How To Improve Your Exterior Lighting With LED Floodlights

Floodlights are artificial daylight-like lights for outdoor spaces or exteriors of buildings. They are broad-beamed specifically designed lighting tech to flood the area with powerful bright light.

There are multiple applications of floodlights across various outdoor locations in all commercial, residential and industrial layouts.

LED floodlights fixture remarkably improve the exterior lighting layout in a very cost-effective way.

For home, business or any big or small setup, it is a considerably smart investment with long-term benefits. LED floodlights are available in versatile designs that are exceptionally compatible and functional even in the harshest conditions.

The design features of a floodlight make it super-efficient.


Structure of a floodlight

Led floodlights, also known as the spotlight, is made up of three major functional components:

Optical components

Optical components are reflectors, bulbs, lens.

Mechanical components

Mechanical components are essential features that make the floodlight functional. They mainly help adjust the light source's position, focuses the beam projection, and support the fixture with brackets to hold the fixture and light source together. To increase efficiency, they are equipped with air filters to regulate heat dissipation.

Electrical components

Electrical components are designed to meet the light source's needs. They regulate the flow of energy to power the light source. They are wires, capacitors, ballasts.

Specification of LED floodlights

LED floodlights

Mounting brackets

An essential mechanical component of a floodlight that mostly impacts its functionality is its mounting brackets. There are various kinds of mounting options available to adjust the fixture on any elevation and direct the light to the desired area.

Beam angle

With adjustable lens specifications, they can practically be aimed in any direction. It is mainly used for construction sites and mines, buildings, stadiums, docks, monuments, parks and fields.

The exit beam angle can be narrow and vast, ranging from 0° to 180°, where the beam is particularly narrow. A 20°- 60° beam angle is enough to provide coverage over an extensive area on an average elevation.

Weatherproof housing

An exterior floodlight is weatherproof or waterproof. They are extensively designed, keeping in mind their application, which is mostly outdoors and exposed to every possible environmental factor like snowfall, rain, dust, wind.


These fixtures are designed to meet specific technical and functional needs. There are portable floodlights that can be carried anywhere and have the same efficient function as fixed ones.

Motion sensor/ daylight harvesting

Many floodlight models, such as parabolic, ellipsoidal reflector, rotating, etc., have integrated sensors and photocells. They are economical, high-performing fixtures for use in and outside of facilities and an added security and efficiency layer.

Special Light effects

LEDs have special customizable features such as lumen output; these fixtures are available in a range of lumen output for any desired application. They can be customized with a range of colours to accentuate architectural features or illuminate any outdoor area according to its mood. These colours can be rendered and adjusted in a range of warm tones to cool white light for dramatic special effects.


A well-lit outdoor environment of any such place like residential areas, backyards, streets, stadiums, outdoor restaurants, docks, facilities, parking lots, amusement parks, etc., with highlighted points of interests or extra security, is achievable using these fixtures alone. A simple photometric study of the area determines the requirement and type of fixtures, their lumen output and adequate placement. They can provide general, facade, landscape, and security lighting without any disruption, dark spots in a field, and enhanced ambiance. They have also proven to be successful and a beneficial investment with their sleek and integrative design designed to replace their traditional counterparts entirely.

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