How Long Do Carrots Last? 3 Simple Steps to Store Your Carrots

Carrot is one of the most beneficial green vegetables. It is vitamin rich, delicious, convenient, and affordable. Other than that carrot adds a lot of value to most of the vegetables and that is one of the reasons why it is essentially used in the kitchen. If you are a gardener or a cook, then you must be wondering how long do carrots last? If you are looking for the answer to this question, then you must read the article below.


How To Tell If Carrots Are Bad?

It is very much essential for a person to follow the guidelines that are issued by the food professionals and the government. Generally, carrots with long length last for a longer period in comparison to the various other carrots as they have a protective layer.

How To Tell If Carrots Are Bad

Here are some of the tips that you can follow to find out when are carrots bad:

  • Check spots: If you observe any small white dots appearing on the surface of the carrots, then that is a sign that carrots are turning bad. If there are spots that are darker than white blush on the surface of the carrot, then a person must not eat it as that is unsafe. This generally happens due to dehydration that happens because of cuts on the carrot’s surface.
  • White blush: If you observe only a few white blush on the carrot’s surface, then it is still safe for you to consume as it is a symptom depicting that the carrots are going to die out soon and you are required to eat it up quickly. But if you see many white blush, then you should straightaway throw out the carrots.
  • Mushy consistency: If the carrot is creating mushy consistency and it is a little thin in size in comparison to the carrot’s actual size, then you must not eat it. These carrots are not at all safe for consumption and can also lead to terrible health issues. A person can suffer from severe health issues if he or she consumes carrots that are slimy and rotten.
  • Check expiry: If you have bought carrots, which are packed from a store, then it is advisable for you to check the expiry date of the carrots that is printed on the packaging of the product. Please ensure that you purchase the carrots, which are not going to root instantly.
  • Check smell: If a carrot is spoiled, then it is going to release a strange and odd odor. This generally happens because of the growth of bacteria. Nevertheless, you should immediately take out those carrots that are releasing a horrible smell. As we all know that carrots are best consumed in the raw form and it is rarely eaten in cooked form. Therefore, it is more important to determine the spoiled carrots for minimizing your chances of falling sick.

How To Store Your Carrots In The Fridge

Suppose you have a garden where there are growing roots of carrots. The perfect option for storing the carrots is the refrigerator. In order to store carrot properly, you are required to keep them at a temperature of a minimum of 33 degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, a carrot requires 95 percent humidity when it is stored. If stored properly, carrots can last for a period of a month in a fridge.

How To Store Your Carrots In The Fridge

The steps that you are required to follow for proper storage of carrots are:

  • Please make sure that the carrots are not washed prior to keeping them in the fridge. This is because the layer of soil on the carrot prevents it from rotting. It is better to remove the majority instead of washing them.
  • Allow the carrots to get dry in the sunlight for 2 to 3 hours, once you harvest it. It allows the skin of the carrot to get sealed.
  • Once you are done with that, remove the tip portion that is green in color. You need to ensure that the carrots are dry while storing them in the plastic bag. Make holes in that bag and put paper towels in it, which are moistened. This will enable the humidity to enter which is very important for increasing the carrots’ life.

How Long Do Carrots Last Out of The Fridge?

Fresh carrots can last for a maximum duration of 1 month if they are properly stored in a fridge but if you keep them in some other place that is warm, then it may not last longer than 4 days. If you are looking for a long-term option then you can freeze the carrots for approximately 10-12 months. Ensure that they are blanched well and properly placed into any freezer safe container.

Baby carrots have a distinct packaging and they can be used for a period of 4 weeks but only if they are stored in a refrigerator. Therefore, it is advisable for you to not to keep carrots in a warm region.

How Long Do Carrots

How Long Do Cooked Carrots Last In A Refrigerator?

If you are talking about the shelf life of the carrots that are cooked, then they don’t last longer than 5 days in a fridge. For maximizing their shelf life you can either store them in plastic bags or airtight containers. If cooked carrots are stored properly in a freezer, then their best quality can be maintained for a maximum period of 12 months. Cooked carrots can be kept safe if you freeze them at a temperature of 0 degree Fahrenheit.

How Long Do Cooked Carrots Last In A Refrigerator

How Long Are Carrots Good When Prepared In A Dish?

Do you wonder how long carrots are good when they are used as an ingredient in the bakery dish for cooking? Generally, cooked food items do not last longer than the expiry of any ingredient that has been used in the making of the recipe.

How Long Are Carrots Good When Prepared In A Dish

10 Health Ben​efits Of Carrots

Below are the 10 health benefits of eating carrots:

  • 1
    Boosts Immunity
  • 2
    Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Maintenance
  • 3
    Cleanses the Liver
  • 4
    Glowing Skin
  • 5
    Help Strengthen the Bones
  • 6
    Increases Metabolism
  • 7
    Oral Health Maintenance
  • 8
    Prevents Cancer
  • 9
    Promotes Heart Health
  • 10
    Protects Eye Health
  • If you wish to know more about the benefits of eating carrots, then watch this video

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Tips For Extending The Life of Carrots

For extending carrots’ life you are required to put them in a container that has ice water in it. Some of the signs of carrot going bad are the appearance of white dots on the skin and limpness. This is majorly because of dehydration and creates an impact on the texture and appearance. You can eat such carrots but the only problem with them is that they are not fresh.

Sprouting greens and roots coming from the carrot’s tips are some other symptoms of carrot deterioration. In such a stage, they have not gone bad but are not fresh. Nonetheless, it may taste bitter at this point. Here are some of the tips that you can follow for increasing the shelf life of carrots:

  • Purchase carrot from farmers’ market or grocery.
  • Remove the tops of the carrot.
  • Store them in the refrigerator.
  • Store the carrots in ice water.
  • You can also grow your own carrots if you want an extensive shelf life. Watch this video to know how to do it.


So, this was all about how long do carrots last? How do you know when carrots are bad? How long they can last in the refrigerator? And various other things related to the carrot. If you like this article, then please share it with your friends and family.

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