What Does Sage Smell Like? Who Else Wants To Know More About Sage

Sage is a wonderful herb and it can be used for various purposes such as cooking, treating snake bites and many other great benefits. If you are wondering about the qualities of sage, different types of sage, and you have questions in your mind about what does sage smell like, then you have come to the right place as this article has all your answers. Also, you will get to know about the varieties and usage of sage.


What Is Sage? 

Sage is an herb that is used for medicinal purposes. Sage is an ingredient that was used during the middle ages for making vinegar that could help in getting rid of the bubonic plague. It has many other amazing uses as well.

What is sage

Sage is an evergreen shrub, which is grown in geographical areas like United States, Serbia, Bosnia, and Albania. It is very easy to grow this type of plant in your garden as such a plant does not require any kind of exceptional care. This herb belongs to the mint family.

What Is Sage Used For? 

During the ancient times, sage was used for treating snake bites, increase women’s fertility and to fight evil. Basically, sage was used for many medicinal purposes. People from the Middle Ages used to consider this plant very useful.

The herb sage is popularly known for its medicinal properties. This herb can be used for treating skin issues like Acne, respiratory complication, dental health, and digestive problems. It is also great for patients suffering from problems like anxiety, depression, and memory loss. Moreover, it works as an amazing tool for ladies as it helps in reducing menstrual pain, excessive flow of milk. Additionally, it helps women at menopause stage in reducing down the hot flashes.

what does sage smell like

This herb can also be eaten in the form of salad together with many other green vegetables. Moreover, this plant has such properties that it can improve the flavor of any kind of meat. In countries like Dalmatia, Spain, and Germany, oil is extracted out of sage and is used for the purpose of flavoring.

Earlier, Chinese people used to give more preference to sage tea in comparison to Chinese tea and they also used to buy sage from Dutch people. People in Holland use sage for making wines. In earlier times, French people used to keep sage leaves on the grave as they thought it would reduce the grief.

what does sage smell like

What Are The Different Varieties of Sage?

We all are well aware that sage adds a lot of value to the garden. It makes it look a lot more beautiful. Sage is of various kinds and each kind differs in terms of usage and color. Gaining knowledge about the various kinds of sage can help you in knowing about their usefulness. Some are used for the ornamental purposes, some have culinary usage, and there are certain types that have medicinal properties. So, here are the different kinds of sage:

1. Garden Sage

Garden sage

This sage is colored silver green and it has soft leaves. This is a commonly found sage and is used for cooking purposes. The best thing about this type of sage is that it can withstand changing climatic conditions. Moreover, it is low maintenance.

2. Purple Sage

This type of sage is smaller in comparison to the other sage in the garden. It has less number of bushes and is purple in color. This plant is a great choice for the people who wish to make their garden more colorful.

Purple sage


Pineapple sage

This type of sage is known for its medicinal properties. The flowers of this sage are red in color and are so beautiful that it attracts the finest beauty of nature such as hummingbirds and butterflies. But that is not the most unique trait of this plant. The most amazing traits of this plant are its anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties.

4. Golden Sage

This kind of sage is very delicate in nature and needs protection at the time of winters. Golden sage is not used for medicinal purposes. Instead, this plant is ornamental in nature. If you want to give a superlative look to your garden, then you must have a combination of purple and golden sage.

Golden Sage

5. Tobacco Sage

Tobacco sage

This sage is very peculiar in nature. The usage of this type of sage can also lead to hallucinations. This herb is gifted with medicinal properties and is used for the treatment of respiratory problems like sinus but this sage should not be used by pregnant ladies as it can badly affect the production of breast milk.

6. Cleaveland Sage

This herb has a very powerful smell. Generally, people who grow this sage in their house use it for cooking purposes but it can also be used for medicinal purposes. This sage is used while cooking as it has the properties that can enhance the aroma and flavor of the food.

Cleveland sage

7. Berggarten Sage

Berggarten Sage

This type of sage is very different as it does not have any flowers but the leaves of this wonderful herb can be used while cooking food.

8. Tricolor Sage

It is a very popular type of sage. People must keep such a sage in their garden. This herb is mainly used for cooking purposes. Tricolor sage can be used for ornamental as well as for the cooking purposes. Mainly, this sage is green in color. Its corners have white-colored splotches and the inner portion has the shades of pink and purple. 

Tricolor Sage

9. Clary Sage

clary sage

The clary sage has a musky smell. Some of the people also mention that this sage has a sweaty smell. Clary sage releases sclareol, which is used in various products to make their odor last for a longer duration. It is used in various cosmetics products such as soaps, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, perfumes, and shampoos. 

10. White Sage

White sage shrubs reach up to 1.5 meters tall. These flowers are extremely attractive to the bees. It belongs to the Salvia Genus and the S. Apiana species. They are whitish in color and the leaves have resins and oils in them. These leaves when rubbed, leave some resins and oils that release an intense aroma. Many white sage stalks are pinkish colored and grow even higher than the foliage in the spring season. The seed is an ingredient of food, gruel or biscuits. Tea from the roots was used to treat women after childbirth. Burned leaves are used for purification.

White Sage

What Does Sage Smell Like?

There are certain kinds of sage that have a very strong odor and you can identify such a sage without even touching them physically. Sage plants that are grown for the culinary purposes have a stronger odor in comparison to the ones that have medicinal and ornamental properties.

In order to smell a sage, all you have to do is rub it on your palm and then sniff. Sage plant belongs to the family of mint that is why it releases the menthol smell that gives you a cool feeling when you smell it. The scent of a sage is very minty but it also has a ground odor.

what does sage smell like

Does Sage Have A Pungent Smell?

Pungent means powerful. There are various varieties of sage that we read above.  Each sage is distinct not only in terms of their properties and color but also in terms of odor. So, yes there are some sages that have a pungent smell. The reason behind the pungent smell of sage is the presence of some chemicals like camphor and diterpene bitters.

Is There An Astringent Smell to Sage?

People who have a very powerful sense of smell are of the opinion that sage has an astringent odor. Astringent means that the smell of a sage is similar to that of an antiseptic. It is because when a person smells sage it feels like smelling menthol. The astringent smell of sage helps in opening up the passage of breathing and you feel fresh as breathing becomes a lot easier for you.

What Does Burning Sage Smell Like? 

A burning sage does not have a bad smell but the odor is very powerful. The smell of a sage is also dependent on the amount and type of sage. There is some certain sage, which is when burned, release a scent similar to that of a burning pot. Sage in little quantities can go for a long way. Moreover, sage has a downside that it can make people allergic.

What does burning sage smell like

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How Can You Burn Sage?

Burning a sage can have a complicated as well as an easy process. It is important for you to understand the importance of burning the sage before you proceed with the burning process. If you are planning to burn sage in order to purify a particular place or a person, then the purpose must be very clear in your mind before you actually burn the sage.

The sage that you can use for the burning purposes is a white sage. You can easily find such a sage in the market or you can also go to a food store to buy a sage. Also, you have an option of ordering it online with optional amount of White Sage Smudge Sticks 2-Pack or 3-Pack.

The process of burning a sage is a very simple one. All you have to do is to take an earthenware pot and place the sage in it. After that, light up the sage and wait for some time before actually extinguishing the flame. Allow the smoke to blow up. Also, you need to be very careful as dry sage catches fire very easily. When a white sage is burned, it purifies the air.

Also, it has a very pleasant smell. The smell of a burning sage is so strong that if you burn a sage in your house then the smell is going to remain for the next 2-3 days and your clothes may also smell like a burning sage.

How can you burn sage
  • If you still have any doubts, then you can watch this tutorial and find out how to burn a sage for cleansing the aura around you. After watching this video, all your questions will be answered.


So, this was all about what does sage smell like, the different kinds of sage, their properties their uses. Every sage is different, their odor is different and the purposes for which they are used are also different. So, if you like this article, then share it on your social media accounts. If you want to share something about the topic or give your opinion on the topic, then leave your comments in the comments section below.​

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