while choosing the right tools for your heavy-duty weed clearing assignments.


A commercial weed eater is nothing but a weed trimmer that you use for larger fields. If you own a commercial lawn or spend time working on it, it is quite necessary for you to have a tough, commercial weed eater.

best commercial weed eater

Also, heavy-duty commercial weed eaters will help you in clearing off your large field in no time. Not just that, but homeowners can also go with a commercial weed eater. This is so because commercial weed eaters are quite durable and simple to use. These weed eaters can perform the task efficiently and effectively. With these devices, you can reach out to places that usual trimmers cannot. Also, they are perfect for edging and taming overgrowth. To know more about a commercial-grade weed eater, keep on reading!

Why Do You Need A Commercial Weed Eater?

If you have ever taken care of a lawn using a commercial weed eater, you know how a solid, durable commercial weed eater is a kind of necessity for all. As you know, string trimming a garden or lawn takes a lot of time as mowing takes. That’s the reason that it is imperative for growers or landscapers to employ a commercial weed eater.

Evidently, homemakers can also benefit from a weed trimmer, which is designed especially for commercial purposes. If you consider this equipment expensive, you should know that these devices actually pay off when you see its results. Plus, a commercial weed eater features ease of use, longevity, and durability.

A commercial weed eater assists you in taming overgrowth, reaching where the owner cannot reach. Keeping these features in mind, a commercial weed eater is quite a necessity. Now, reach about the top six commercial weed eaters.

Six Best Commercial Weed Eater

When you need to cover a lot of ground, it is always smart to upgrade to the best commercial weed eater. However, what are the differences between a professional trimmer and the one made for homeowners? The former is built to withstand long hours of work and capable of handling much more abuse than the latter.

Commercial weed eaters are now being equipped with four-stroke engines because of the EPA requirements regarding pollution. This means that these machines do not require oil and gas. Additionally, they are also much quieter.

Here are the best commercial weed eater machines today:

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best commercial weed eater


Husqvarna 128ld String Trimmer is one of the best weed eaters that I have ever tried! It is equipped with a lot of specifications and unique features. This machine has helped me with all types of edging and trimming needs. For me, it is the right trimmer that can cut an overgrown lawn before using a lawnmower.

Husqvarna 128ld trimmer is fitted with a 2-stroke, 28-cc engine, which makes it optimized for performance. The 1-horsepower engine is powerful enough to cut through bush-like terrain with no hassles. Similar to other gas-powered trimmers, the Husqvarna 128ld also makes use of 100% gasoline, which needs to be mixed with oil before use.

The weed eater is fitted with a straight and long shaft, which comes in handy if you need to reach areas where shorter models cannot. This gives the Husqvarna 128ld a type of versatility that makes it perfect for all sorts of environments. The straight shaft is also quite easy to maneuver around. The handle is quite adjustable and features a soft grip, thereby making the tool ergonomic and comfortable. The design offers responsiveness and balance when cutting so that you always get the best results.

While the Husqvarna 128ld might not be the lightest weed eater in the market, it is still a lot lighter than other models in the same price range. It just weighs about 10.8 pounds, which makes it perfect for operation throughout the day without having to stop for a rest. Once you learn the basics, you will be able to control the machine with ease. Personally, it has served me for years without the need for expensive replacements and repairs.


  • One of the most affordable weed cutters in the market
  • Easy to understand, operate, and maintain
  • Large cutting capacity allows you to get the work done a lot faster
  • Powerful gas-powered engine provides high performances


  • The 2-stroke engine is not as efficient as a 4-stroke engine found in other weed eaters
  • While the machinery is great, it is not so durable, as reported by other users
best commercial weed eater


I am a big fan of Greenworks products, and the Greenworks PRO 80V certainly lives up to the expectations. This is a weed whacker that will make quick work will make quick work for all your trimming needs. The company has been known to manufacture some great cordless machinery for quite some time.

The Greenworks PRO 80V is a top-level, battery-powered trimmer that has been well-received by the consumers. This trimmer is available at a very affordable price range, which makes it perfect for people like me who are looking to trim our backyards to remove tough vegetations and weeds.  The Greenworks PRO 80V is fitted with credible a two-amp, 80-volt battery that spins the 14/16-inch strong cut.

The battery is capable of running uninterrupted for 45 minutes, which is similar to a 32cc gas engine and enough to clean your entire yard in a single go. Additionally, the trimmer is also packed with a spare battery and a charger that will allow you to recharge the unit after the power goes off.

The brushless motor powers the Greenworks PRO 80V engine. The design of the trimmer is straight and made of an aluminum shaft, which provides ergonomics and balance while trimming. The trigger can be adjusted to Variable Speed to provide more control over the cutting power. The overall construction of the Greenworks PRO 80V is lightweight yet extremely durable, which makes it easy to maneuver without having to compromise on the strength.


  • The single charge of one battery can last you for 30 minutes
  • The design is quite compact and the attachments are compatible
  • The tool is quiet and features extremely simple controls


  • The tool starts off slow and then gains speed, which can consume a lot of time at the start
  • While the design is ergonomic, the Greenworks PRO 80V can prove to be heavy and not good for extended use
best commercial weed eater


The Echo GT-225 is one of my favorite budget picks for lawn care. While it might be quite light, it promises to be sturdy enough and get the job done. While it might be void of some features housed by other weed eater models, for the price range, you will be purchasing a decent trimmer that can handle daily wear-and-tear and will last for many years.

It is a common question that why should you choose this trimmer when there are bigger and better trimmers in the market in the same price range. I have to offer several reasons why you should choose the GT-225 over others. Just because it is a lightweight trimmer does not mean that it lacks power. The Echo GT-225 is capable of edging and trimming without giving up midway. While other models pack a lot more power, they do not have the combination of being lightweight and powerful at the same time.

The trimmer is quite durable and has a very robust construction. Even if you bump it into a rock or tree, it will not break down. The Echo GT-225 is built to withstand obstacles with ease. While the construction is sturdy, you will love the maneuverability. You will be able to get the trimmer into tight spaces without straining yourself.

The trimmer is equipped with a 2-cycle, 21.2cc engine; while it might not be the largest engine around, it is more than enough to do what you need it to do. The smaller engine also contributes to making this model quite lightweight. Due to the small engine, starting the Echo GT-225 is very easy and will not exert you in any way; as long as you have oil and gas, you can expect the trimmer to start easily.

One of the best aspects that I love about this trimmer is that it is very easy to maintain. You do not have to do a lot to make sure it remains in the best working condition for a long time to come. Even if you face any technical difficulty, you can easily reach the company’s support team for help; they will help you get the trimmer up and running in no time!


  • The trimmer is protected by a plastic debris shield so that unwanted materials do not enter into the machine
  • The trimmer is quite easy to understand, use and maintain
  • You get a lifetime warranty on the driveshaft, as well as a 5-year warranty on the entire trimmer


  • The trimmer lacks a lot of useful attachments that could make your yard work a lot more comfortable and easier
  • The trimmer lacks a lot of accessories and features compared to other trimmers in the same price range
best commercial weed eater


If I was looking for an upgrade, I would definitely go for the Remington RM1159 string trimmer. If you want to get rid of tall and nasty weeds, you can knock them out of the park with this walk-behind trimmer; in short, I could say that this trimmer is basically a weed eater on steroids.

The RM1159 weighs roughly about 78 pounds and consists of a 4-cycle 159cc OHV engine. The loop handle is ergonomic in design that also folds, allowing for easy storage and smooth transport. The RM1159 is capable of mowing down the toughest blades of grass. You can also adjust the cutting height of the trimmer.

Even on the thorniest grass, the RM1159 can be pushed easily. It is quite lightweight and easy to maneuver around any type of terrain. The trimmer is very easy to use and starts right up after you unpack it.  The trimmer is fully-assembled and equipped with 14-inch wheels, which lets you move the machine with ease.

The workhorse could chop down weeds as long as my waist level with ease. The trimmer’s deflector prevented a lot of bad debris from flying around. The RM1159 is quite compact and can easily reach around small corners and nooks. Once I was done with the mowing process, my lawn looked like entirely new terrain.

All you need to do is maintain the proper oil level and make sure that the air cleaner is serviced at least once every 25 hours. Thanks to its small size, the RM1159 can be stored easily in a clean and dry area.


  • The trimmer is equipped with a powerful 4-cycle 159cc OHV engine
  • While compact, the trimmer is capable of running through tough obstacles
  • The setup is straightforward and simple


  • The RM1159 is not self-propelled
  • When the clutch cable is released, the engine stops
  • Some of the plastic parts are not that durable as advertised
best commercial weed eater


For those who keep of struggling with a heavier-wheeled string trimmer like me, I would suggest the Southland SWFT15022 field trimmer, which weighs just around 50 pounds. However, the lower weight limit does not imply that the trimmer’s performance is inferior to others. The SWFT15022 is equipped with a 150cc engine that is capable of dishing out 5.75lb/ft torque. This means that the trimmer can cut through the thickest weed in your garden.

The head of the trimmer is fitted with a 22-inch cutting swatch for catching everything that falls out while you are moving the trimmer through. The thick tires will additionally ensure that your work is not hampered, even on soft or wet ground.

You need to start the engines with the help of the manual recoil, which makes use of the fuel delivery system to get the engine running immediately. Even if you want to switch off the trimmer, you can simply do so by releasing the control lever. The cushioning on the handle will ensure that your hands feel minimum vibration while using the machinery. The handle assembly can also be folded down for easier storage.

While the SWFT15022 has been originally designed for heavy-duty commercial use, it is also an excellent choice for homeowners with large lawns. It has also been certified by both the EPA and the California Air Research Board, so you can rest assured knowing that you are being easy on the environmental footprint.


  • The SWFT15022 has a quiet but powerful motor
  • Operating the tool is comfortable and free of vibrations
  • The trimmer is very easy to start and operate


  • The SWFT15022 has no height adjustment
  • The trimmer cannot be used on rough terrains
best commercial weed eater


The Husqvarna 324L will always be my go-to weed eater. It is definitely one of the best commercial weed eater that I have ever used and do not plan on changing any time soon. Also, the weed eater is quite affordable.

The Husqvarna 324L is a straightforward hand-held trimmer that has a cutting circumference of 17-inches. It is fitted with a 25cc X-Torq engine and equipped with a Smart Start System. The X-Torq engine helps increase the efficiency of fuel by up to 20% and reduces the emission of harmful exhaust by 60%. Apart from being quieter than other models, the Husqvarna 324L also limits the exhaust emissions.

Starting the Husqvarna 324L is extremely easy. You do not have to keep pulling the cord to flood the engine anymore. All you need is a single pull and the engine will start by itself. The Husqvarna 324L weighs just about 11 pounds; while it might be lightweight, the trimmer provides a lot of power while maintaining maneuverability as well. Even though 4-stroke engine weed trimmers are considered heavy, the Husqvarna 324L is quite light.

You can say that the Husqvarna 324L is capable of bringing commercial-level performance and power at a very reasonable price range for both lawn care professionals and homeowners. It edges really well and will work flawlessly when you flip the 2-stroke engines over to the edge.


  • The Husqvarna 324L is very powerful and will go through any amount of weed
  • The engine is very fuel-efficient and also extremely quiet
  • The trimmer is also easy to assemble, start and use


  • The trimmer cannot be used to cut grass and weed in tight spots
  • The guard is not that perfect and might not protect you from the grass you cut

Things To Consider While Looking For The Best Commercial Weed Eater

Some of the considerations you need to think about beforehand while choosing the best commercial weed eater include:

best commercial weed eater

Just figure out what features are the most crucial to you:

Type of trimmer/weed eater

There are many different types of weed trimmers you can see in the market today. Some are powered by gas, some by a battery, while others by electricity. While the ultimate goal of trimming the lawn is met, they tend to differ in many aspects.

For instance, electric weed trimmers do not require changing of batteries or gas to operate; they only need a socket to power the engine. However, their uses will be limited to certain places – areas with electrical sources and the farthest point where the cords can reach.

Similarly, battery-powered trimmers are great as they are extremely portable, light and noiseless. But, you will always have to keep an extra battery handy if the battery in use gets drained.


The weight of a trimmer is another thing that you should consider while buying a weed eater for commercial purposes. As you know, clearing your larger fields will take time and therefore, it should not be heavy if you want to complete the work without getting tired. The weed eater’s weight can be determined by the elements it comprises. That’s why you should not go with trimmers that come with various parts.


The next thing you need to determine is the power. In the most normal cases, you can opt for the best commercial weed eater with a 30cc engine. But, you can also opt for a 25cc engine model. The type of engine you choose ultimately depends on the characteristics of the grass and weed in your area.

Starting options

Many weed eaters employ a starting line to start the trimmer. Here, you need to pull this line a few times, which is quite time-consuming and tiring also. Meanwhile, some trimmers do not even start with consistent pulling. That’s the reason you should go with weed eaters that come with S-start or sequential start.

Using an S-start, you need to follow some simple steps to start the engine like priming or setting the choke. After that, you have to follow other steps in order to spring life into your weed eater with no effort. This sequential-start option is pretty gentler to start the engine as compared to the starting line.

Shaft design

Weed eaters are available in two different forms of shafts – the curved shaft and the straight shaft. While both of them serve the ultimate purpose of cutting down the weed, they differ in the comfort level when it comes to handling.

Straight shafts are a bit heavier than their curved counterparts and mostly made of steel. They are mostly recommended for people with back issues because they are quite long and allow you to avoid extreme bending. These shafts are also great for reaching the edges and sides of your garden and lawn, thanks to their length.  These shafts also tend to last a lot longer than the curved models.

A curved shaft also provides comfort to its users. They are lighter and a bit shorter as well. These two factors make them perfect for maneuvering in tight corners and other similar areas. However, they are not made for people with back pain because they will have to bend to use the trimmer. Plus, they do not last for long and often breakable since they are not flexible.

Type of Engine

When you choose a gas-powered weed eater, you need to examine the engine type. This type of weed eater comes with two engine types, which are 2-stroke and 4-stroke.

2-stroke engines: The 2-stroke engines work best if you like to produce various revolutions with impressive power. This helps to clear larger fields in less time. However, you need to mix gas and oil in an appropriate ratio to make it work. If the oil ratio is not much, the engine can overheat and have serious consequences. On the other hand, the engine will smoke while interfering with the performance and polluting all around if you put more oil than needed.

4-stroke engines: The 4-stroke engines do not generate as much power as the other ones. However, these engines operate smoothly and hassle-free. Here, you do not need to pre-mix anything. You just have to put oil to crankcases. They even come with an automatic turn off feature, which switches off the engine if the oil level drops down. This feature increases the durability of the engine. These engines work quietly and generate minimal smoke as compared to 2-stroke engines, which make them environmentally friendly.

Cutting path

While choosing a commercial weed eater, you should also take into consideration the cutting path. It is important if you need a tool that will assist you in clearing grass on a lawn effectively. Plus, it takes lesser time to accomplish the task. Most trimmers come with a small cutting track that is quite less effective when you clear larger fields.

For commercial purposes, you should go with a commercial weed eater that comes with a larger cutting path. This enables you to clear grass in one go. The best length is about 17 inches or above than that, which performs the job quicker and effectively.


Comfort and ease of use are other important factors that you need to consider while looking for the best commercial weed eater. You need to remember that weeding your yard is going to take some time, and you need something comfortable and easy to carry and maneuver.

You can choose a lightweight trimmer that has the right engine and sufficient power. On top of that, an adjustable shaft will further aid you to get to hard-to-reach areas. The balance of a weed trimmer is another factor that counts. Go for weed trimmers with anti-vibration systems; minimum vibrations will minimize tiredness, and hence is a must-have feature. You should also consider the noise level of the weed trimmer.


There are some types of weed trimmers that can easily change into other lawn care tools; while these types of weed trimmers offer a lot of versatility and comfort, they can also be quite expensive. However, the best commercial weed eater might be made for trimming purposes, some models can be fitted with additional attachments.

Tips For Effective Weed Trimming

If you do not consider yourself a pro at weed trimming, then you need to try out the following tips to make your job easier. To eliminate weeds growing in the pavement cracks, you need to tilt the string trimmer for brushing off the pavement with the help of the string’s tip. After that, turn to the base of that weed to remove it. This task requires a bit of practicing to complete the assigned task.

Using a weed eater, you can attain a great edge between the sidewalk and grass. Move the trimmer until you reach the vertical string that needs to be passed along the edge. You should not use a string weed eater against trees as the string cuts the bark and could expose your tree to pests and diseases. So, try not to touch your trees while mulching them. To see how a trimmer works, you can watch this video to see how the Echo GT-225 works.

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While all the weed trimmers mentioned above are great and will get your work done, my choice for the best commercial weed eater is the Echo GT-225. This weed trimmer has all the conveniences of a gas-powered weed trimmer and is easy to use and quite lightweight. It is definitely one of the best commercial weed eater options that you can check out. While it might not be loaded with a lot of functionalities, it has everything you need to keep your yard looking great without having to put in a lot of hard work.

I do hope that this review will help you in choosing the best commercial weed eater. I have tried all these products and can safely conclude that the mentioned six weed trimmers are easily the best in the market. They are made to fulfill your weed trimming purposes and will last you for a long time to come. If you enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful, do share it with your friends and other loved ones. Are you still confused about the best commercial weed eater? If so, post your query in the comment section below.

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