Top 9 Best Gas Weed Eater Reviews of 2020

So you’re looking to clean up your lawn. But pulling up weeds and removing tall grass from your yard seems like tough work. Even if you have a lawnmower, chances are that it isn’t able to reach those areas that are squeezed at the end of the lawn, especially if they sit next to the driveway or the sidewalk. Different lawns will have different needs, and we are here to help you get the best gas weed eater.

But fret not! A powerful gas weed eater can make that chore seem like a breeze. These go by various names – weed whacker, hedge trimmer, and weed whacker – but their job is essentially the same. The aim of using a weed eater is to hack away at those weeds without having to break your back.

The construction of most weed eaters is the same. There will be a long shaft with a handle on one end and a cutting mechanism on the other end. The cutting mechanism will usually be made up of plastic strings that rotate rapidly, while some will have actual blades.

Buying a gas weed eater should be easy, given that it has been a crucial part of maintaining and landscaping lawns for decades. But, given the plethora of products available online, it isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Manufacturers tend to exaggerate their claims regarding their product while downplaying potential drawbacks.


Why Should You use A Gas String Trimmer?

Although you have the option of using an electric string trimmer or a battery operated one, these usually come with their set of problems. The leads of an electric string trimmer can limit how far you can move, not to mention them getting in the way when you are trying to trim the weeds. A battery-operated string trimmer can be lacking in power and tends to run out of charge quickly.

With a gas string trimmer, these problems are eliminated. Not only are they much more powerful than either of its cousins, but you can also easily fill it up when the gas runs out. They are also great for mobility and have longer lives, which makes it the best solution for all your requirements.

Some Of The Top Gas Weed Eaters

We understand that with the proper information, consumers can make better decisions. Wherefore, we have listed the top gas weed eaters available on Amazon. Furthermore, we also provide a guide to buying the best gas weed eater and the things that you should look for when purchasing these tools online.

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

best gas weed eater


One of the best weed eaters on our list is this lightweight shaft string trimmer by Husqvarna. Handpicked by our Editor, this powerful tool is ideal for homeowners who are looking to get a reliable machine that can take care of their lawns.

It is incredibly versatile as it gives you the freedom to work on a variety of tasks, be it trimming hedges or hacking away excess branches. Its superior design ensures that you can attach multiple accessories and customize it to your needs.

Its engine and starter are designed for quick starts and can be used with minimal effort. It also boasts of a versatile cutting guard that can equip trimmer heads or a grass blade. The spool has a unique split design that will reduce the chances of tangling. In order to avoid guesswork while operating, arrows are provided that will show you the correct directional winding.


  • Split design that decreases the chances of tangling and line welding.
  • Light and smooth
  • Quieter than most gas weed grass eaters.
  • Weed-whacker lines can be installed with ease.
  • Very powerful, cuts through deep grass easily.


  • Needs regular lubrication to prevent choking.
  • Shorter than most straight-shaft trimmers.
  • Need to adjust carburetor mixture screws
best gas weed eater


As an alternative to regular string trimmers, this ultra-powerful weed whacker is one of the top contenders for best gas weed eater. It can cut through dense weeds and brush with relative ease and its shaft is capable of multiple attachments like pole saw or edger.

With an adjustable handle and a shoulder strap, you can maneuver quite easily while going through those thick weeds. Annoyed by whipped grass bits on your pants and boots? Well, worry no more. The brush cutter attachment cuts the weed and brush instead of whipping them which ensures that nothing will fly back to your clothes. You can cut most unwanted foliage like thorny undergrowth, unwanted saplings and wild roses even at a low power.

The fuel consumption on this tool is quite low. A gallon of mixed fuel will see you through the summer with moderate use. The weed eater is made up of high quality components that are quite durable. It has a premium engine and a commercial-grade gearbox. The steel-tip blades are quite sturdy that are supported by a crankshaft that provides longevity to this king of weed cutters.


  • Low vibration
  • Fuel efficient
  • High-back chair with armrests
  • Lightweight
  • Jumpstart capable
  • Shoulder strap included
  • The motor is not too loud      


  • Requires a heavy-duty spring to contain backlash
best gas weed eater


The price for most string trimmers is usually north of a hundred dollars. However, Remingtom RM 2510 will allow you to whack through weeds and unwanted growth in your lawn for less than 80 dollars. Even at such a low price, it still gets the job done neatly. It is lightweight and employs the Quick Start Technology that reduces the effort it takes to start the engine.

The ergo dynamics of this tool are remarkable. It has a curved design which makes it very easy to trim small and medium yards. It comes with a dual line bump head that makes it fairly easy to trim wide areas of grass without the need of stopping and refilling trimmer line. Furthermore, it is also backed up by a 2-year warranty that should ease some of your worries.


  • Cheap; at the cost of one regular trimmer, you can get two, or even three of these.
  • Great for small to medium jobs.


  • Does not have a premium feel to it
  • Tough to start if the gas is less than half full.
  • Not meant for tough jobs
best gas weed eater


Another entry by Husqvarna on our list is this sleek straight shaft gas trimmer. If you are looking an upgrade over the best gas weed eater, look no further. This one is the first weed trimmer on the list that works on pure gas, saving you the cost of having oil reserves. The Smart Start engine used by this tool allows for quick start with minimal effort.

Its air purge system removes air from the carburetor and the fuel system and starts the machine without any hassle. The trimmer contains a 4-stroke engine that is quite powerful, along with a bevel gear and loop handle for easy maneuverability. The tank capacity is huge and lasts for a long while. It cuts through grass and weeds like a hot knife on butter.  Out of the package, it takes approximately 2-3 minutes to assemble, and you are good to go.

The bump head works flawlessly and the load lines on the spool are super easy to load. Although this is a bit on the expensive side, the power it contains is sure to take care of all your yard work.


  • Ultra-powerful
  • No need to put oil; runs solely on gas.
  • Easy to set up


  • Is a bit expensive
  • Is heavier than most string trimmers
best gas weed eater


Another great addition to our list is this super light weight weed trimmer. One of the most durable and premium products, it comes equipped with high quality parts that are sure to deliver the best weed trimming experience every time. Its curved body allows you to trim corner edges or under the bushes without having to bend your back. You can engage this gas trimmer with just a couple of pulls.

If you do heavy trimming especially in places that eat up the line, you might want to change its bump head. But if you only need it occasionally, say, once every two weeks, then the stock unit will work perfectly.

Its powerful engine alone makes it worthy of being included on our list of the best gas weed eater. Even if something or the other goes wrong, you can rest assured that its replacement parts are dirt-cheap and you won’t have to break the bank to get it running again. The replacement line provided is pre-cut and can slip into the trimming head holes with ease, without the use of tools.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful engine
  • Great design
  • Cheap replacement parts


  • The quality of the parts is quite low
  • Cannot be used for long periods of time
best gas weed eater


With a smooth finish and a long, straight shaft, this string trimmer can be used to cut through weeds and unwanted growth with ease, even in hard to reach areas. Its 4-cycle engine provides a superior weed trimming experience and plenty of power. Additionally, you have the option of using multiple attachments quite easily for various needs and purposes.

It features a pro-rewind bump head that has the capacity to feed lines consistently without much effort. It also starts super easily with just a couple of pulls. This gas powered string trimmer is a little on the expensive side, but offers big bang for your buck. Its fully charged battery can last for more than half an hour which is sufficient time to get through trimming the yard. Gear heads who like to customize their string trimmers can benefit greatly through its attachment capabilities and are sure to love it.


  • High power for all kinds of trimming
  • Makes very little noise while operating
  • Premium build quality
  • High quality design
  • Multiple attachments can be made


  • A little on the expensive side
  • Is heavier than other string trimmers
  • Needs to be oiled regularly to avoid choking
best gas weed eater


Another great product by Poulan is this straight shaft string trimmer that has a sleek and open design. Turning it on requires no effort at all, thanks to its spring assisted starter system. All you need to do is to choke and pull, and you are good to go.

It also contains an Auto return stop start switch that resets to the ON position. It has a dual line feed Tap’N Go head that is sure to provide you with sublime trimming experience. Reloading the trimmer spool is a piece of cake and will not take you more than a couple of minutes.

Its Air Purge system is quite efficient in removing air from the carburetor and fuel system that keeps it from getting jammed. Its Pro-Link system is designed to allow up to 6 different attachments that make it one of the most versatile string trimmers out there. You can use it for blowing, edging, hedge trimming, brush cutting, tree pruning, aside from the standard trimming for which it is made.


  • Capable of multiple attachments
  • Has a unique sleek and open design
  • Easy to start and use
  • Easy trimmer spool reloading


  • May start to choke and require regular lubrication
  • Customer service is unsupportive
best gas weed eater


You should have guessed by now that Husqvarna is a popular brand, given the number of amazing products they have, especially on this list. Husqvanra may perhaps be the best gas weed eater provider. With this heavy-duty string trimmer, you can never go wrong in your weed trimming ordeal. It has a huge capacity which will ensure that you never run out of gas. Its X-Torq Engine is super powerful which consumes less fuel and has lower emissions.

Its trimmer head is easy to refill while its air purge system removes air from the carburetor and fuel system. This enables the string trimmer to start fairly easily and without much effort. Although it may seem a bit too expensive for some customers, it offers great value for money.

This weed trimmer is quite versatile and works with multiple attachments, thereby taking care of all your trimming needs.

To put your mind at ease regarding the equipment, Husqvarna provides a 2-year warranty for the product.


  • Huge tank capacity
  • Lower fuel consumption and emission
  • Accepts multiple attachments
  • Lightweight


  • Takes a few minutes to warm up after starting
  • The carburetor will require replacement after a few days
best gas weed eater


Last, but definitely not the least, on our list is another entry by Husqvarna. Although it may not be the best gas weed eater out there, it can still get the job done easily. Like most Husqvarna string trimmers, it too has an Auto Return Stop Switch that automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting.

Its Air Purge system is also similar to most Husqvarna products which remove air from the carburetor and fuel system efficiently for easy starting. For easy transportation and storage, this weed trimmer allows you to separate its coupler shaft with ease. Be it for weed trimming, hedge trimming, removing excess foliage, or cutting tree branches, this weed trimmer is a multi-purpose machine.

Finally, it is also capable of multiple attachments, similar to most weed trimmers on the market that allows you to customize your equipment to your liking. Its T25 semi automatic trimmer head can be loaded without much effort. It is perfect for homeowners who are looking to beautify their lawn and hack away at the unwanted growth.


  • Multi-purpose trimmer
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Accepts multiple attachments


  • Not meant for heavy-duty jobs
  • Takes some time to warm up
  • Engine isn’t powerful enough

Best Gas Weed Eater – Buyer’s Guide!

Now that we have reviewed multiple weed whackers on our best gas weed eater list, it is time to know what to look out for in a gas weed eater. Not all gas weed eaters are made the same. Some come with multiple features, while others only can boast of a powerful engine. Depending on your needs and your budget, you may want to know some of the key features to look out for when buying a weed trimmer.  

best gas weed eater

Just figure out what features are the most crucial to you:


One of the most important things you should note is the weight of the gas-powered weed eater. The trimmer that is lightweight will be easy to use and maneuver compared to a heavyweight weed trimmer with the same features. Most of the products sold online will list the weight in the specifications tab.

Most manufacturers will list the overall shipping weight, which includes the cardboard and the protective foam. However, many will also list the weight of the product separately.

Fuel Consumption

Although powerful engines tend to use a lot of gas, there are some models that are highly fuel efficient. This allows you to save money in the long run which makes it a crucial point to consider when purchasing the best gas weed eater.


Most weed eaters nowadays accept many different accessories and attachments. These include edging tools, blowers, saws, and many others. Make sure you get a product that accepts multiple attachments, especially if you are going to use your weed eater for purposes other than just cutting weed and grass.

Weed eaters that cater to home use are more likely to accept accessories and attachments than commercial ones. The latter are usually designed for a singular purpose and tend to be less versatile.


There aren’t many features that will dramatically change your weed trimming experience the way the trimmer’s engine does. A common misconception is that a 2-stroke is less powerful than a 4-stroke engine. Though there are some differences between the two, if they have the same horsepower, or cc, they will be equally powerful.

The additional two strokes in a 4-stroke engine will dictate how oil is provided to the parts for efficient lubrication. This will be good for the longevity of the weed trimmer. The best gas weed trimmer will come with a 4-stroke engine as it also reduces emissions. A 2-stroke engine uses a 50:1 mix of gas and oil. This can be bought or made at home.

A 2-stroke has additional advantages. Since it has fewer parts, it is lightweight, produces less vibration, and is low maintenance. These also start fairly easily with a couple of pulls.

Type of Shaft

Most people do not pay much attention to the shaft type and are usually confused about which one to get and why. If you have to trim large areas, a curved shaft is recommended. These are ideal for cutting in a long, sweeping motion, which makes it easy to cover larger areas. However, a curved shaft is harder to get into corners or under the bush.

For that purpose, a straight shaft is recommended. A straight shaft also provides more reach to you as the head is further away.  The length of the shaft is of considerable importance as well. If you are short, it is better to buy a shorter shaft. Otherwise you’ll have to hold it above the natural position which will be very uncomfortable. If you’re tall, use a longer shaft or you’d have to bend over while working, which too is uncomfortable.

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Finding the best gas weed eater depends on a lot of things. Depending upon the type of trimming that you want to do, you may want to get a weed whacker that will provide you with the necessary attachments, power, and ease of use.

Husqvarna Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer 128LD is the best model that we have reviewed. It has everything that you may require for a variety of purposes, be it weed whacking, grass and hedge trimming, or cutting branches. There are many other weed trimmers that are good alternatives and come very close to our top pick in terms of utility, value for money, and the ease with which they do their job.

Gas-powered weed trimmers really make life easier by going through the unwanted foliage without much effort. Always ensure that you do not compromise on the general usability of the equipment for the sake of getting a high-powered weed trimmer. Most weed trimmers have an engine that is powerful enough to take care of weed trimmings. Therefore, a lighter weed trimmer will usually be better than a heavier one as it won’t drain you out as much.

We hope that after reading this review and the buyer’s guide on the top gas weed eaters, you have sufficient idea as to which weed trimmer is best for you. If you have a friend or a family member who is looking to purchase the best gas weed eater, do share this article with them. If you have any queries or want to share your weed trimming experiences, do drop a comment. We would love to hear from you.

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