10 Best Brush Clearing Tools For Your Overgrown Land

The maintenance of yards becomes inevitable whether you own the land of years or have just acquired your dream home. Usually, it seems so simple like mowing a lawn and trimming bushes. Sometimes, things go out of one’s hand and then you feel like how you can clear the overgrown land. In that case, you need some of the best brush clearing tools to perform the task.

Here, we will tell you about the best tool for clearing brush as well as a stepwise guideline that will help you in clearing brush from the backyard. But before you move further, you should prepare yourself to clear the overgrown land. So, let’s start without further ado!


best brush clearing tools

As you cannot build a house without a plan and blueprints, it is not possible to do the same for clearing brush from the yard. So, ready some preparations to clear off brush plants from your yard.

Check your yard

To clear brush from the yard, you do not require a backyard map but have to walk around and examine the perfect way for clearing the undergrowth and brush. You need to spot trees that you like to remove and mark areas that look chiefly dense in overgrowth. Additionally, it is a nice idea to mark spots of the yard, where it is difficult to work like rocky terrain, swampy area, and overgrowth entwined with fences.

Examine if you require a permit

In some places, you may require a permit for working on clearing brush plants in a yard. You may need this permit for various reasons like requiring a street dumpster and for cleaning up and removing trees. So, you have to check the local zones and planning unit to make sure.

Planning for disposal

As per your project’s scope, you would not be able to manage the trash collection. Or, it could be possible that you need to wait for clearing the brush till you coincide with the next trash collection of your area. It is advisable to look for alternatives like dumpster rental or composting. This dumpster rental helps you in getting rid of everything from brush and shrubs to limbs and dirt as per one’s schedule.

Accumulate your equipment

When we talk about clearing the brush plants, one thing is quite certain that you will need some equipment. It does not matter whether you choose to clear brush with power tools or by hand, there are various tools available that will help you with this tedious task.

How to Eliminate Brush Plants from the Yard

Now, you are all set to get rid of the brush plants from your yard. So, let’s begin with the procedure as follows!

Step 1: Use a pruner for cutting woody brush

Initially, you need to eliminate small trees or the brush near to the earth’s surface. For this, you have to drag the brush plants out of your way and make a pile as you carry out the task.

Step 2: Eliminate larger plants

Next, you have to remove larger plants such as trees and brush having a diameter around 3½ inches or 1½ inches. With the help of a chain or bow saw, you can cut these plants and make a pile of the collected debris. If you have larger trees having a 4-inch diameter, you should let it grow. For removing these trees, you require professional help and supervision.

Step 3: Get rid of tangled underbrush

With the help of a heavy-duty, professional string trimmer, you can cut tangled weeds, shoots, and leftover underbrush around the area. For this, you can even make use of swing-blade designed weed cutter.

Step 4: Disposeinstantly

Now, it is time to collect debris and dispose it immediately. To pick up yard waste, you need branches or sticks that to be tied up as bundles. The length of these branches should not be more than 3 feet. If you are thinking of installing a hardscape area, you have to ensure that the brush plants do not grow back. It can be done by choosing non-selective herbicide that kills off laying scenery fabric and remaining shoots.

10 Variants of the Best Brush Clearing Tools

Now, it is time to know about different kinds of brush clearing tools. Here, we are going to discuss a wide range of products along with the best tool for clearing brush within each category. So, read about these different categories along with a suitable product.

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best brush clearing tools

A Pole saw comes with a long handle and a curved blade. The part that moves its cutting ed lies around the surface where users hold this tool. Pole saws are great for eliminating overhead brush. These devices will make the clearing process effortless as they feature a telescopic pole. This telescopic end assists you in reaching the vegetation easily.

It takes some time to learn the art of clearing brush with this tool as the cutting end is a bit far. Once you have mastered this art, this tool will be the best tool for clearing brush. It works best to get rid of tall bushes and tree limbs.

This pole saw from CRAFTSMAN works on a high-capacity 4Ah battery, where you get extended runtime. With this product, you enjoy an extended reach of about 14 feet. The tool offers precise cutting due to its angled blade and head. Plus, it even features a branch hook that helps in cutting branches hassle-free. CRAFTSMAN offers a 3-year warranty on this product.

best brush clearing tools

A weed whip is a handy tool, which can be employed to get rid of the brush. These tools feature a blade having twin cutting edges. These edges are adjoined perpendicularly to the handle. The handle of weed whips is somewhere around 30-inch long. Meanwhile, there are options like shorter or longer than this one. However, the main idea behind this is to make a selection of the handle length, which will feel comfortable on handling.

Weed whips are really simple to use and pretty lightweight. They are perfect for cutting brush closer to the earth’s surface and super-long grasses. If you are looking for the best tool for clearing brush, then True Temper Action Hoe is what you need.

The weed whip from True Temper is a sturdy and robust tool, which enables you to cut brush on your yard from a comfortable position. This tool features a double-sided blade that splits even through tougher weeds with quite an ease. The weeding tool’s sharp edge is thin enough to reach weeds without damaging plants. Along with the premium-quality blade, it comes with a durable fiberglass handle.

best brush clearing tools

A pruning shear comprises a handle, which is 20-24 inches and a sharp cutting end. This sharp end is the one, where branches fit well into while cutting. While using the tool, you have to close its handle once the branch has attained its position. Pruning shears cut branches of about 1-inch diameter. Thus, these tools are great while dealing with sapling and thick weeds. The perfect pruning shear comes from Felco.

Felco pruning shear comes with a premium-quality anvil blade. It features lightweight metal handles that are shock absorber and rubber-cushioned. The tool has a cutting diameter of about an inch. It is a great pruning shear for lighter applications. Plus, you enjoy lifetime warranty with this Felco pruning shear.

best brush clearing tools

Hatchets look like small axes, but they feature shorter blades and handles as compared to the latter. These tools are an incredible tool to clear brush. You can go with this tool if you cannot look for a chainsaw or axe for eliminating brushes.

If the hatchet is sharp enough, it can be used to cut small trees of around 2-inch diameter. The amazing thing about a hatchet is that it is very simple to handle. Plus, these tools are lightweight. However, it is not advisable to cut large trees with hatchets as it will require an immense amount of energy on your part. One such hatchet comes from Husqvarna.

This hatchet is designed especially for handling with just one hand, where you can work on light wood effortlessly. The head of this hatchet is hand-forged. This high-quality product comes from Sweden, where it is manufactured with Swedish steel and hickory. So, go for this hatchet for clearing brush.

best brush clearing tools

Axes offer a great way for clearing brush. They work best when you are dealing with trees and large bushes. A classic axe comprises of a wooden or metal handle and a blade. These tools are handy when you need to chop small trees entwined within another brush.

When it comes to an axe, people can select from diverse styles. One thing that you need to ensure is that whatever you go with, it needs to have a securely adjoined head. This head will help in preventing the tool from flying off while cutting. Here, we are introducing the best axe available out there.

This axe from Fiskars is perfect for splitting wood and driving stakes or wedges. The optimized geometry of its blade provides enhanced penetration and works through tough logs. Its IsoCore Shock Control mechanism absorbs vibration and shock for reducing the suffering that your body goes through. Thus, it transfers 2 times less vibration and shock as compared to wooden handles. With this product, users get a lifetime warranty.

best brush clearing tools

Machetes seem like long knives having a small handle. This handle could be of high-density plastic and wood. A machete is one of the earliest brush clearing tools. This multipurpose tool comes handy in diverse situations.

According to the machete’s size and design, people can employ it for cutting anything from thick brush to small saplings. Also, if you are choosing a machete with a saw-like appearance on one side and a blade on the other one, it will be extremely useful while clearing brush plants.

The Latin machete from Cold Steel is a great tool. The thickness of its blade is 2mm and the length of its handle is somewhere around 5 inches. Meanwhile, the overall length of this machete is about 18 inches. This Latin machete is made from 1055 carbon steel along with black baked. Meanwhile, the machete comes with an anti-rust matte finish.

best brush clearing tools

A chain saw is the best tool for clearing brush as it can handle anything whether it is a large tree or an immense overgrowth. Chain saws will cut faster with minimal to no effort.

This tool is a mechanically-driven tool, which either use electricity or gas. Plus, it features serrated teeth that form a chain, which runs around the guide bar or blade edge. A modern chain saw is simple to handle and lightweight. Meanwhile, they still provide similar efficiency of the big conventional style chain saws. The best chain saw comes from WORX.

WORX WG320.9 Chain Saw helps you in cutting branches of about 4-inch diameter. It works on a 20V MAX lithium battery. This tool comes with an auto-tension feature, which guarantees optimum tension. In addition, the machine has an automatic chain oiler that even comes with a level indicator. The blade housing of this tool enables safe cuts on the earth’s surface.

best brush clearing tools

Once you have cleared brush from your yard, you might be left with stumps. Even if you know how to get rid of the brush, stumps are still unavoidable. However, you should not worry about it as you have a tool for eliminating them. The tool is known as the stump grinder, which offers a more efficient and easier way as compared to chemical solutions or shovels.

Stump grinders are power tools that chip away the stump or wood. It performs this function with the help of a rotating cutting disk. Most stump grinders will eliminate the stump with the help of the high-speed cutting disc that grinds the stump into chips. Here, we present a powerful stump grinder!

DK2 stump grinder features a 14HP Kohler engine. Plus, you enjoy a three-year warranty on this engine. The tool features dual direct V-belt, which drives over 3600 RPM cutting speed. In addition to this, the machine comes with 9 high-speed carbide cutters. DK2 Power Stump Grinder comes with dual-locking ATV wheels on the 2X2 HD axel. With this product, you get lock-out safety tabs, safety glasses, ear protection, oil bottle, and tools.

best brush clearing tools

When you need to clear brush in large areas, nothing could be better than a brush mower. Using this heavy-duty machine, people can easily cut through brush and trees that are of about 3-inch thick. These brush mowers look just like regular lawn mowers. The best part is that these tools are way more powerful and larger than the regular lawn mowers.

These tools arrive in two diverse styles, which are tow-behind tractors and self-propelled mowers. Out of these two options, the tow-behind mowers are great for vast fields and meadows. Are you in search of the best brush clearing tools? Then, look no more and try out Dr Power Field & Brush Mower.

This brush mower comes from DR Power. It works on a 10.3 HP manual-starting DR OHV engine. The deck of this brush mower is around 26 inches. Also, it features lugged tires that measure around 16 inches. These tires are tubeless and filled with sealant. The machine comes with three forward speeds along with one reverse mode. Thus, all this makes it a perfect machine to go with.

best brush clearing tools

A weed eater or weed trimmer is a must-have for weeds and smaller brush. You should go with a high-quality trimmer having hard blades instead of the trimmers with a replaceable line that are best for bigger jobs with lots of tall weeds. The gas-powered weed trimmers are much simpler to use. With these weed trimmers, you do not have to look for a power source or run out of fuel. Plus, you do not need to recharge them again and again.

Black & Decker weed trimmer assists you in all gardening jobs. If you own a small yard or deal with weeds rarely, then this weed trimmer is what you need. The best thing about this model is that it is quite inexpensive. This trimmer runs on 1.8 Amp motor and works with a bump feed spool mechanism. So, it is the best tool for clearing brush or carrying out light-duty trimming jobs in smaller yards.

Which things you are dealing with!

Best Brush Clearing Tools

Before you set out to clear off your yard from unwanted plants, you need to make sure what plants you are actually dealing with. Depending on the plant variety, you should use the equipment and other things.

1. Vines

If you need to eliminate vines, use a bow rake for thinner vines. Go with a fire rake if you are dealing with thicker vines. Using a shovel, you need to chop them all. For woody vines, you can take the 0.help of a lopper, bank blade, or machete. With the help of a disposable bag, throw out the debris or take it to the compost pile.

2. Branches and Saplings

One can reuse dead branches as kindling. For this, break the small branches with hands or employ a hatchet. Using a lopper, you can easily cut saplings into pieces. After that, fed them into wood chippers and turn them into mulch.

3. Dead trees, logs, and stumps

With the help of a light chainsaw, one can cut dead trees, thick logs, and dead trees into smaller pieces. If the wood is not punky, save it for the firewood. Meanwhile, throw the rest on a truck for dumping.

4. Weeds and leaves

With the help of a lawnmower, you can cut weeds that grow under the pile. In order to avert stalls, you need to set the mower’s deck as high as possible. Using a string trimmer, you can deal with fibrous stalks and heavy weeds. Before you start off, you need to wear ear and eye protection as well as a face mask. If you just need to get rid of the brush plants, it is best to choose a walk-behind brush clearing tool. However, you would not be able to attain precise trimming with it. But these brush cutters are great for cutting down bendable, small saplings.


Now, you know about the best brush clearing tools available out there. Along with that, you should have known by now how to eliminate brush plants from your yard. Depending on the type of your plant, you need to choose the best tool for clearing brush out of the diverse range of products. Here, we have listed the best product for each variant. So, check them out and buy the best tool for yourself. If you found this article helpful, do not hesitate to share it with other gardening lovers. In case, you have some queries regarding this, post it in the comment section below.

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