8 Best Sprinkler Heads To Invest For A Smart Watering System In 2020

Lawn care is an important aspect of keeping a beautiful front to the house. From mowing, to weed removal, to keeping the grass and the plants well hydrated – there are a lot of things that need to be done. If you are a gardener, it is required of you to install the best sprinkler heads in your lawn or flower bed.

The ease with which the latest home-irrigation systems can be installed has made life much more interesting. Regardless of the size of your lawn, you need to maintain a high distribution uniformity as this is directly linked to the quality of the grass on the lawn.

Gone are the days of gardeners standing under the scorching sun and watering their garden using a hose. Nowadays, a sprinkler does a better job at distributing the water uniformly across the lawn.For this reason, it is important to choose from the best sprinkler heads available on the market. In this guide, we go through the top products available on Amazon and decide which ones may be suitable for your needs.


best sprinkler heads

Installing a sprinkler head serves many functions. Other than providing financial benefits, they also serve your lawn aesthetically. A sprinkler head ensures that water wastage is kept at a minimum which allows you to save money on your water bill. You can also save the time spent on dragging around a hose all day long to water manually.

Lawns that are watered using sprinklers also look healthy and green. Not only does it improve plant growth, but it also preserves soil nutrients. Most of the time when you are watering manually, the excess water tends to seep into the soil and takes away precious nutrients away from the plants. Installing one of the best sprinkler heads helps to curb that.

Types of Sprinkler Heads

Before buying a sprinkler head, you need to know what the needs of your lawn are. This includes the area of your lawn that needs watering as well as the pressure per square inch (PSI) that the sprinkler head needs. This is important information as this will allow you to determine what to look for when you are in the market looking for the best sprinkler heads. Let us look at the basic types of sprinkler heads that can expect to find on the marker.

Pop-up Sprinkler Heads

A pop-up sprinkler head is ideal for lawns as it can pop-up when required, and retract when not in use. It is less damaging to clumsy people or children playing in the lawn. However, unlike a shrub sprinkler, it cannot be attached to a riser or any other extension for irrigating large plants or bushes in the area.

Spray Sprinkler Heads

This type of sprinkler head is perfect for small to medium gardens with a relatively lower PSI of 20-30. The distance that the water covers will rarely go beyond 15 ft. Therefore, you should install these no more than 15 feet apart from each other. Although these sprinkler heads disperse water over shorter distances, they do end up irrigating more in less time.

Rotary Sprinkler Heads

Rotors, as they are sometimes also called, are perfect for medium to large lawns. Theses cover distances of 15 to 50 feet. Also, these sprinkler heads are much more economical in water usage as they deliver less water than spray heads. They are known to disperse water in strong projectile streams and do not spray a mist of water over the lawn.

Bubble Sprinkler Heads

Also known as bubblers, this type of sprinkler is best for gardeners who are looking to provide a lot of water over small areas. You shouldn’t use this as for irrigation purposes per se. Instead, this sprinkler head is ideal for covering areas that normal sprinklers can’t reach.

8 Best Sprinkler Heads

Now let us get straight to reviewing the most popular sprinkler head products that you can choose from. Additionally, we shall also be providing a Buyer’s guide in order to provide all the information you may need when purchasing these tools online.

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

best sprinkler heads

Via Amazon.com

This pop-up professional gear drive by Orbit is perhaps the best in class of all gear drive sprinkler heads. It is also our Editor’s Pick and is the number 1 choice for irrigating medium to large areas. It is quite versatile; in that it can cover a radius of about 25 to 52 ft. You can choose to calibrate either a partial or full-circle spray pattern.

Its gear drive ensures that the whole area is covered evenly and operates quietly. It even comes with a filter that keeps the nozzle from clogging and keeps the debris away. This can be easily removed with a simple twist and easily cleaned in a few seconds.

Being one of the best sprinkler heads in the market, it has a considerably low precipitation rate. This is perfect for reducing water waste and runoff, especially if the lawn is sloped or has a clayey soil.

As a bonus, this product also contains extra nozzles that you can use to customize your sprinkler. Its design is compatible with multiple major brands of gear-type rotor sprinklers. If you are looking to replace your old, run-down, or inefficient sprinkler system, Orbit’s Voyager II is the ideal replacement.


  • Covers large areas easily
  • Comes with extra nozzles
  • Can adjust spray coverage
  • Compatible with all major brands
  • Easy to clean filter


  • Made of Plastic
best sprinkler heads

Via Amazon.com

Rain Bird sprinklers are among the best sprinkler heads as they are quite efficient in irrigating large areas of the lawn without using too much water. Given its quality brass build and its efficiency, it is offered at an affordable price. This is why it is the Alternative Pick on our list.

It is constructed from strong and durable materials such as brass, bronze, and stainless steel. This Rain Bird sprinkler head gives its competitors a run for their money, as most sprinkler heads are made of zinc, aluminum, or plastic and do not last as long.

The sprinkler can be adjusted to cover up to 5200 sq. ft. and is ideal for huge lawn areas. It is also a reliable sprinkler for both commercial and residential areas. It is very easy to install and spray distance can be adjusted easily from 20 to 41 feet radius. Additionally, it can also be adjusted for a full or a part circle coverage. If you are looking for Rain Bird sprinkler that will save water, energy, and time, and cover large areas then this product is truly for you.


  • Made of robust and durable material
  • Great spray patterns
  • Easy to install and adjust the spray radius
  • 1-year warranty
  • Is quite cheap considering the quality


  • Requires a sprinkler base to connect to
  • Contains no user-manual
best sprinkler heads

Via Amazon.com

If you are in the market for one of the best sprinkler heads but don’t want to cough up a lot of money, then this is the perfect product for you. As our Budget Pick, this product from Rain Bird is the number one selling commercial grade sprinkler. The 1800 series of sprinkler heads is one of its kind, and is highly reliable in all climates and soil types.

It is ideal for small lawns and has a spray distance of 8 to 15 ft. It contains a wiper seal that is used for clearing debris and reduces water leakage and improves the product’s life. No additional tools are required for changing nozzle and screen. It has a 4” pop-up height and comes with a strong stainless-steel spring that makes sure the stem retraction works reliably. Its adjustable screws reduce water spray distance by almost 25%, and can also be adjusted for partial or full circle coverage.

Its wiper seal has a closed case design that protects the sprinkler head form creeping grass or sandy soil. This product has been used worldwide in some of the most prestigious irrigation projects. Rain Water’s “Intelligent Use of Water” keeps water usage at a minimum and reduces time, energy and water use.


  • Very cheap
  • Ideal for small areas
  • Efficient water use
  • Made of stainless-steel
  • Adjustable screws make it easier to use


  • May actually only cover up to 12 feet.
  • May have to plant multiple sprinklers
best sprinkler heads

Via Amazon.com

Melnor’s metal lawn sprinkler is one of its kind and comes with twenty nozzles designed for precision that provide a coverage of 4200 square feet. Though it is available in both plastic and metal, we recommend the one with a metal base as it is slightly heavier and will stay in place better.

As our upgrade pick, this metal oscillating sprinkler head comes with twin touch controls. You have the advantage of easily adjusting the range as well as the width of the sprinkling pattern. This enables you to cover either the whole or a part of the area quite easily. Its zoom control can be adjusted depending on the total watering area that you need to cover. You can zoom in if you need to irrigate an area of lawn that has recently been seeded, or zoom out to maximize and cover a larger section.

Its Flow Control is ideal for large lawns and gardens. Its superior Turbo design is perfect for irrigating newly seeded areas as it provides a gentle rain that does not over-water.

The only drawback that this sprinkler head has is that it tends to lose a lot of water. This is because the water is sprayed high into that air which can either evaporate or is moved by the wind. In order to minimize water loss, we recommend you run the sprinkler at a lower water pressure. Apart from that, its unique design makes it one of the best sprinkler heads in the market.


  • Unique sprinkler design
  • Has a metal base
  • Can make adjustments easily
  • Can last for a long time
  • Is Ideal for irrigating large lawns


  • Inefficient water usage
  • Does not have an Off/On Switch
  • Will require frequent cleaning of the nozzles
best sprinkler heads

Via Amazon.com

This product by Hunter industries consists of 4 rotor sprinkler heads per pack. It is one of the better options for sprinkler heads in the market and is perfect for covering areas up to 4,543 square feet. There are seven nozzles that are attached on each head. For adjustment purposes, an adjustment tool is provided in the pack as well, so you wouldn’t have to make any extra purchases.

The nozzles can be adjusted to provide even distribution of water. The rotors can be adjusted easily from a partial 50 to a full 360 degrees. The sprinkler is highly water efficient and provides consistent results. For easier cleaning and to avoid debris from entering the rotor, a durable rubber covers the surface of the sprinkler. Additionally, a large water screen is built-in to keep the sprinkler head from clogging. Furthermore, it also contains a lubricated gear drive which ensures that the sprinkler delivers lasting performance.

Hunter industries are known for making some of the best sprinkler heads that guarantee great performance and reliability for years. Not only are these easy to install and adjust, but they also work well even after many seasons and harsh winters.


  • High quality sprinkler heads
  • Ideal for irrigating large areas
  • Is highly water-efficient
  • Can be cleaned with ease
  • Includes an adjustment tool


  • All sprinkler heads are of the same size
  • Head is made of plastic
  • Hard water may take a toll on the rubber covers
best sprinkler heads

Via Amazon.com

Rain Bird’s 5000 series is well known to deliver amazing water distribution thanks to its larger water droplet that are suited perfectly for large lawns. The 5004 PC Model is quite a rugged gear-drive rotor sprinkler head. It is very durable, provides superior performance and is easy to adjust.

Being one of the best sprinkler heads in the 5000 series, this rotor comes with a rubber cover that keeps large debris at bay which makes it easy to clean. You have the option of adjusting the rotor to full-and part-circle operation. Its nozzles offer excellent water distribution over large surfaces and still manages to be quite efficient in its water usage.

With this product, you get one complete set of enhanced rain curtain nozzles per rotor that increase radius range with less flow. Its nozzle extraction feature allows users to easily maintain the rotor. For reliable operation and durability, its gear-drive is water-lubricated. There is also a heavy-duty retractable spring that guarantees a positive drop-down. To provide all the necessary information so the user is never at a loss, a user-manual is provided with the product.


  • Larger water droplets
  • Ideal for large areas
  • Easy to set up and adjust
  • Is very water efficient
  • Is quite durable


  • May be hard to hold while adjusting
  • Has a plastic insert in the head for adjusting spray patterns
best sprinkler heads

Via Amazon.com

Another superior sprinkler head on our list comes from the well-known company TORO. Its Pro series sprinkler heads are rugged in design and are ideal for small lawn areas. It is very water efficient and does not compromise on delivering the best results. Its durable zero-flush seal helps to prevent water wastage that tends to occur due to wear. Even at start up, water wastage is minimized thanks to its fixed-spray pop up nozzle. This ensures that you can install more of these in the lawn.

As one of the best sprinkler heads in the market, this ingenious product by Toro can be installed with relative ease. Its throw can reach up to 15 square feet and can be adjusted to 180 degrees or a half circle pattern. Its pre-installed nozzle can be replaced with ease. Moreover, it contains a stainless-steel spring that improves pop-down function and resists corrosion.

These are also cheaper compared to other sprinkler heads in the market which allows you to get more of these to irrigate your lawns. These are also fairly easy to clean and maintain. You can clean out the head even when the system is on and can use the water pressure to flush the head valve.


  • Comes with a stainless-steel retraction spring
  • No water loss at start up
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Is quite cheap
  • Ideal for small lawns


  • Made of Plastic
  • Covers only 180 degrees, or half circle pattern
best sprinkler heads

Via Amazon.com

Lastly, we have another product by Rain Bird. In this package you get 5 high quality sprinkler heads. These come with adjustable nozzles that are already installed in all the heads. It too, like most entries on our list, has a stainless-steel retractable spring that ensures that the sprinkler stays in place and has a positive pop-down.

Its removable grit filter keeps the debris away and makes it easier to clean and maintain. There is even a pressure activated wiper seal that saves water and protects the sprinkler head from foliage. The pop-up sprinkler head, which is truly one of the best sprinkler heads available online, can be adjusted to a partial- or a full-circle water distribution pattern. Users also have the option of changing the distance the water travels.

Ideal for large lawns where you can place multiple sprinklers and cover enough territory. These are fairly easy to install and getting a pack of 5 sprinkler heads really makes the whole thing relatively cheaper. However, the body of the sprinkler is made of plastic which may not last as long as other sprinklers made of brass.


  • Stainless-steel retraction spring
  • Has a 360-degree water distribution pattern
  • Can easily adjust water distance
  • Ideal for big lawns
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Quite cheap
  • Water efficient


  • The body is made of plastic

What To Look For When Buying A Sprinkler Head? – Buyer’s Guide

After reading our review of the 8 best sprinkler heads available online, you may have worked out a pattern of things that are required in a sprinkler head that makes it worth your money. Regardless of where you buy these, some things must be considered at all times. This will ensure that the product you get is reliable and gets the job done.

best sprinkler heads

Just figure out what features are the most crucial to you:

Shape of the Lawn

Knowing which sprinkler type to get will be highly dependent on the shape of your lawn. You would not want to waste water by getting a sprinkler that sprays water onto areas that do not require watering, nor should you get one that doesn’t cover your whole lawn.

If you have a small lawn area that has sharp, curved edges, we recommend you install a sprinkler with a fixed head or a small rotary nozzle. This will ensure that the water is sprayed only on areas that need watering.

On the other hand, if you have a large lawn, a gear driven sprinkler head should work just fine. These smooth operating heads have adjustable patterns that provide side lawn coverage as well. Additionally, a sprinkler head with multiple streams can also work for medium to large lawns.

Spray Distance

Most sprinkler heads will have an adjustable spray distance. The total range that is available should be able to cover all the areas in your lawn that need to be irrigated. If a single sprinkler head isn’t enough, you may be required to place multiple sprinkler heads a few feet apart.

Spray Pattern

The best sprinkler heads provide adjustable spray patterns. You wouldn’t want to get a sprinkler head that sprays in a fixed location, or one that sprays only in a full circle. You wouldn’t want to waste water on the areas that don’t need it, such as footpaths, building, driveways, etc. Instead, it is always a wise option to choose a sprinkler head that offers the convenience of setting the spray pattern to a full circle or a part circle.

Water Pressure

Water pressure will vary from state to state, and you should consider buying products that are suitable for your home. If water pressure is low, you may want to buy a product that works well with low water pressure. Consequently, a strong product will be required for places with high water pressure.


The water source can have a drastic impact on the performance of a sprinkler head. Sources of water that have high levels of sediments and dirt can cause blockages that are hard to clean. However, a good sprinkler head will have an anti-clogging system in place that will be able to cope with the different types of water and prevent clogging.

There is always a chance that a secondary water source may contain a lot of dirt, or other sediments that may affect the longevity of the sprinkler head by clogging it up. You should, therefore, we wary of the kind of water source that you are using and get a sprinkler head that is designed to be resistant to clogging.


Whenever you are out shopping for irrigation supplies, it is best to get products that will last for long periods of time. Therefore, the only way to ensure that you get the best value for money is to get a product that is highly durable. A sprinkler head that can withstand the water pressure without breaking or popping off is worthy of your notice.

If you are getting one that is made of metal, ensure that it doesn’t rust over time. On the other hand, if your sprinkler head is made of plastic, ensure that the plastic is strong and won’t break under extreme conditions. Thin plastic can get damaged easily because of debris, after being run over by a lawnmower, or can simply get worn out easily after continual use.

A sturdy product will last longer, and you should keep this in mind when shopping.

How To Install And Replace A Sprinkler Head

After you have bought from one of the best sprinkler heads, it is time to replace your old ones. Firstly, you will need to dig out the old sprinkler. For this, simply cut into the top layer of the ground and remove the sod layer. Be careful not to cut too deep or through the water line.

Secondly, grab your sprinkler and unscrew the old head in a counterclockwise direction. Ensure that the connection is free of dirt. Then, put on the new sprinkler head onto the end of the sprinkler line. Finally, take off the cap, put the nozzle onto the stem and screw it in place. For more information on this, we urge you to watch this video.

Additional Tip: If you are laying sprinklers anew, ensure that they are laid out in a triangular or a square pattern to make sure the water coverage overlaps a bit.

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All in all, there are a few things that need to be thoroughly considered before you make a purchase. Each product reviewed here includes different features that make them unique and worth your money.

Most of the sprinklers mentioned here will have a seal that prevent water wastage and makes them quite efficient. This also allows them to keep the dirt out and makes them convenient to clean and maintain. These sprinklers also enable you to easily adjust spray patterns, usually covering a full-circle or a partial circle, depending on your lawn. Some of the best sprinkler heads will have easy knobs to adjust the water spraying distance which can be really handy regardless of the maximum distance that it can cover.

The Orbit 55662 Voyager II is the best sprinkler head that we have reviewed. It includes all the things that make it worth your purchase and is great for covering large areas. There are several other great alternatives and budget picks that come very close to being our top pick. You should check these out as they offer unique advantages that may just be what you need for your lawn.

We hope that after reading this review of the best sprinkler heads and the buying guide, you have sufficient knowledge of what to look for in a sprinkler head. If you have a buddy looking for a sprinkler head, do share and like this review. You can share your experiences or ask questions in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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