Best Zero Gravity Chair: 10 Top Picks, Reviews, And Buying Guide of 2020

Zero gravity chairs are gaining popularity all over the world, especially in European and North American countries. People absolutely love this chair because it is a very handy piece of furniture that can be used indoors or outdoors. After an entire day of hard work, people make use of these chairs to relax. The best zero gravity chair can recline in a position for zero-gravity feel. In this position, people feel weightlessness, which is extremely helpful to recover from back pain and relief from stress.

In zero gravity, your body is suspended in a position in which there is no force acting on the body. Zero gravity chairs offer you the same position where there will be no force being exerted on your body by evenly distributing your body weight across the chair. In fact, zero-gravity technology was invented by NASA.

The most important feature of the chair is that you can use it for a lot of different reasons. You can use them in your home or office, depending on your personal preferences. At work, you can use it as a normal chair and later make use of the locking mechanism to get into the desired position when you feel like having a break.


The position offered by zero gravity chairs has been inspired by the same position taken by astronauts during liftoffs. They assume the no gravity-based position during takeoff to avoid stress and sudden pressure during the immediate increase in gravity.

Zero gravity chairs offer a lot of health benefits as well. You will find a lot of companies that manufacture zero gravity chairs in the market. If you do not have any experience with this chair, it is easy for you to get overwhelmed. So, if you are looking for the top ten best zero gravity chairs, you can continue reading about it below. But before diving into the list, here are some other important things that you need to know about these chairs.

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best zero gravity chair


Zero gravity recliner chairs by Best Choice Products are designed with ease of use, flexibility, and comfort in mind. If you are thinking to purchase the best zero gravity chair, then this set of two recliner chairs is the best choice.

The chairs are designed in such a way that it can be used indoors and outdoors. It can be said that it has a class of its own. It is one of the finest zero gravity chairs that money can buy when it comes to what it has to offer.

The chair can also be used in several different types of settings and locations like an outdoor event, poolside, or a beauty salon. The fabric is made of UV-resistant materials, thereby ensuring that the color does not fade after a passage of time. The headrest is adjustable, padded, removable, and can be moved in any desired position.

Each chair is also fitted with a separate cup holder tray and can support a maximum weight of 250 lbs. The double bungee replaceable cord will provide maximum flexibility and back support.


  • You get two chairs for a very reasonable price rate
  • Since the chair is lightweight, you can carry it along for long travels with ease
  • The cords are made of elastic materials and easily replaceable, thereby allowing you to easily adjust the size
  • The strong steel framework makes the chair extremely durable
  • Because of its top-quality, the chair is suitable for outdoor use like camping and locations like your backyard


  • The armrest is not as strong as portrayed and can break down easily
  • There have been some reports that the chair faces rusting issues when used outside
best zero gravity chair


The Caravan zero gravity chair is an affordable option if you are looking for something that is not heavy on your pockets and offers portability, durability, and comfort at the same time. Additionally, its ability to recline puts the chair in a league of its own.

The company has been the leading manufacturer of canopies and recliner chairs in the US for a long time. These particular zero gravity chairs are designed for people who prefer wider chairs. They are quite popular as well, thanks to its availability in different types of colors and a reasonable price tag.

Additionally, the chairs are also popular for portability and being lightweight. The strong bungee cord and quality fabrics provide maximum lumbar support and flexibility. The fabric is also quite durable and will not tear easily.

The locking system of the chair is quite user-friendly and easy to understand and use. Its maximum weight capacity is around 300 lbs, so even heavier people will have no problem sitting and relaxing on it. While the chair might not be fit for an outdoor expedition, it can easily be used in your patio or backyard.


  • The chair is quite excellent and is available at a very pocket-friendly price rate
  • The metal frame is powder-coated and very durable and strong
  • The textile fabrics are made of good quality materials and quite long-lasting
  • The headrest is padded and adjustable, thereby providing maximum comfort


  • The armrest is made of plastic, which is not durable at all and might break away easily
  • There are no side trays or table attached to the chair
  • Some reviews state that the steel frame is not so durable and breaks down easily
best zero gravity chair


This is a zero gravity chair by Sunjoy that you can take along with you anywhere, including the beachside. It is ultra-portable and lightweight and is a top choice for people who are looking for a budget zero gravity chair.

The fabrics on the chair are made of UV-resistant fabric that can be adjusted according to your weight and body posture for maximum support and comfort. The fabrics are also highly breathable and resilient to water, thereby adding longevity to the recliner chair by not allowing mildew or mold to develop on it or allowing the fabric to get discolored when it is left outdoors for a long time.

The framework is made of steel that is powder-coated. This keeps the fabrics secured via its bungee support that can be set up within a minute. The pillows are padded and adjustable, thereby offering you an adequate level of comfort on your neck as well as lumbar so that you can catch a few hours of peaceful winks.


  • The headrest is adjustable for greater comfort
  • The chair can be transported and stored with ease, thanks to the effortless folding design
  • You do not require a lot of time or technical know-how to assemble the zero gravity chair
  • The locking system of the chair is very easy and can be done without any sort of hassle


  • According to some reviews, the recline locks are not strong enough
  • The chair cannot be folded back for a full horizontal extension
best zero gravity chair


This patio lounge Timber Ridge zero gravity chair has a curved and ergonomic design that provides the best reclining experience. Timber Ridge is a popular brand when it comes to zero gravity chairs and is known for its quality products. While the stylish look of the chair will enhance the beauty of your backyard, the ergonomic design will provide the utmost comfort.

Robust aluminum tubes are used to firmly hold the unit in place and prevent it from falling over. Additionally, the chair is made of the best quality products and can easily hold about 250 lbs. It is fitted with a large side table where you can keep your beverages, magazines, or mobile phones; if you wish to, you can also fit a small food bowl.

The locking mechanism makes use of the two-finger locking system, which offers much more convenience. Unlike other zero gravity chairs, the lock that allows you to adjust the chair’s position is present beneath the armrest. It is a sturdy and strong unit that is definitely worth your money.


  • This zero gravity chair is available at a very affordable price rate
  • The chair is made in such a way that it is very convenient and comfortable, thereby effectively reducing stress
  • The chair is entirely adjustable and can be locked in different positions for the best comfort
  • The zero gravity chair can be folded and fitted into the back of your car


  • While the chair is foldable and can be carried along in your car, it is quite big for it to be squeezed through narrow passages like hallways and doors
best zero gravity chair


The Real Relax zero gravity massage chair is fitted with an S-track that offers a great back massage. The best feature about the chair is the 3D robot arms, which complement the ergonomic S-track design quite well and feel real-life. They also provide a thoroughly relaxing massage.

The chair features six in-built relaxation modes and techniques, including the famous Chinese acupressure. Additionally, it will also provide pressure relief from your spin. The chair consists of 50 air cells that will offer you the best chiropractic massage, thereby improving blood circulation around your shoulders and feet. The lumbar heat therapy aids in the optimal flow of blood, especially since the chair is also fitted with the lumbar vibration too.

With the help of the Bluetooth audio play and the maximum weight holding capacity of 441 lbs, you have the choice of experiencing high-end relaxation with this zero gravity chair.


  • The chair has been registered and recognized by the FDA
  • The zero gravity chair is fitted with 3D robotic hands for the best relaxation
  • The chair is fitted with a music system
  • Some features on this chair include in-built vibration and heater, armrest linkage, and Thai scraping feet massage


  • The track design of the chair is quite short
  • The chair could have been fitted with more options
  • The weight limit of the chair is 6’1”
best zero gravity chair


If you are looking to upgrade the comfort in your home, you can choose the Positive Posture Luma recliner. This chair will provide you with a relaxing and comfortable experience. Unlike other zero gravity chairs, this one is made for performance and consists of exceptional crafting. Finished with Merona leather, this elegant chair will easily complement your home’s interiors.

Apart from delivering a robust design, the construction of the chair ensures that it will last for a long time to come. The covers have top stitching and can last for an extended period without wear-and-tear. Additionally, you will never find a spot of discomfort when sitting on the zero gravity chair. The padding consists of a thick memory foam that offers the best contouring support.

This recliner chair by Positive Posture is fitted with technological advancements that will offer you ease while changing and adjusting the comfort levels. The features are simple to understand, use, and regulate according to your comfort levels. Additionally, the lumbar support is adjustable and the leg rest is retracting, thereby providing excellent relief from pressure.


  • The chair looks highly appealing and attractive
  • Only high-quality memory foam is used for maximum comfort
  • The recline control is adjustable
  • The chair is also fitted with a removable pillow for neck and head support


  • The chair is a bit on the expensive side
  • The feet cannot be adjusted upwards
best zero gravity chair


This outdoor zero gravity foldable chair by AmazonBasics is the best choice if you want to unwind after a tough day. The overall design of the chair allows you to place it in any type of setting, whether it is on your patio or swimming pool.

The zero gravity chair is fitted with a powder-coated steel frame and a weather-resistant Textilene fabric, all held together with the aid of a double bungee support system. With this zero gravity chair, you will be able to experience true weightlessness; the chair can easily support weight up to 300 lbs.

Perhaps the best aspect of the chair is that you can change its upright position to the reclined position within mere seconds. The padded headrest and gently contoured armrest provide additional comfort. It is also portable and extremely lightweight, thereby allowing you to place it anywhere you want.


  • There is no assembly required for this chair
  • The chair can be reclined to a wide range of comfortable positions
  • The durable mesh fabric is perfect for summer days


  • The chair is not fitted with a tray table
  • The locking system of the zero gravity chair is somewhat faulty and can slow down at times
best zero gravity chair


This set of two zero gravity chairs are durable, strong, and perfect for leisure time with your friend or family member. The seat posts are made of aluminum and the leg posts are made of steel; together, the chair is capable of easily holding up to 300 lbs. However, the weight of the entire chair does not weigh more than 15.9lbs, which includes the lightweight tray.

The cup holder tray can hold up to two cups in one go or other small items like phone, etc. You also have the choice to remove the tray if you do not want to use it. Additionally, the comfortable headrest is detachable and can be used as a back pillow by sliding it downwards. This way, you will be able to provide support to your lumbar by minimizing back pain while reclining.

The material used on the seat is breathable and best for the hot summers. Your body will not become sweaty, even though you have been reclining for a long time. Additionally, you can also make use of simple cushions in your home during the winters to prevent airflow. The curved and wide armrest will allow you to place your arms in the most comfortable position while reclining.


  • You get a set of two zero gravity chairs for a very reasonable price rate
  • The seat material is breathable and suitable for the hot summer times
  • The product is quite lightweight and can be carried around easily
  • You have the choice to choose between six different colors


  • The frame can possibly rust during the rainy season
  • The chairs cannot be used during the winters unless you use extra cushions
best zero gravity chair


Another entry by Timber Ridge, this lounge chair is made of mesh polyester fabric that is breathable and offers you a pleasant and cool feeling. The chair is perfect for the hot summer days and is very lightweight as well, thereby allowing you to carry it anywhere you like.

The chair’s design is sturdy and strong. The holders are made of aluminum and steel and will secure the position of the chair without losing balance. It is also fitted with a lot of convenient features like a detachable headrest, a cup holder, etc. The make of the chair is such that you will have maximum comfort.


  • The chair will put you in a suspended position that will help you get relief from tension and stress
  • The chair is sturdy, strong, and will not fall apart
  • The cost of the zero gravity chair is not much and affordable
  • You can carry the chair anywhere you like


  • You need to a lot of maintenance
  • If left unchecked, the condition of the chair might get worse
best zero gravity chair


These chairs by Giantex are made of the best quality materials that are guaranteed to last for a long time to come. It is fitted with the best locking system that will help you secure any type of position. Additionally, the chair is also extremely comfortable and you will definitely enjoy sitting on it. The entire set consists of two chairs and a single table.

The best aspect of this zero gravity chair is that it is easily affordable. The headrest consists of padding that makes the chair even more comfortable. It is designed very elegantly and can easily blend in your backyard or patio.

The construction of the chair consists of a steel frame that will last for a long time. The materials and the overall designing of the chair are such that it makes the produce waterproof; hence, it is great for an outdoor environment. The fabric is breathable and allows ample air circulation.


  • The chair is weather-resistant and great for the outdoor environment
  • The frame construction is made of steel and is quite sturdy
  • The chair also includes an efficient locking system and cup holders


  • The weight-bearing capacity of the chairs are not so great
  • The knobs tend to get loose after some time

How does zero gravity chair work? 

Zero gravity chairs are designed keeping in mind the exact concept of zero gravity position. In this position, your entire body weight is lifted above the ground and will provide you with extra relief and comfort. The chair is fitted with special mechanisms that will help you lift your feet upper than your head.

In most zero gravity chairs, you can secure your position with the help of a safe-locking mechanism. This will help you lock yourself in the desired position without any hassle. These chairs are made to reduce mental and physical stress and for comfort. If you are suffering from neck and back pain, then these chairs are very handy. Apart from the obvious health benefits, these chairs are also available in several different stylish designs and can effectively enhance the look of your living room.

The controlling aspect of the chair is extremely easy to understand. All you need to do is get the chair into a position that you find comfortable. Once you get into the position, there is nothing more you need to do. The chairs are quite user-friendly and you will certainly feel better if you are in deep pain, thanks to the zero-gravity position. There is no other position that brings your feet at the same level as your heart.

What are the different kinds of zero gravity chairs available in the market?

Primarily, there are two types of these chairs you will find in the market. They are:

Regular zero gravity chairs

These are a type of zero gravity chairs that have been designed manually. You will see some locking mechanism available here to that you can change the desired sitting position according to your will. Most of these chairs are made of wood, aluminum, or steel and are mostly easy to handle and lightweight.

They also do not occupy a lot of space; you can easily fold the chair up and store it at any corner of your home. They also tend to be less expensive and can cost anywhere between $50 and $300.

Zero gravity massage chair

You will find some zero gravity chairs in the market that are also fitted with massaging features. Hence, they are called zero gravity massage chairs. Typically, these chairs run on electricity and have no manual locking system. You can change the reclining position of the chair with the help of an automated remote controller.

Of course, these chairs also occupy more space than the ones mentioned previously. They are also quite costly and the price can easily range from $500 to $4,000. However, these chairs are actually great for muscle and back pain.

Benefits of Zero gravity chair

At first glance, zero gravity chairs might not look like much. But as we are all taught that looks can be deceiving, and it is particularly true in this case. Here are some great benefits of zero-gravity chairs.

Helps improve posture

One of the most unexpected advantages of these chairs is that you get an improved posture. The chair will decompress your spine for the zero-gravity position, which has been proven scientifically to improve the posture of the body. This particular benefit is not as obvious as it seems and works behind the scenes. Overall, the misalignments in your neck and shoulders are corrected due to the improvement of your posture.

Lower back pain relief

Another great benefit that zero gravity chairs have to offer is lower back pain relief. The zero-gravity posture of these chairs will work on the pain from your lower back by taking off the pressure. This factor is extremely helpful if you are prone to frequent pains in your lower back.

Helps regulate high blood pressure

The blood pressure of a person remains normal when he/she feels good and is relaxed. This same feeling can be experienced after finishing a fruitful session of yoga. Similarly, zero gravity chairs can help you experience the same sensations and help you relax. As a result of this relaxation, your heart beats in a constant rhythm and your blood pressure remains constant.

Reduction of stress, tension, and anxiety

According to a lot of research and studies, stress can be lessened with the help of massage therapy. Moreover, it is still being studied about the effects massage therapies have on anxiety and stress, which are reaping interesting results. Today, professional massage therapists approve of the benefits offered by zero gravity chairs.

When you are getting massaged on a zero gravity chair, the entire massaging experience gets heightened, thereby providing great relief from the stress that builds up in your body after a busy day. Apart from relaxing your body and providing physical relief, it is also beneficial for your mind.

Loosens and relaxes sore muscles

The human body is a complicated machine and gets exerted after working beyond its capacity. In turn, the body gets stiff and sore. Once you face these problems, it means that you have worked way too hard and it is time that you keep your body under control and check.

Using a zero gravity chair is a great way of alleviating your sore muscles. In today’s time, most of us tend to work a lot and over-exertion is a possibility. This case is more practical in the case of sportspeople, people who do manual labor work, or workout in the gym daily.

Improves the flow of blood

Zero gravity chairs are fitted with two components that aid in the proper flow of blood. The first one is known as the mechanical massage feature, which is fitted into most zero gravity chairs and the massage techniques used include kneading, shiatsu, gripping, tapping, and rolling.

Most of these techniques involve movement around specific areas of the chair to induce a relaxing effect and improve the flow of blood. This feature has a lot of advantages like the elimination of toxins, speedy recovery from injuries, stimulating endorphins that help cope with pain and stress, etc.

The second component of these chairs includes the zero gravity position that helps blood reach to different parts of your body, thereby further improving the circulation throughout your system.

Zero gravity chair: Buying guide 

If you have made it this far, you probably now know what a zero gravity chair is. If you wish to purchase them, you need to remember some standard guidelines. These guidelines include.

best zero gravity chair

Just figure out what features are the most crucial to you:

Check whether the chair actually is a zero gravity chair or not

The most crucial aspect of such a chair is its capability to provide you with the zero gravity position. However, if you feel like the chair cannot provide the zero gravity position, it means that you have purchased a poor quality chair. You will find a lot of such chairs in the market that provides you with only two or three reclining positions. Hence, it is important that you check that the zero gravity chair has multiple reclining positions.


Another important aspect that you need to remember while purchasing a zero gravity chair is its durability. If you are choosing a chair for indoor and outdoor use, durability is extremely crucial. You need to check its structural framework and metal body to see whether the chair can hold your entire body weight. It is always recommended that you opt for a chair made of an aluminum framework because aluminum is a strong metal and remains free from rust.

Powder coating

If you are looking to buy a zero gravity chair for your backyard or outdoor camping, it is crucial to check whether the chair has a powder coating metal finish. A powder coating is a special type of painting that helps metal bodies remain free of rust. If you make use of your zero gravity chair outdoor and is made of a metal framework, rusting will take place in no time. Additionally, it will also reduce the lifespan of your chair. Hence, it is always better to stay on the safe side and ensure the metal parts are powder coated

Locking mechanism

The locking mechanism is an important part of a zero gravity chair because it will keep the chair fixed in the reclining position. If the locking system is not sturdy enough, it can easily be broken and then your chair will become completely useless. You will see two different types of locking systems – a single locking design and a double-locking design. You should always opt for the chair with the double-locking system. Additionally, you should preferably go for a metal locking system instead of the plastic one and opt for a locking mechanism that does not require you to get down your chair each time you want to adjust your reclining position.

Weight holding capacity

If your height is not taller than 6-feet, you can go for a regular zero gravity chair. However, any taller and you might have to go for an oversized zero gravity chair. If you are tall and sit on a regular zero gravity chair, the chair might not be able to support your weight and might cause problems in the locking mechanisms. Oversized chairs are capable of supporting heavier weights.

Fabric quality

One last thing you need to check before purchasing a zero gravity chair is the fabric quality. First, you need to check whether the fabrics are resistant to UV-lights or not. Or else, the color of the chair will fade over time. Additionally, you should also avoid using chairs made of synthetic fabrics because they will heat up if the chair is kept under the sun for a long time.


The best zero gravity chair is the solution to all your worries. With the help of these top chairs, you now have a wide choice of selection that offers great body support. Hence, there is no need to keep struggling with your uncomfortable seat. Zero gravity is the best choice!

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