Top 5 Best Brush Killer Products of 2020: Review & Buying Guide

Are you exhausted of having unattractive areas in the lawn as they overgrown with weeds and brush? It should not be like this. As you know, there are various products in the market to kill these unwanted members on your lawn. To get rid of brush plants, you need to employ the best brush killer out there.

Brush killers are the products that assist you in eliminating the brush plants from your lawn. These chemicals will burn unwanted plants and weeds in the area. All you need to do is to spray the brush killer on the brush plants. The best brush killer will take no time to perform this hectic task. Plus, the best products would not even harm the wonderful plants that you have grown with too much care and affection.

Brush killers work really fast and feature a long-lasting effect. These areas, where you have applied the best brush killer, will remain clear for several months if you have applied it correctly. Here, we will discuss some of the best brush killer products that work really well on the tough brush. Along with that, a few other significant things regarding brush killers. So, let’s begin with some interesting facts about these weed killers.



Interesting facts about weed killers and chemicals

 If you get expected results, only then you become satisfied with that product. The best brush killer is the one that should kill brush plants in just one application and feature no negative consequences. However, it is quite difficult to look for. So, let’s know some facts about brush killers.

best brush killer

1. Weeds die with a single application of the weed killer. For mature weeds or perennial weeds having strong root systems, you need to spray more than once.

2. Brush killer products do not work effectively with a strong concentration. So, it is recommended to spray once again instead of spraying heavier doses that can feature negative consequences.

3. A weed killer takes time to work, where some products act quickly in a few hours while others function slowly and take days to show positive results. Fast weed killers kill everything they come in contact with. Hence, it is better to choose the best brush killer for killing brush plants. Also, the growth rate and temperature even affect the weed reaction to chemicals. For instance, cool weather could have slower results.

4. Liquid brush killers offer better brush control as compared to the granular one. With a solution, you can perform spot treatment on lawn weeds or cover the area thoroughly.

5. Liquid brush killers come as a concentrate and a ready-to-use package. For concentrate, gardeners can use tanks like hose-end, pump-up, and spray bottles.

6. A sprayer that you use for chemicals for killing weeds should not be employed for fertilizers too. By doing so, it could kill your good plants if you fail to clean out the residue.

7. The herbicides that people add to weed-and-feed fertilizers are for convenience and not for the effectiveness. It is better to concentrate on one thing first than dealing with two conditions at a time. As you know, fertilizers need to be watered within the ground but weed killers sit on leaves and need not be watered off.

8. Make sure the product that you select specifies on its label that it is pretty safe for use on every lawn and the grass variety that you like to eliminate.

9. Do not just look for the basic information on the bottle’s back. It is even important to follow all instructions. Peel back the labels of chemical bottles to see additional useful information. All chemicals are different, where the composition of them is also different.

10. A typical restriction on brush killer products states that it is quite safe for pets and people to roam around the lawn once the product has dried. Ensure the same and employ your own judgment for reducing the exposure to the least.

So, there were some of the interesting facts about weed killers and chemicals. Keep these things in mind before you start to spray the solution on your lawn. Now, it is time to know about the best brush killer products that eliminate the brush plants in no time effortlessly. So, let’s get started with our list of the best brush killers online.

Top 5 Best Brush Killers 

Undoubtedly, there are lots of products available for getting rid of the brush plants. However, the question is which one is the best brush killer out there. To deal with this situation, we have come up with the five best brush killer products available on the market. So, let’s know more about these brush killers in detail, including their pros and cons.

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best brush killer


Brush and woody plants like blackberries could be a bit burdensome for many people. One can remove these kinds of plants very easily with the Southern Ag Crossbow herbicide. It is a post-emergent and non-selective solution that assists you in eliminating aggressive and annual broadleaves hassle-free without damaging the grass.

Additionally, the Southern Ag Crossbow brush killer offers a solid control over the brush and other woody plants. You can even apply this brush killer using all kinds of sprayers from tractor-mounted models to the hand-held sprayers.

This best brush killer is even known for the 2-hour rainfast window just after the application. Moreover, people admire this product due to its low impulsive brush and weed components. So, wait no more and go with this best brush killer.  


  • Rainproof up to two hours
  • Works fine with all kinds of sprayers
  • Ideal for various kinds of unwanted plants
  • Perfect for aggressive and annual broadleaves
  • Does not harm the grass after and during the application


  • Quite expensive
  • Features an intense smell
best brush killer


It is another great brush killer available out there. Roundup Poison Ivy and Tough Brush Killer is the ready-to-use sprayer is known as the best product due to a reason. It features an exclusive formula, which combines two impressive brush killing components, Triclopyr and Glyphosate. These products guarantee to assist you in getting rid of the spree.

The brush killer is designed especially for getting through the waxy leaves of various tough brush and weeds, which are popular all around the world. If you are looking for a product that will penetrate efficiently to the roots of the plants, then this product is what you need.

This product is perfect for all kinds of gardens that are hurled by persistent poison ivy, tough brush, and other unwanted vegetation and weeds. The brush killer works within a few days, where all the unwanted plants will wither away on just a single application.


  • Perfect for poison ivy
  • Eradicates deep down roots
  • Features original formula with two killing components
  • Contains triclopyr and glyphosate


  • Sloppy pump design
  • Sprays not far away
best brush killer


Ortho MAX Poison Ivy and Brush Killer is a perfect solution for killing brush. This product is widely known for its property to eliminate over 60 kinds of tougher weeds and brush along with their plants like poison ivy, kudzu, stumps, woody plants, poison oak, wild blackberries, and vines.

In case, you are dealing with some of these swarming and invasive weeds in your garden or porch, you need the Ortho Max Poison Ivy and Brush Killer. For more aggressive kind and faster output, gardeners require putting in more than the recommended amount of the concentrate.

For quicker absorption, you can add a shot of dishwashing liquid to the mixture. It even breaks down the leaves’ waxy layer. This rainproof solution will work for several weeks. If you like to remove tough brush, then this product is the ideal choice for you.


  • Removes poison oak, ivy, wild blackberries, and kudzu effectively
  • Kills more than 60 types of tough weeds and brush
  • Ideal for tougher and invasive weeds
  • Resist rain up to two hours
  • Annihilates plants such as vines and stumps


  • Requires more than one application
  • Works fine for several weeks only
best brush killer


BioAdvanced 704640B Brush Killer comes from Bayer. This product annihilates all the unwanted plants like kudzu, poison ivy, tough brush, poison oak, and other kinds of invasive weeds. In just one application, all of the undesired plants will wither away and die soon. The brush killer’s effective mechanism is quite fascinating as this herbicide penetrates deep down through the leaves and woody or green shoots. After that, the herbicide proceeds to the roots in order to interfere with the process of the plants.

The brush killer variants destroy more than 71 kinds of brush and weeds. These varieties include some of the tougher roots, brush, and other weeds. This 32-ounce bottle will arrive as a no-mix concentrate. So, wait no more and employ this brush killer to deal with the unwanted plants in your lawn or garden.


  • Contains Triclopyr
  • Annihilates more than 71 kinds of weeds and brush
  • Ideal for kudzu, wild berries, poison ivy, and poison oak
  • Features  deep penetration formula that eradicates tough brush


  • Quite expensive
  • Stronger application required for effective results
best brush killer


Bonide Poison Ivy and Brush Killer is an incredible herbicide that works perfectly well for spot killing weeds and brush in lawns or gardens. The best part about this brush killer is that it does not harm the grass and trees. The formula remains exactly where you spray the product, which is a perfect feature.

The brush killer is not the quickest acting herbicide. This product works perfectly well and goes all the way down to the roots of weeds and brush plants to eliminate them. The Bionide brush killer is quite effective at killing more than 70 kinds of weeds, vines, and brush.

It comes as a 32-ounce bottle, which produces an immersive amount of the weed-killing product. Plus, this bottle treats more than 10,000 sq. ft. area. The brush killer becomes rainproof within an hour and thus, there is nothing to worry about if the rain comes.


  • Perfect for spot killing
  • Becomes rainproof within an hour
  • Works great on 70 varieties of brush and tough weeds
  • Stays put where you spray it
  • 10,000 sq. ft. coverage


  • Takes time to show results
  • Require one more application to work

Things to Remember While Purchasing the Best Brush Killer

As you know, there are lots of options available in the market when it comes to a brush killer. This makes it quite difficult to select one out of all. That’s why you need to consider certain factors while choosing the best brush killer. So, have a look at some of the significant considerations below:

best brush killer

Just figure out what features are the most crucial to you:

1. Brand

If you are buying a brush killer for the first time, it is best to go with some well-established brand name. Although it is not quite necessary to do so, these renowned brands have something that makes them popular among others. It is not just about popularity but these products actually work.

If you are confused or have no time to sort products on the basis of significant components, it is quite safe to go with these established products.

2. Water Resistance

Naturally, your garden will get hosed or watered down. Keeping this point in mind, you need to choose a brush killer that would not be rinsed off so easily. The solution you apply needs to be retained for a certain period of time for effective penetration to the deep down roots.

Fortunately, you get this hallmark feature in almost all great brush killers now. These kinds hold the solution in place for a specific time. If you are in search of a brush killer that features longevity, there are some that even last for a few days.

You will find this information on the product label or just ask the store personnel regarding the water resistance property. For more information, it is best to check out online reviews of the brush killer.

3. Form

Now, you get brush killers in two kinds, one in the concentrated form and the other one as the working solution. If you are going with the concentrated form, you have to reconstitute this undiluted solution before employing it.

On the other hand, the working solution is a ready-to-use solution that you can apply directly. No matter what you choose, both of these forms are effective at eliminating unwanted shrubs and weeds from your garden. However, you should know that the working solutions are a bit pricy as compared to concentrates.

4. Safety

It is the most important factor that you should consider while buying a brush killer that may contain harmful elements. Brush killers need to be examined as they would not only affect your garden but also could have adverse effects on you in the long run.

That’s why you need to be sure that the brush killer you select is completely safe for the environment as well as for you. For this, have a close look at the safety remarks inscribed on the label.  Also, read the label carefully to find out that the product removes the plants you like to eliminate. So, take your time to read the description of your product, which will help you a lot.

5. Efficiency

Another important factor that you should look for is the product efficiency. The easiest way to confirm whether your product is effective at killing is to read the chemicals included on the ingredient list of the product.

Meanwhile, these effective ingredients should be highly recommended and approved by experts. If that’s the case, these ingredients will be perfectly safe for general use. Another effective way to verify the efficiency of your product is to read the feedback or user reviews. By doing so, you can know your product’s advantages and shortcomings over its competitors.

Tips for Using Brush Killers on a Lawn

Grass bears constant stress and continues to grow, which is the reason that people love it. It is quite fascinating to know that no plant can manage the mistreatment of continuous pruning, being stepped upon, having the compact soil all around the roots. Not just that, but it continues to grow while enduring cold, heat, not sufficient water, or too much of it. Also, it adds more stress when you spray chemicals. So, follow some tips while you spray the brush killer on your lawn to protect the grass and other significant plants.

  • It is best to avoid spraying the brush killer in tremendously hot weather. If the temperature is above 85 degrees, it amplifies the stress on the grass and damages them. Therefore, you should wait for the temperature to go down to 80 degrees.
  • It is quite typical to spot some perceptible damage once you sprayed these chemicals in hot weather. After several mowing, you would not see any damage and your wonderful plants will grow as usual.
  • You should not apply the chemical products to younger grass. This is so as the younger grass does not feature a similar resistance to brush killers or chemicals as the mature one. As a result, the young grass could get burned or possibly die. The duration of three months is just too early to try this product. So, you should wait for about 4-5 months for applying this solution. Check the label of the product before you perform this task.
  • There should not be any irrigation or rain for the first 24 hours when you apply the brush killer as most brush killers require remaining on the leaves for that much time. So, check and plan the spraying accordingly. You should water the lawn the day before spraying the brush killer in hot weather to offer it more flexibility.
  • It is better to not mow your lawn for 3-4 days before spraying the lawn. The weed leaves must absorb the weed eater, where shorter weeds drink fewer chemicals. So, wait for a few days after you mow the lawn for spraying. Meanwhile, you should not mow the land for a few days after finishing off the spraying process.

So, make use of these tips while spraying the best brush killer for effective results. Keep in mind that it is easier to eliminate the weeds if you attack them earlier. Otherwise, they become persistent over time. Also, consider to come up with plans to prevent brush and weeds the next year using pre-emergent and maintaining healthy grass and soil.

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Now, you know which one is the best brush killer out there. All of the products listed here are the most effective and best ones out there. If you are in search of the best brush killer, it is best to go with the editor’s pick, the Southern Ag Crossbow that comes with impressive features. This product eliminates brush and weeds effectively without damaging your grass.

If that’s not what you are looking for, then, RoundUp brush killer is also a perfect choice. It contains triclopyr and glyphosate, which are two incredible brush killing components. Ortho Max brush killer is the cost-efficient solution for annihilating different kinds of weeds and brush plants.

Other listed products also work perfectly well for eliminating brush hassle-free. If you found the article helpful, do share it with your friends and other gardening lovers. Are you still struggling over the best brush killer? Write your query in the comment section below and get answers in no time.

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