Best Holster For Glock 43: Top Picks, Reviews, And Buying Guide of 2020

In today’s time, a single stack 9mm semi-automatic pistol is one of the most prominent in the market currently for concealable carry pistols. Most people are purchasing single stack 9mm pistols to conceal carry rather than any other type of gun, and for a very important reason as well. These pistols have proven to be effective self-defense tools by providing ample ammunition capacity, especially when placed next to larger calibers like alternatives chambered in .45 ACP.

While a semi-automatic pistol might not have the raw power of a .45, they are much easier when it comes to shooting, thanks to the manageable recoil. This makes it perfect for shooters. The Glock 43 is a slimmed-down version of the already popular concealed carry gun, Glock 26; the 43 is even more lightweight and concealable. It was one of the most anticipated releases of 2015.

Hence, if you are planning to carry along this firearm, it is important that you take advantage of its lightweight and slim built and carry it with you inside the waistband to make most out of its concealability. For this, you will need the best holster for Glock 43. But first, we will go through basic things to understand more about the Glock 43 and holsters.


The Glock 43 is a gun that became extremely popular when it was first introduced to the market. It is Glock’s first single stack 9mm gun, which is a top choice for people who carry guns.

best holster for glock 43

The Glock 43 includes all the features of a typical Glock pistol, except that everything has been shrunk down. The gun is incredibly easy to shoot, accurate, simple to use, and reliable. It gained popularity in the concealed carry market. Additionally, you also have a massive market if you want to accessorize your gun. You can change the sight and the trigger, purchase larger magazines, add a lighting system, etc.

Top ten Best Holster for Glock 43 

Now that you have a solid understanding of holsters, here are the top ten holsters for Glock 43:

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best holster for glock 43


oncealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster is a holster made only for Glocks like 43, 32, 23, and 19/19X. Concealment Express, the manufacturing company, has made sure that the holsters are easy to carry around and easily concealable. It is designed to be placed inside the waistband of your pants. The company has focused all its attention on assisting a responsible gun owner who can also take fast action if protection is needed.

This holster set is quite a simple one as it only contains the instruction manual and the holster. You also might have to adjust the screws with a screwdriver; this tool is not included in the set. Also, you are given a lifetime warranty. If you return the holster in the same condition, you can claim back the warranty.

Overall, this holster features a simple design. While it is compact and lightweight, it is quite durable as well. You can easily hide it and will not leave behind any sort of printing, no matter what type of clothes you wear. The holster has been designed to be placed inside your waistband. The best three carrying positions include small of back carry (6 0’clock positions) and the Appendix carry (3 O’clock position).

These two carry positions are the best, especially while sitting or walking. However, it does not mean that other positions will compromise its ability to remain hidden.

This holster is also quite an affordable option if you are a first-time carrier of a gun. You will learn how easily you can adjust the tension and the carry angles. The features are also quite easy to understand and use and will help you fit your Glock better on your waistband.


  • Features a deep and concealable design
  • Can be worn for an entire day
  • The tension and carry angles are adjustable


  • Might possibly leave behind scratches on your gun
  • The clip might break easily
best holster for glock 43


If you feel that the Concealment Express holster is not made for you, the next best alternative would be this waistband holster by CYA Supply. It is an impressive holster that will offer you great concealment and equally impressive reach.

It is always difficult to find a holster that is pocket-friendly without resorting to something that also makes it cheap. This holster is quite inexpensive and also includes free shipping. This feature allows it to compete with any budget holster, especially ones made of Kydex.

The holster will allow you to draw your weapon flawlessly. The gun will remain firmly locked in place until you want to draw. It can also be adjusted according to your drawing style. The Kydex will remain in the best condition, even after years of usage. The signs of wear-and-tear will also be minimal. It is a great holster when it comes to reliability.

When it comes to comfort, the CYA Supply holster will offer its best in terms of long-term use, movement, and position. The holster will last for a very long time and soon it will become just another thing that you need to unbuckle and remove before sleeping, similar to your wallet. When it comes to movement, this holster is quite comfortable, whether you are standing or sitting. In fact, the IWB holster is so comfortable that you might forget that you are wearing it. No matter what activity you are engaged in like playing with your kids, carrying groceries, etc., this holster is great.

Lastly, positioning your G43 is also a cakewalk. Most people carry their weapons in the 4 O’clock position. The holster is made in such a way that it will fit against your body perfectly. You can also use it for appendix carry.


  • Has a great value
  • G43 and other firearms will lock into place well
  • The clip will hold it firmly and securely


  • The edges could have been trimmed for a more streamlined and smoother feel
best holster for glock 43


This holster by ComfortTac has been designed specifically for concealing your firearms exceptionally well. It has been made to fit multiple sizes. If you have a belly size of under 44-inches, this holster will fit you perfectly. This is primarily because the company makes use of a stretchable surgical-grade elastic for the band.

Additionally, the holster is made of neoprene, which is quite comfortable and soft on your skin. The materials are breathable and will lay directly on your skin, thereby allowing you to wear it the entire day with almost no irritations.

Alternatively, this belly band holster can also be work outside the waistband or inside it, in the shoulder position, small of the back, across the body, appendix position, 5 O’clock position, etc. From here, we also come to know that there are several ways of wearing the holster that will suit your requirements or needs the best.

Also, it should be bought into your attention that the holster also has a spare magazine pocket. This will give you the option of a quick reload, which could prove to be a life-saving moment for you or someone you care about. Additionally, the retention strap is removable and included if you want to secure your G43 more securely. It is available for both right- and left-handed people.


  • Works and fits good, especially for smaller females
  • The materials are high-quality and comfortable
  • Works great with skinny jeans
  • No printing left on your clothes


  • No trigger guard around the pocket
  • Difficult to re-holster
  • Tends to ride up
best holster for glock 43


GalcoGunleather is known throughout America as the largest manufacturer of leather holsters in the country. The company is a premier manufacturer of top-quality leather accessories like belts and holsters for sporting, defensive, military, and law enforcement use. If you are a serious gun carrier who is looking for deep concealment, then you can opt for this Galco ankle glove holster.

If you are a person who requires concealment for more than 80 hours a week throughout the year, then this holster is perfect for you. It is so comfortable that you might possibly forget about it, right until you need it.

The holster’s Velcro closure and wide neoprene ankle band offers unmatched security and extended wearing comfort. Additional comfort is added by the padding made of sheepskin between the holster and the ankle. It also makes use of a reinforced thumb break for detailed molding for firearm retention and speed of draw.

The ankle holster can be fitted with or without the optional calf strap; this strap can be purchased separately. The holster can accommodate ankles up to 13-inches in circumference and constructed of premium saddle leather that is stitched to a neoprene band. The holster is made for double-action revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, and of course, the Glock 43. The holster is available in the left- or right-hand draw in a black finish.

If you are a person who likes wearing tight-fitting jeans and pants that stop before getting into your shoes, then any type of ankle holster is not a good idea. With that being said, the concealability factor of this ankle holster is quite nice. The holster and the gun are practically undetectable under a pair of dress pants or jeans.


  • So comfortable that you might forget it is present
  • The materials are of good quality
  • Does not hinder your daily movements


  • A bit on the expensive side
best holster for glock 43


This 2-pack magazine holster by Concealed Carrier is made from breathable, padded, plush, and surgical-grade neoprene. The holster is completed with air holes for better ventilation. Soft foam is added to the interior of the holster so that you do not feel it rubbing against your skin when you are carrying the weapon around.

The holster is available for both left- and right-hand coordination. It has also been designed to hold guns of any sizes ranging from the sub-compact G43 to the bigger .45 1911. The holster can be placed on your hips or back with ease. You can even make it to the appendix level with the aid of a strong metal belt clip that can be opened with ease with the retention strap.

It is an important factor for gun-owners to own a holster that can be worn during any type of physical activity. If you are running with a holster, you need to ensure that your gun does not go off. This holster excels at this very point; it will keep your weapon secured. Additionally, it is also fitted with a thumb break system that will ensure that your gun is used only when you want to fire it on your own will.

When you open up the package, you will also see an extra magazine pouch where you can carry a pepper spray, an extra magazine, and even a knife. It is definitely one of the best purchases for the Glock 43 and other smaller guns, thanks to the high concealability factor.


  • The comfortable fit will not cause irritation or pain
  • The interior stitches can accommodate larger guns as well
  • Offers a high level of concealment


  • Some guns might be difficult to draw
  • Made primarily for small-sized guns
best holster for glock 43


Relentless Tactical offers a wide range of leather holsters, in both belt slot and IWB formats. For the IWB, the company offers The Defender, their most popular Glock 43 holster. It is made of smooth leather made out of bull hide; however, it has been molded to specific handguns as well.

The Defender is a perfect blend of functionality and craftsmanship. As soon as you open the box, you will see that the IWB holster is made with class and quality. The holster is made to offer complete concealment for your G43. The holster is very sturdy and combines durability, comfort, and functionality. It can easily be tucked inside and offers better performance for concealed carry.

The top of the Defender is reinforced and will maintain its shape whenever you draw out your gun; also, it aids in re-holstering too. There are no retention features like a strap that can potentially affect or slow down your draw time. The firearm security of this holster is entirely dependent on the pressure from the waistband.

Apart from Glock 43, the Defender can also be used on more than 80 types of semi-automatic models and makes of handguns. The soft leather is suitable for revolvers as well. You just need to ensure that you order the correct size for your handgun. The holster is also fitted with a strong metal clip; the leather is so soft that the wearer will be comfortable.

Additionally, the company also guarantees a lifetime warranty offered on all its leather products.


  • Available in five different unique shapes and can fit most compact and/or full-sized weapons
  • Made out of bull leather, which does not wear off easily and very durable
  • Comfortable while standing up or sitting down


  • Made only for concealed carry and not magnetic
  • The leather can stretch out after some time, thereby risking your gun from falling out
best holster for glock 43


This Serpa CQC by BlackHawk is one of the best if you are looking for a concealable holster. It has been designed with the Beretta and Glock guns in mind and is fitted with a series of paddle platforms and belt loops.

The finish of the holster comprises a matte finish that gives it a dynamic look and offers a fine appearance that will make you show it off to your friends. A loop or paddle is also added if you wish to thread a handgun through. You also have the option of customizing the holster as well; all you need to do is remove three small screws on its back and switch them out.

The firing grip is made in such a way that you can draw out your firearm whenever it is required. It will also help you in retaining the weapon as soon as you place it back again. It does not matter whether you are right- or left-handed; the holster is made to suit both needs. But, you need to specify which hand you use when you head to the shop to purchase it.

The Serpa CQC is one of the several basic options that will suit most handgun needs. The no-frills and standard layout will create a comfortable choice that is right for you for all your minor concealment needs. If you are looking for a way to holster your gun that will not slow you down while re-holstering or drawing, then this is a great choice.


  • Made to fit a wide range of gun models
  • Automatically positioned for optimal drawing
  • Fits both for left- and right-hand users


  • The left-handed holster is more expensive than the right-hand ones
  • The plastic tab surface feels a bit weak
best holster for glock 43


There are some people who simply cannot make use of IWB holsters. The chief complaint with most of them is that they are too uncomfortable and thick to wear. The make or quality of the holster does not matter. However, since they prefer concealed carry, they had to make use of these holsters.

Soon, ClipDraw came up with its product, and soon it became one of the most preferred modes of concealed carry for these groups of people. Installing the clip draw is quite simple; all you need to do is remove the side grip panel (depending on whether you are right- or left-handed), place the tool on the grip, and then screw the grip panel on the top.

While the ClipDraw might not work on some ambidextrous safeties, it will work with most gun models, including the Glock 43. The ClipDraw will hide the gun extremely well and is quite comfortable to use. It is versatile, small and you can choose how low or high you want to mount the gun on your waist.


  • Conceals your gun extremely well
  • No added thickness means they are much more comfortable
  • Can switch to using a holster with minimum effort
  • Can be drawn out fast and easily


  • For this clip, you need to wear an untucked sweater, shirt, or anything that you do not plan on removing
  • The canting of the gun will depend on the tightness of your pants or the clip tension
best holster for glock 43


This ankle holster is made from high-quality neoprene that will prove to be comfortable, reliable, and tough. It is a great holster for people who are looking for something that will not irritate the skin while sweating. You will be able to take along conceal carry discreetly and will throw any assailant who will attack you out of the blues.

The ankle holster is very comfortable, thanks to the surgical-grade, breathable, and padded elastic neoprene. The air holes in the holster will allow air to travel through it. Additionally, the thick foam will prevent irritating rubbing and chafing. The straps will provide you with a snug and nice fit.

You can fit handguns of all sizes on this holster, including the Glock 43. The leg straps are adjustable and can accommodate any ankle or calf size. You will be able to draw out your gun fast, thanks to the great retention strap that you can remove with the back of your thumb.

The double strap will stop the loaded holster from slipping down your leg. Another great feature about this holster is that it is fitted with an elastic pouch where you can carry a folding knife or an extra magazine.


  • Will fit most pistols and handguns with ease
  • The concealability is print-free and discreet
  • The additional pouch can be used to store a small knife or an extra magazine


  • Might not be suitable for certain activities like hiking
  • The straps consist of Velcro, which eventually loses its effectiveness over time
best holster for glock 43


If you are looking for something exciting for your Glock 43, then Blade-Tech Industries has to offer a brand new holster for your pistol. The company has developed a far-reaching reputation, thanks to its injection-molded and custom production thermoplastic holsters.

The Klipt holster is a highly-concealable, ultra-compact, and versatile holster that was designed originally for the military for use in covert operations. The holster can be worn IWB as a strong side carry mode, as well as the appendix, carry mode. The holster has been designed.

The holster has been designed to carry small-sized to medium and J-frame revolvers. The molded thermal plastic will not collapse, even if you draw out your weapon. The holster is made to be comfortable and provide maximum concealability. The retention has been increased by positive retention.


  • The construction is quite simple and ultra-thin
  • Very simple to understand and use
  • Can be used in kidney and appendix position
  • Can fit onto most belts


  • Might be uncomfortable while sitting
  • There is no adjustment for retention and the magazine release might not get covered as well

Why you need a good Glock 43 holster?

To answer this question, you first need to picture a scenario – imagine that you are walking through and mall or down the street, like you do every day. While doing so, you are carrying along your Glock 43. When you are passing by the people, you get a lot of odd looks, especially down your waist.

If you choose the wrong holster, it will be very uncomfortable for you; additionally, it will also stand out and stick out. Also, it is not likely very safe. So, if you choose to save some money and go for a cheap universal-style nylon holster, it could very well be the worst choice of your life.

By nature, the Glock 43 is very easily concealable, which makes it perfect for concealed carry. When you pair it with the right holster, your Glock 43 will become nearly invisible.

What are some advantages of a good holster?

Here are some benefits of using a gun holster:

1. Aids in concealment

This is probably one of the first reasons why people purchase gun holsters. They add another layer of bulk to your concealed weapon. But what you get in terms of bulk is easily compensated for in the shape deformation. The typical shape of a holster will break the lines of a gun, thereby creating an illusion that you are carrying something else entirely, like a cellphone.

2. Prevent constant loading and unloading

The time when you constantly have to load and unload your gun is the most dangerous. For most people, the fewer times you have to do it, the safer it is. But leaving out a loaded gun does not sound so fancy either. Therefore, you end up constantly loading and unloading the gun before sleeping or after waking up. With the help of a proper holster, you will decrease the number of times you have to load and unload your gun. When you reach back home, all you need to do is remove the holster with the gun in it and keep it somewhere safe.

3. Stabilizes the gun

It might boggle your mind to know how some people can maintain the position of their gun in their pants without a holster, with no belt and while sagging. You must have seen several movies where a person takes off in a sprint and literally try to hold the gun and pull up his pants at the same time. If you attempt to try this at home, your pistol might keel sliding down your leg. So, a holster will basically keep your gun stable and in the same place. You will be able to take your weapon out without having to play hide-and-seek with it.

4. Covering the trigger guard

This is considered one of the most overarching reasons for making use of a holster. In the minds of many, triggers are like magnets. Even a person who has never shot a gun before will place his/her index finger straight into the trigger.

You will be surprised to know that there are many different ways of engaging the trigger of a gun accidentally by placing it in a holster in your pants. To do this, take your gun out, remove the load, and see how many things in your house can fit the trigger well. This way, you will understand why it is so important to have a holster that covers the G43’s trigger.

Characteristics of Good Self-Defense Holsters

When you take your self-defense weapon along, there are quite some things that most good-quality holsters have in common. Regardless whether you are carrying a Glock 43 on your waist or a Beretta Pico under your arm, there are some common traits that you will see in a good-quality holster:

  • The holster will fit snugly against your body. Not only an ill-fitting holster is uncomfortable, but it can also draw unnecessary attention, something that you need to avoid actively.
  • The holster should hold your firearm tight. If your gun is not tightly secured, it can become a risk during a physical fight or altercation. If you are throwing someone away or running, you need to ensure that your gun stays tight in one place.
  • Your gun should be concealed easily. If you are carrying a gun for self-defense, you need to wear it in such a way that it remains hidden from prying eyes. You do not want to feel uncomfortable or draw unwanted attention to your weapon.
  • The holster should offer a smooth presentation. You should be able to draw the gun out in a smooth manner and place it back again similarly. The gun will not prove to be a good defense if it takes two hands to remove it or you keep fumbling with the straps.
  • The holster should be able to protect your gun from your body and outside elements. Sweat and rainwater can prove to be degrading and can do a lot of damage to your firearm. With the help of the right holster, both problems can be avoided with ease.

How to choose the best holster for Glock 43?

Here are some thoughts that you need to consider while looking for the right Glock 43 holster:

best holster for glock 43

Just figure out what features are the most crucial to you:

How will you be carrying the gun?

The first question you need to ask yourself is how you are planning on carrying the gun. Your answer will offer you two of the most common methods of carrying the Glock 43 – IWB and OWB. Of course, the choice between the two will be based on your personal preference.

Inside the waistband, or IWB will place the holster in such a manner that the weapon is kept between your body and your pants. The majority of the gun will be concealed by your pants. The IWB is considered as the most concealable design that will allow you to hide your gun with ease. Since the G43 is already a thin and small gun, IWB is considered as an excellent and logical choice.

One of the methods of IWB carry is known as the appendix carry. This is a position that places the gun right above your appendix and inside your pants. This makes it fast to draw, easy to conceal, and super-easy to carry along. However, there are some people who find this IWB carry uncomfortable.

OWB, or also known as Outside the waistband, means that the gun will be placed outside your pants. Hence if you are carrying the gun with you, you will require some kind of cover garment to avoid unwanted attention from people passing by. However, apart from this, an OWB holster is quick to access and extremely comfortable. For any other type of gun, it would take more effort to conceal an OWB design; but for the G43, it is almost effortless, thanks to its small design.

Materials used for the holster

Once you choose the overall carry design, you will have to take a look at the materials used to make the holster. The most viable choices would be Kydex and leather. You will also find holsters that are made of materials like nylon and been advertised as universal; you need to remember that these holsters are quite terrible. Always stick to Kydex or leather since they have been molded for your Glock 43.

Additionally, purpose-built holsters for G43s will allow you to draw with certainty, ensure the gun is perfectly still and will improve retention. You can also opt for a molded holster, the gun will be held tighter to your body and allow for better concealment.

If you are opting for IWB carry, you need to check and make sure that the clips can hold the gun securely. They should also be comfortable since you do not want the holster to keep sliding along with your belt. You also need to check whether the clips are fitted with a small ledge that can be used to lock the holster under the belt; the presence of these ledges means the holster will stay in its place without any issues.

For OWB, you will need either belt loops or good paddles. Belt loops are easier of the two and hard to mess up; in fact, they are not much of a concern either. On the other hand, paddles can be a bit tricky.

For a comfortable experience, the paddle should be a bit rounded and conform to your leg. Also, it should embrace your belt for it to remain in place.


Because the G43 is a conceal-carry gun, it might not have an active retention device. In the case of guns like these, passive retention should be more than sufficient. Additionally, there are also quite a lot of ways of ensuring that the gun remains through passive retention.

Here, the primary idea is to make sure the gun does not come out of the holster automatically, or even moved when carried around normally. While the retention depends on the type of gun, most people would agree that the gun needs to be absolutely still, even when the holster is not in its normal position like upside down. There are some passive retention devices that will provide you with the security that you need.

Are there other types of holsters as well?

Yes, the type of holsters does not only end with waist ones. You will find a varied range of holsters like bra holsters and belly bands, as well as those that can be worn on your ankle and thigh. However, these holsters are have not been designed for self-defense. The time taken to draw out the weapon is not fast enough or accessible.

However, they might prove themselves to be your only opinions in some circumstances. If need be, you can choose any among the following holsters:

  • Concealed-carry purse
  • Ankle holster
  • Thigh holster
  • Bra shelf
  • Belly band


When it comes to choosing the best holster for Glock 43, there is no right answer. The choice that you make will depend on the type of gun you will be carrying, your comfort level, what clothes you are wearing, and where you will be traveling. With that being said, there are some brands of holsters that are way better than others. You should remember that a good-quality holster will always perform better. So, you need to consider all options and note down your requirements before making the final choice.

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