5 Tips On Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes When Traveling

If you love to travel, you probably know that you need to prepare for many surprises. Mosquitoes are no exception. These annoying insects leave not only itchy bites but also spread dangerous infections. This article has collected the information about what attracts them and the methods of getting rid of mosquitoes that will come in handy on any trip.


What Attracts Mosquitoes?

When looking for food, mosquitoes are guided by the human body smell. To be precise, they are attracted by sweat, exhaled carbon dioxide, and thermal radiation. That is why they primarily bite drunk people, pregnant women, kids, and those who play sports, as they sweat more, have a higher body temperature and rapid breathing. It is also scientifically proven that blood type 0 is more attractive to mosquitoes than any other. The intense floral aromas of shampoos, soaps, and perfumes can also draw the attention of these insects.

How to Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes?

Now that you know what exactly attracts them, you can choose the right way of protection. In any situation, the best tactic is to combine several methods.

1. Apply repellents

The easiest and most effective method is to use professional repellents from a drugstore. Such products contain DEET, IR3535, or Picaridin in their composition. Be careful when applying them, and always follow the manufacturer's instructions so as not to exceed the concentration of active ingredients on your skin. If you travel with children, purchase a repellent designed specifically for kids with a smaller amount of chemicals.

2. Wear the right clothes

As a rule, mosquitoes live in hot countries and regions. Despite the high temperature outside, try not to wear a tank top or shorts. The less skin is exposed, the less likely it is to be bitten by them. Choose pants and shirts made of lightweight and thin fabrics. Insects are believed to be attracted to bright and dark colors as they are easily distinguishable. To make yourself less attractive to mosquitoes, wear light and neutral clothing. You can use a repellent spray for extra protection that works on the fabric and does not leave stains. Also, it will help defend you from other insects like ticks and ants.

3. Use mosquito nets

If you plan to stay at a hotel, it is best to keep windows and doors closed and use an air conditioner. Mosquito nets should be installed in a room, but it is not always possible to check beforehand. You can take bed netting on a trip and hang it over your bed like a canopy. It is a great physical barrier against insects and can be made even more effective with a repellent treatment.

4. Take an electric repellent

If you plan on living in a place with electricity, be sure to bring a couple of these devices. They can be turned on at night or even during the day. Electric repellents work from bottles of liquid or pads with insecticides and provide effective protection against mosquitoes. Most importantly, don't forget spare supplies and an outlet adapter.

5. Make yourself unattractive to mosquitoes

Since these insects primarily use their sense of smell and are guided by the scent of the human body, you should shower regularly to wash off the sweat and cool off a little. Try to use cosmetics with a neutral aroma when traveling. When female mosquitoes do not breed, they feed on flower nectar. If your perfume or shampoo has a strong sweet scent, it can get their attention.

Those who are allergic to repellents can take a course of vitamins. Vitamin B1 is known to have a characteristic odor when released in sweat, which deters mosquitoes and serves as a natural repellent. To get the desired effect, you need to start taking it a few days before your trip. Do not forget to consult your doctor before doing it.

Are Natural Remedies Effective?

If products are natural, it does not mean that they are less effective in repelling mosquitoes. It is known that these insects do not tolerate certain scents, such as mint, eucalyptus, lavender, citronella, rosemary, and more. You can buy essential oils of these plants and make a homemade repellent spray. This simple method does an excellent job of deterring mosquitoes but requires a frequent application. Moreover, citronella candles have proven their effectiveness. If you intend to have dinner outdoors, take it with you. It will create a small protective barrier around your table so that insects won't bother you. Alternatively, you can use mosquito coils, which contain pyrethrum from chrysanthemum flowers.

Meet Mosquitoes Fully Armed

To make your trip to hot countries a pleasure, use several of the mosquito control methods described above. Most of them are easy to use and don't take up much space in your bag, so you can take them wherever you go. Prepare to meet these tiny but dangerous insects, and you will not bring Zika fever from your trip, but only great memories and souvenirs.

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