Does Aspirin Help Plants Grow? Here’s a Quick Way to Increase The Growth of Your Plants

If you are a gardener, then you must be wondering about the ways through which you can increase the growth of your plants. Have you ever tried out using aspirin? If no, then you must read out about it and find out how does aspirin help plants grow.


It is a drug that performs the function of minimizing the fever, pain, and inflammation. It has properties that are anti-inflammatory in nature and is considered best for the people who are troubled by the problem of joint pain. Aspirins are of different kinds and are used for different purposes. This is a pill that can be dissolved in water, chewed, or swallowed.

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Theory Behind Aspirin for Plant Growth

Aspirin is very beneficial for the growth of the plants. This is so because plants release salicylic acid in reduced amounts whenever they are under stress. It helps plants in coping up whenever they are dry, underfed, or attacked by an insect. Aspirin helps in boosting up the immune system of the plants.

  • If aspirin is used in the vegetable gardens, then it can help in improving the yield as well as the size of the plant.
  • Aspirin water’s diluted solution protects the plants from the pests and diseases. Additionally, it accelerates the germination.
  • Moreover, aspirin helps in elongating the life of the flowers and refrains a plant from releasing a hormone that can cause death after cutting.

Gardeners from the University of Rhode Island sprinkled a mixture of aspirin water on the plants in the vegetable garden, which lead to fruitful results as it quickened the growth of plants. The team of gardeners mixed 3 aspirins in 4 gallons of water. Use of aspirin in the vegetable garden can produce better plants as compared to the plants that are produced by the control group.

How Does Aspirin Help Plants Grow?

does aspirin help plants grow

There are a lot of theories that can explain how aspirin helps plants to propagate. The salicylic acid produced by the plants is very similar to the acetylsalicylic acid that is present in aspirin. This chemical promotes the growth of plants in numerous ways. Here are some of the points that can logically explain the contribution of aspirin in the growth of the plants.

  • Salicylic acid that the plants produce aids them in combating the wounds and lesions that appear on the surface of the leaves. Plants produce this acid in access when they get affected by some kind of injury.
  • The acid so produced by the plants goes to the remaining part of the plant body and gives a direction to all the leaves to go into the defensive mode for fighting the lesions.
  • Whenever aspirin is sprayed on the lesions, it gives the strength to the plant to prevent themselves from lesions and other insects.
  • Ethylene is a hormone present in the plants, which is responsible for ripening the fruit quickly but it leads to the loss of chlorophyll and also bends the stem of the plant. Aspirin blocks and prevents the growth of this hormone. So, if you wish to elongate the lifespan of your cut plants, then you can sprinkle some aspirin mixture on them. It will also keep the flowers fresh.

On Which Plants is Aspirin More Impactful?

Nightshades family

The plants that belong to the nightshade family like tomatoes, potatoes, pepper, and eggplants have been proved to have the maximum impact of the aspirin treatment. Aspirin is an inexpensive drug and is produced in abundant quantity.

It means that this drug is a better medicine as compared to the fertilizers or special plant foods. If you carefully follow the directions of using the aspirin, then you can protect your plants from getting harmed and increase the number of fauna and flora in the garden area.

So, whenever you enter your garden and you feel like your plants require a boost of energy, then all you have to do is to spray aspirin on your plants instead of using compost heap or man-made fertilizers.

How Can Aspirin Be Used in A Garden?

Prior to going forward with this, you must know that if you use aspirin in your garden in a wrong manner, then there can be some side effects. Here is a video on how aspirin helps in the growth of the plants. You can use Bayer aspirin and Spray Bottle to spray on your plants.

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You should never spray aspirin on the plants during the evening hours as it can lead to burn spots. Wilting leaves and yellow or brown patches on the plant show the burnt spots. Therefore, you must apply aspirin solution on the plants during the morning time. Aspirin can also cause harm to the bees if they get in direct contact with the plants. It should be your monthly affair to water the roots of the plants and do it every single time you spray the aspirin solution on them. Also, keep in mind that the appropriate dosage of the aspirin shouldn’t be higher than 1 tablet in a liter of water. The steps that you are required to follow for using aspirin in the garden are:

  • Crush the pill and mix it in a gallon of water. Mix it thoroughly.
  • Take a spray bottle and add the solution to it.
  • Sprinkle the mixture on the plants.
  • Repeat the process twice in one month.

Benefits of Using Aspirin for Plant Growth

Here are some of the benefits of using aspirin on the plants for their growth:

1. It keeps the plant fresh for a longer duration

Generally, when we cut the plants and put them in the vases that are filled with water, they quickly begin to rot but if you add one pill of aspirin in the vase, then it maintains the freshness of the flowers for 4 days.

does aspirin help plants grow

2. Good for plant cutting and breeding

Aspirin is not only useful for increasing the plant growth but is also considered great for breeding and propagating plants in the garden. Take an uncoated tablet of aspirin and mix it in a cup of water. The water you use should be distilled. After making the solution, dip the cutting of plants in the solution. Soak it for a few hours prior to planting it in the soil.

3. Helps in combating fungal diseases

If your plant gets infected by fungi, then you must treat it by using an aspirin solution. We all are well aware that the plants become a victim of fungal infections like Verticillium wilt and Fusarium. Spray aspirin on your plants so that you can stop these fungi from growing on their body.

4. Helps in improving seed germination

If you spray aspirin water on the plants, which have been sowed in the ground, then it will increase seed germination. Such an experiment was done by a girl named Martha. Scientists that work in the US Department of Agriculture are trying to find out about how the plants that release the salicylic acid create a defense mechanism against viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

does aspirin help plants grow

5. Increases productivity and growth of plants

If you give a regular treatment of aspirin to your plants, then your garden is going to be full of fresh as well as happy blooming flowers. A research study has mentioned that the plants which are treated are likely to bear more fruits in comparison to the ones, which are not given any treatment. It has been found that aspirin is rich in Vitamin C and it helps in increasing the growth of plants.

  • Watch this YouTube video to learn how aspirin can lead to faster germination:

Precautions to Take Prior to Using Aspirin

Aspirin is an acid and if there is too much base in the PH of the soil, then it can be of a lot of help. But it is advisable for you to check the acidity rather, then making a presumption that it is going to help. PH balance is important not only for plants but for all forms of life. For example, if you consume aspirin in excess, then your internal organs can get damaged very badly and it can even lead to death.

If aspirin is sprayed in excess on the plants, then you will observe the brown spots start developing on the surface of the plants and it may look like that they are starting to burn. If something like this happens, then such a problem can get fixed by detaching that part from the plant and by not spraying aspirin on the plant for some time.

Also, you are required to remove the unnecessary grasses or small plants and weeds that grow on or near the plants. The effectiveness of aspirin does not matter if there is an existence of tiny buds and weeds in the soil, which hinder the quick growth of the plants. Be careful not to mistake weeds for other plants that look like weed.


So, this was all about how aspirin helps in the growth of the plants, its benefits and how it should be used in the garden to give maximum benefits to the plants. If you like this article, then you must share it on your social media comments. If you wish to give any suggestions, then you can write them in the comment section below.

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