Top 10 Best Lawn Mower For Small Yard Of 2020

You will see many different types of lawn mowers in the market today; hence, figuring which one of them is the best might be a tad confusing or overwhelming. There are several great brands that are offering best lawn mower for small yard fitted with unique features, apart from the wide variety of types like gas-powered, riding mowers, electric, etc. Basically, you can drive yourself crazy trying to decide which mower you should settle for.

If you did not already know, lawn mowers are machines that are used to cut grass in your backyard or lawn. Maintaining the grass is important if you want your backyard to look great and last for a long time to come. There are several different criteria on selecting a good lawn mower; the most important three are the individual’s preference, the type, and size of the lawn, and the conveniences and features the mower offers.

However, one thing is quite apparent; it is that there will always be a mower that will perfectly fit everyone. However, you might have to spend some time on in-depth research in order to make the best lawn mower.


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best lawn mower for small yard


While the 25322 cordless lawn mower may look like a bulky racecar with its large wheel and angled design, it is quite easy to maneuver. The mower is made up of a robust and tough polymer that can take rough handling while producing no emissions. Additionally, you do not require a constant source of power attached to an electrical cord.

The mower is fitted with a 20-inch cutting deck that allows you to mow your lawn with more efficiency by cutting down on the number of passes you need to mow it. The height-adjustment layer also allows you to choose among five different height levels, thereby giving you an even, polished and smooth look.

Perhaps the best feature about the Greenworks lawn mower is that the appliance is packed with two 40-volt rechargeable batteries, instead of the standard one. When fully charged, each battery can last up to 70 minutes when used continuously. Additionally, the mower also has an automatic switch-over functionality when the drained battery is being switched with the charged one. While the charger might only charge one battery at a time, a single run time allows you to easily mow a minimum area of 1/3rd of an acre.


  • The device is quite light-weight and can be carried around easily
  • The motor is very silent and does not make a lot of unnecessary noise
  • The lawn mower is quite simple to understand and use
  • The garden appliance is priced reasonably


  • The cutting deck measures only 16-inches
  • The motor could have been more powerful
  • There is only bagging and mulching, but no side discharge
best lawn mower for small yard


A great alternative to the Greenworks cordless lawn mower mentioned above, the Greenworks 25022 corded electric lawn mower is one of the best-selling electric mowers in the market today, mainly thanks to its durability, ease of use, and dependability. The mower has quite a sturdy built and fitted with a large cutting deck and a lot of power.

The 25022 mower will cut grass like butter evenly throughout the yard. The garden appliance is highly maneuverable because of its rather thin deck. This feature comes in handy when you have to get close to various obstacles in your backyard like light posts, mailboxes, flower beds, trees, etc.

The overall built of the mower is quite compact and starts without a lot of hassle. All you need to do is plug it in, turn on the safety key, and push on the starter button. While it is not self-propelled, it is quite easy to push around, especially considering its sturdy built.

The mower will store your grass clippings in the rear bag and emit them via the side discharge area. Whether you mow through sparse grass atop clay-like and tough soil or long grass on soft soil, the Greenworks lawn mower will move very smoothly and cut the grass evenly.


  • The 25022 offers a great engine power
  • The cutting deck is solid and large
  • The quiet engine does not release harmful carbon emissions into the air
  • The mulches are stored in the rear bag or emitted via the side discharge


  • There is no cord included in the package
  • The range of the mower will only be as long as the extension cord
  • The side discharge bag and rear bag need to be purchased separately; they are also quite expensive
best lawn mower for small yard


The American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 lawn mower is a push reel that is available in three more variants with different wheel sizes, number of blades, cutting-height adjustments, and cutting widths. These machines do not have engines, so they make no noise and produce zero emissions.

The 1204-14 lawn mower is quite light in terms of weight and can be maneuvered with ease. Because of its overall simplicity, the mower works with perfection and is also easy to store. Most people would agree that making use of a reel mower is quite healthy for the family as well as the environment.

Normal rotary mowers hack grass blades and tears down the vital fluids in them, thereby leaving them open for insect attacks and diseases. On the other hand, reels by The American Lawn Mower, snip the grass and cut each blade similar to a pair of scissors. These reels offer clean and precise cuts rather than tearing and ripping, thereby leaving behind a more attractive-looking lawn.

No matter what model you end up choosing, these reels are simple to understand and use and offer sharp and solid cuts. The steel blade reels are adjustable for different grass heights and the foam-cushioned and soft handles provide a comfortable grip.


  • No emission of carbon since there is no gas involved
  • The reels offer precise cuts
  • They are light-weight and very easy to maneuver
  • The assembly is minimal and can be done within a few hours


  • These reels are not ideal for medium or large backyards
  • They are not made to be used for tall grasses
  • The mowers are not great for yards with obstacles
best lawn mower for small yard


The EGO Power is considered as one of the most advanced rechargeable mowers in the market today. This mower can produce the same efficiency of gas-powered models, without all the emissions and noise. The most notable aspect about this mower is the push-button start system, which means that you do not have to pull any sort of starting rope. All you need to do is insert a safety key into the assigned slot to start the motor.

This mower by EGO Power is fitted with 3-in-1 capabilities – it can bag, mulch, and discharge grass clippings. Similar to other electric lawn mowers, the EGO Power mower has a wide 20-inch cutting path, which helps you mow your backyard much faster since you do not have to make a lot of turns. The mower’s cut height ranges between 1.2-inches and 3.5-inches, thereby providing you with the best potential for different types of grasses.

Thanks to its rapid charging system, the battery of the mower get fully charged within 30 minutes. Even if you do not use the mower, the battery run-time will not pose any problem. The power indicator will help you determine how much charge is left in the battery.


  • The mower offers mulching, bagging, and side discharge options
  • The battery life is quite long
  • The mower is light-weight and can maneuver around the lawn with ease
  • There is a 30% noise reduction when compared to a mower powered by gas


  • While the mower offers mulching functionality, it does not mulch fine without delaying
  • The mower is packed with only one battery
best lawn mower for small yard


Yet another entry from Greenworks, the 25142 mower is the bestlawn mower for small yard. The appliance is easy to assemble, use and collect the grass. It is packed with a lot of power and can easily be converted from the rear bag to the mulching mode. You do not require any oil or gas for this product.

When it comes to height, the 25142 mower offers versatility. The device can be adjusted from 5/8 inch to 1-5/8 inch. This way, you have complete control over how short or tall you want your grass to be. Additionally, the choice will also depend on the type of grass that grows in your backyard.

You are offered two discharging methods with this garden mower. You can either choose the mulch or rear discharge. The handle of the mower can be folded in two different places, which makes it quite compact and allows for easy transportation and storage.

The motor is the main reason why people love this mower. It delivers outstanding performance and starts right away. All you need to do is hold the handlebar and push the safety button to start the electric motor. The cut quality delivered will be excellent.


  • The mower is made of robust materials
  • While it looks heavy, it is actually light-weight
  • The mower is perfect for small yards
  • There is no assembly required


  • The cutting path is only 16-inches
  • The mower is not made for medium- and large-sized yards
  • The extension cord limits the area that can be covered
best lawn mower for small yard


If you are on a look out for an appropriate lawn mower, then this light and maneuverable lawn mower by Sun Joe is the answer you are looking for. This corded electric lawn mower is fitted with a 12-amp motor that can cut grass with the help of its 14-inches cutting deck.

The mower offers three height-adjustment positions that will allow you to change the height according to your needs. In short, you can cut as close to the soil without touching it with the blades. The grass catcher is also detachable so that you can easily throw away the collected grass clippings. The removable top rear bag can hold 10.6-gallons of clipped grass.

The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel and will cut the grass evenly. Additionally, the mower is fitted with a safety switch to avoid it from starting accidentally.

The corded mower has been approved by the ETL and completed with a manufacturer’s warranty of two years. These factors are the reason why this mower is gaining so much popularity among customers. It is lean, yet powerful and will get the work completed without causing any harm to the environment.


  • The lawn mower is simple enough to understand, start and operate
  • The motor is quite solid and offers good torque
  • Maintaining the mower is very easy and is environmentally-friendly
  • The mower is light-weight and does not create much noise


  • While the bag might have a large capacity, it gets filled fast
  • The bag is slightly hard to attach
  • There is no mulching option available
best lawn mower for small yard


The three-in-one lawn mower by BLACK+DECKER is a great lawn mower that will take care of your lawn without the use of maintenance, fumes, or gas. Additionally, it is fitted with the ability to tackle mowing, edging and string trimming; so, you do not have to store three different types of backyard mowing tools.

If you look at the design for the first time, it might look like a single electric lawn mower fitted with an easy wheel conversion system. However, when you use the three-in-one machine with its wheelbase, it becomes and functions as a light-weight lawn mower. Detach it from the base and it becomes a string trimmer. If you turn it on to its side, it becomes an edger. So, you will be able to maintain your backyard and use it in places that are hard to cut with standard mowers.

The compact mower is fitted with a 12-inch cutting swath and the height of the cutting deck can be adjusted. When you are done with mowing, you can easily disconnect the parts for trimming and edging. The handle pivots as you move, thereby providing maximum control and comfort. The motor is quite powerful and will run for hours without the need to stop.


  • Unlike a modest torque, this particular machine is known for its powerful motor
  • The mower is quite light-weight and allows for ease of use
  • When it comes to price tags and maintenance, the mower is quite cost-effective
  • Thanks to the adjustable function, you have the option of deciding the appropriate length of the grass


  • The mower might not be the right choice for long mowing periods
  • The mower is prone to getting its deck filled up with clipped grass too fast
  • While it is also great for trimming, it might not prove to be a great mower
best lawn mower for small yard


The Great States lawn mower is a manual reel mower that is compact and can be stored easily in your garage. It is also very easy to maneuver between garden beds and trees. It is also light-weight and can be pushed around with ease. This mower is perfect for anyone who is looking for something for their small-sized lawn or a lawn with a lot of obstacles like a fountain or faucet.

Another advantage of this garden mower is that it offers great flexibility, which is an added advantage. You can easily adjust the cutting height between ½-inch and 1 ½-inch. Overall, you can adjust the height of the mower up to 8 ½-inch, which can help you schedule and cut the grass according to your needs within the impacted area.

Another great feature about this lawn mower is that the cutting system provides a high-quality cut. The cutting system consists of a blade and 3-spider reel so that you can cut the grass on your lawn with precision. These parts are made of alloy steel that provides you with a durable and reliable performance with less annual sharpening and maintenance costs. The 1-year warranty is the commitment of the quality of this backyard mower.


  • Thanks to its compact design, the mower can be maneuvered easily
  • Weighing at around 20 pounds, the mower is quite light-weight
  • The cutting height is quite adjustable from ½-inch to 1 ½-inch
  • The mower is backed with a 1-year warranty period


  • The handlebar tends to get a bit flimsy
  • At times, you might miss out the tall grass
best lawn mower for small yard


This is a speedy, silent and compact gas lawn mower from PowerSmart that can be used in small- and medium-sized yards. The mower runs on a self-propelled engine and its built is quite slim; these factors will allow you to scoot the machine in and out of tight areas conveniently, with the rear-wheel-drive boosting the mower on any uneven terrain.

The mower offers mulching, side discharge, and bagging options; additionally, it is fitted with a deep-dome deck that also features durable and sharp blades to produce some finely chopped mulch that can be used later as natural fertilizers. The 20-inch cutting path is not so bad and you can adjust the cutting height between 1.18-inches and 3.15-inches.

The lawn mower looks quite cool and starts on a single pull. You can simply walk behind it and watch it cut down even the thickest of grass. The wheels adjust automatically and you will see a trail of grass that is cut evenly and precisely. It can even move faster, thanks to the zero-turn front caster wheel.

The mower is also fitted with some safety features like the engine start-stop button that prevents the mower from starting automatically. Once the lever is released, the blades will stop quickly. If you release the drive control bar, the mower will stop.


  • The machine is simple to understand, start, and use
  • The mower offers zero-turn capabilities
  • The engine is powerful and self-propelled


  • While the mower might run fast, the speed is non-variable
  • The assembly of the front wheel is time-consuming
best lawn mower for small yard


Snapper is a popular lawn mower company that relies on consumer research to come up with its products. It is safe to conclude that the XD MAX is one of those products. It is a battery-powered mower that can be used and moved with ease and light-weight.

Combining powerful motors and light-weight building components, the XD MAX is capable of moving at a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio; this will allow you to mow your lawn without getting tired. Additionally, the mower can self-propel and provides better performance than a regular gas-powered model.

The blades are spun by an 82V battery-powered motor to provide long runtimes and clean cuts. The packaging includes two batteries, each capable of providing up to 45 minutes of operation. The steel deck measures about 21-inches and can be folded for easy storage. The intelligent battery system will prevent the mower from running out of juice half-way.

While the motor is quite powerful, it will automatically dial down the power while trimming the grass to preserve battery power. When you are moving through a bed of weed, the sensor will increase the power output to help you slice through them without added effort. Despite its thick frame and hefty weight, the Snapper is quite easy to use and maneuver.


  • The mower is quite efficient and provides great service
  • The battery life in the mower is intelligent and long-lasting
  • The performance is decent and noiseless


  • While the mower can be maneuvered easily, it is still heavier than most other models
  • The mower is not so effective in tighter spaces

Factors to consider while looking for the best lawn mower

Choosing the right lawn mower is quite an important task. You need to know and understand your requirements to know what is best for you. The points mentioned below will help you understand and pick the correct lawn mower:

best lawn mower for small yard

Just figure out what features are the most crucial to you:

Yard size

While checking for ease of use is important, you also need to consider the size of your lawn and determine how much mowing you need to get done with. If you have a large and extensive yard, it is best that you go for a petrol-pushed lawn mower. In the case of a small lawn, you can choose the cordless or electrical models.


You need to check if you would be comfortable pushing the lawn mower around your yard. For a small lawn, you can go for the manual push mower. These lawns do not cover a large area and you will not exhaust your muscle strength; additionally, the exercise will also be good for you. But, you also need to check and decide on this factor based on the amount of time you can afford mowing your lawn.

Grass box

The grass gets discharged when you mow your yard. Most mowers today have side discharging and offer you the option of attaching a grass box. These boxes collect the grass clippings to that you do not have to clean and remove the cut-grass after mowing. All you need to do is decide the length of the grass box so that you do not have to bear the inconvenience of frequently emptying it.

Mulch mowers

Eventually, you will have to empty the grass box as well. However, most modern lawn mowers are fitted with technology that will shred the grass clippings into extremely small pieces and add them back to the lawn as mulch, thereby relieving you of the need to dispose of the grass later.

Cutting height

Lawn mowers offer you the option of cutting grass at different heights. The height settings are adjustable and can be moved based on the height of your lawn grass. Usually, the height settings range between 20mm and 60mm that you can adjust as per your cutting requirements.

Width of the cut

Along with the height, you can also choose the width of the grass. The cutting width means how much wide the grass needs to be after being mowed. Overall, the height and width of the grass will determine how long will it take for you to get your yard mowed. Extensive cuts mean lesser time. Ideally, the width of the grass for a small yard should not be more than 300mm.

Mowing edges

Most people opt for purchasing lawn edger to work on the edges of the grass and get them cleaned. However, you can also consider your lawn mower for the same job. But, you also need to know that your lawn mower needs to be more equipped since edges tend to be uneven and different from the flat surface of your lawn.

Rear rollers

As mentioned above, not a lot of mowers allow you to mow the edges of your lawn in the most effective manner. In these cases, you can opt for mowers with rear rollers. These machines will give you the type of cut that you see on football pitches. Lawns that are mowed by mowers with rear rollers also stay that way for a long time to come and offer you a professional-looking finish.

Robot mowers

With technology on the rise, you will see a lot of convenient and unique mowers like robot mowers. All you need to do is set the time and the garden appliance will simply work on its own without the need for any interference. You need not walk around the yard behind the mower and get done with other things. However, they are also quite expensive. If you absolutely hate walking behind the mower or are too busy, then these automated mowers the right for you.


You are investing in a tool and you can expect excellent durability and effective service if you pick a good brand. There are several brands you will see in the market that offers mowers fitted with unique features or packed with great deals. If you feel susceptible to a certain machine, you can choose the read the reviews written by real customers and know their experiences.


At the end of the day, it is the cost that drives most of our decisions. We need to consider options that are cost-effective so that we do not drill a hole into our pockets. Most lawn mowers for small yards are priced quite reasonably. However, you should never allow cost to determine the type of mower you end up with. You will see several brands of electrical mowers that are available at cheaper price rates. For the most cost-effective and best lawn mower for small yard, you can opt for an electrical one.


Maintaining your lawn requires a lot of discipline, time, and regular tending. You would need some things like lawn fertilizers to nourish the soil and the top-notched lawn sprinkler for supplying the yard with adequate water. Similarly, you would also need the best lawn mower for small yard to that you can cut the grass without straining your body too much.

The right lawn mower will help you keep the backyard looking neat and cleaned. At first, the grass was cut with the help of manual tools, which was quite a time-consuming and back-breaking process. The invention of lawn mowers helped people cut grass blades more evenly; your efforts will be reduced to half and will give your yard a very scenic look.

Ultimately, you will need to analyze every type and choose the best lawn mowerthat fits your budget, offers adequate features, and fits you in terms of functionality.

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