Some Ways You Can Make Your Garden Feel More Private

Is your garden overlooked? Are you looking for a way to make your garden feel more private? If you live on a street full of terraced, semi-detached or even detached houses, then there’s a strong chance that your garden is overlooked by at least one other house. With summer approaching and the roadmap out of lockdown well underway, your might be thinking about how you can enjoy your time out in the sun with guests while maintaining some privacy from your neighbors at the same time.


Here Are Some Ways You Can Make Your Garden Feel More Private

Sharing your garden space with the beady eye of a nosy neighbor is often impossible to avoid, but there are ways that you can make your outside space feel more private. If your garden is overlooked, then here are some tips that can help:

Invest in a Pergola/Gazebo

While outdoor furniture isn’t always the cheapest option in the world, a pergola or gazebo is a great way to make your garden feel more private, as well as providing an attractive seating area which you can use for entertaining guests in.

There are a great range of options available, with some offering more privacy than others, so you’ll be sure to find a pergola that’s the perfect fit for your garden.

Install Some High-Quality Fencing

If your current fencing is old and falling apart, then it may be worth looking at getting some new fencing. Old fences tend to have holes and broken slats which can easily take away from your privacy in your garden. If your fencing is lower than you’d ideally like, then that’s another great reason for upgrading to a newer design.

The great thing about getting a new fence fitted is that it’s completely up to you how high you decide to build it. The higher the fence, the less chance of people being able to see into your garden- but make sure you check with your immediate neighbors first!

Ecoscape offers horizontal fence panels in a range of colors and designs. Using WPC profile which is a more durable and lower maintenance alternative to timber, these fences are guaranteed to last for years. You can check out their fencing range on

Use Plants

Not only do plants look visually pleasing, but they’re also a great, natural way to provide some privacy in your garden. Evergreen shrubs such as certain trees and hedges keep their leaves all year round, so they’re a must-have for any garden.

You should be sure to choose plants that can grow to a significant height, and if you’re a dab-hand at gardening, then why not try tree pleaching? This is a method that involves interlacing or entwining the branches of your trees together to provide effective, natural screening.

Consider A Canopy, Parasol Or Patio Umbrella

While they might not offer the most privacy in the world, installing a canopy, parasol or patio umbrella is a relatively low-cost way to offer a small patch of privacy from any overlooking windows. They’re also a great way for guests to shelter from the sun if you’re hosting a dinner party, and can make your garden look more visually attractive.

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